(FIXED) Android Is Starting Optimizing App- Error

(FIXED) Android Is Starting Optimizing App- Error

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Do you feel very much happy seeing a new update on your Android mobile? And doing so did you never faced on your mobile showcasing android is starting optimizing app? Like to fix such issue right now? Well for all these queries, if your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. As I am going to help with perfect fixes to solve android optimizing apps issue. First and foremost, most of all the users were unable to know what exactly Android is starting error mean? All this will be encountered when you initiate updating your mobile.

As such this type of updations brings most of the new features and optimizations making your mobile much better. So due to this, at times it shows the android is upgrading optimizing app for every reboot.  Initially, they never faced such issue but it has started from Android 5.0. The users started claiming as they get for every restart. Therefore, here we are going to see a few methods to fix android is starting optimizing app. As per now, the issue raised only when you upgrade the phone. If it is due to some reason, simply go to another approach.

android is starting optimizing app

How to Fix Android is Starting Optimizing App

After doing a lot of background work, I am going to provide certain fixes. Go through one by one and fix android is upgrading optimizing app right now. Here we go.

  • How to Start Your Phone in Recovery Mode?
  • Steps to Fix Android is starting optimizing app.
  • Remove SD Card and Reinsert it.
  • Factory reset.

How to Start Your Phone in Recovery Mode?

In order to fix android is starting optimizing app, simply go through all the steps below carefully and fix right now in a very less time.


  • Firstly, hold both powers as well the volume down button on your mobile.
  • Once you see the logo appearing on the screen, release the power button.
  • And when you notice both the icons, release the volume down button.
  • Now simply highlight the left icon and boot into the recovery mode.
  • As a result, use volume up and volume down buttons to move through the menu.
  • Choose the power button in order to select. And there go to the wipe cache partition then start rebooting your mobile successfully.
  • Even though you face the same, then opt factory reset and apply all the steps provided below to fix the current error.

Steps to Fix Android is Starting Optimizing App

These are the steps to be followed by Motorola users to fix on their Android in a very short period of time. Here we go.


  • First and foremost, you need to ensure as your device is powered off and unplugged too.
  • Now simply press and hold the volume down button and power button for at least 3 seconds and then release at a time.
  • There from the boot mode selection menu, simply select recovery.
  • From the no command screen, press and hold the power button and then release volume up button to display all your menu options.
  • Choose wipe cache partition and then reboot the system now.
  • That’s all!!!! In this way, you can simply get rid of the issue very well.

Remove SD Card and Reinsert it

Well, when the above methods do not work and still you face the same, then get back here with no doubt. And get rid of receiving android is starting optimizing app again and again.


Usually, it is highly recommended a few apps will be stored on your SD card. Am I right? All this help and push the apps optimizing and allows the phone to complete the whole process successfully. After doing so, the phone gets rebooted successfully. Finally, insert the SD card and move all the apps installed on it to your phone’s internal memory. And therefore, you will stop noticing android is upgrading optimizing app error undoubtedly.

Perform Factory Reset

This was the last but not least. As applying this method is very important when you failed on working all the above methods. Follow the below instructions carefully and you can get rid of it in a more successful way. So are you ready? Well, get back here with all the steps, apply them and solve it today itself.


  • Initially, hold and press both power button and volume down button till you see the logo appearing on your Android screen.
  • Now simply, use the volume button and then choose wipe data/ factory reset option successfully.
  • Confirm on moving to factory reset option.
  • Wait for several minutes and then delete the entire content with no doubt.
  • Press the power button and at last, wait till your Android mobile reboots completely where exactly you see the setup screen.
  • That’s all!!!!!!

Hope you are well applied all these methods get rid of the issue android is starting optimizing app 1 of 1. If not? Drop a comment on the below section as we help you by guiding in detail and help to fix right now.

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