Samsung Galaxy s6 won’t charge

Samsung is one of the best and had become famous released all over the market. The growth for Samsung smart phones got increased rapidly and added the best features to attract the customers. If any troubleshoot issue raised then people always look for customer care center. Recently, most of the people have come with an issue say Samsung s6 won’t charge. We are here to provide the best solutions for Samsung s6 won’t charge in different ways. Most of the users have experienced the galaxy s6 not charging issue and looking for the exact solution. We are here to provide the solution for Samsung galaxy s6 won’t charge. 

In fact today, maximum Samsung mobiles are coming into the market with inbuilt batteries. There are infinite customer support teams especially for Samsung, so if any trouble shoot issue raised, contact them without any failure. The current tutorial also helps you to identify the problem for galaxy s6 charging problems as well provides the best solution for free. The following are the easy steps where every technician follows whenever the user walk in. One can look at the current article and access for free.

samsung s6 won't charge

5 Simple steps for Samsung galaxy s6 charging problems:

The following are the simple steps and are effective in finding out the problem raised in my Samsung galaxy s6 won’t charge. And these can be categorized as mentioned below:

  • One has to make sure that s6 did not get a freeze.
  • Troubleshoot the charger
  • Troubleshoot the USB cable
  • See if the USB or utility port is loose
  • Send the phone for repair

S6 did not just freeze:

Maximum smart phones have come up with in built batteries which are very much different. So If you get the smart phone frozen for some time, one cannot remove the battery and solve that easily. But later the Samsung added the new and advanced features allowing the user for rebooting process. The simple way to solve the issue is press and hold the power key and also volume down the key simultaneously about a fraction of seconds and restart it.

In this way, one has the possibility of solving the issue for why won’t my Samsung galaxy s6 charge. This is because it has been frozen for some time.Do reboot for multiple times if it fails initially. Even though if the screen remains black, then one has to perform any of the trouble shooting technique.

Troubleshoot the charger:

This is one of the most simple and easiest ways to solve for the issue s6 not charging. Borrow the charger from your friends or neighbors or from any individual who uses the same mobile instead of buying it. If the user facing the issue and buying the new charger immediately is not necessary as because such kind of issues arise frequently. If you have the non-Samsung charger and will able to give about 1.5A to 2A current, can make a trial using it and verify the status of the mobile. even though if you face the same issue then go to next step.

Troubleshoot the USB cable:

USB cable is one of the most important issues raised for every galaxy s6 edge won’t charge. This is because without cable one cannot connect the adapter and phone. The user can find out whether the cable working or not. Plug in into switch board and check the responsiveness of the smart phone. One can also use the cable to connect with PC. If the cable does not work then proceed to next step.

See if the USB or utility port is loose:

For suppose if the USB or utility port is loose, creates trouble most of the time. The s6 won’t charge if the cable does not have right port related to the mobile. If the issue is internal, one cannot even open the phone and allow to charge it. One cannot open the phone as we should remove the screw that leads to void the warranty automatically.

Send the phone for repair:

If the complete above mentioned steps get fail then one need the technician to fix the problem raised for why won’t my galaxy s6 charge in greater extent. This is very much essential to make a point in claiming the warranty if the device gets repaired.The user believes and thinks new phone works perfectly. Even though if the above steps do not work then has to send for repair or one has to place with a new phone.

The above-mentioned steps are the common trouble shoot issues raised for s6 not charging. One can access the tutorial for free and make a trial to solve on your own.

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Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for why won’t my Samsung galaxy s6 charge and one has to follow carefully. If you have any doubts raised, comment in the below section. If you like the article can share on social networking sites visit PhoneGnome for more information.