Galaxy s4 wont Turn On

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wont Turn On: The Samsung is one of the famous and became the best brand all over the market. As such today we came seen the various brands meant for mobiles in the market. But even though Samsung playing a crucial role and presenting very much tough competition in the market. The growth of the Samsung smartphones has been increased rapidly. Among them, Samsung s4 was released with most innovative features and attracted by the various individuals. Each and every user started buying the phone by looking at the interface, features and so on.  But more recently, Samsung clients started receiving hundreds of emails per day about causing an issue samsung galaxy s4 wont turn on and Samsung s7 won’t turn on.

If in that case, one has to visit the nearby technician to solve the galaxy s4 wont turn on the issue in a greater way. But before doing so, one can also make an attempt to get rid out from the samsung s4 wont turn on the issue without any fail. We here provide you the best ways of solving it and even though you face the same need to contact the nearby technician without any doubt. As such there are multiple samsung customer care centers who are responsible for solving the issue without any fail.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Wont Turn On

6 simple Steps To Solve samsung galaxy s4 won’t turn on

The following are the simple steps and are effective in finding out the issue s4 wont turn on similar to Samsung s6 won’t charge raised in my smartphone. And these can be categorized as shown below:

  • Perform Soft Reset On Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S4 Charge For 10 Minutes
  • Boot Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode
  • Boot Galaxy S4 In Recovery Mode
  • Perform Factory Reset
  • Contact Nearby Technician

Perform Soft Reset On Galaxy S4

When the user faces the issue, galaxy s4 not turning on than the very step one has to do is performing a soft reset. It means when you hit the power button and if it doesn’t get respond, one has to take back cover and pull the battery out successfully. Now press and hold the button for a minute in order to drain off the entire electricity that is stored in the capacitors and other components available at inside.

galaxy- s4 -wont -turn- on

Thereafter place the battery back again and attempt in order to turn the galaxy s4 on. It is one of the effective solutions that help to solve the issue in a greater way. If not try the below methods to get rid out of the issue.

Verify Galaxy S4 Charge For 10 Minutes 

This was the second step when my samsung galaxy s4 wont turn on at the time of performing the soft reset. There might be the chance of the battery get drained out and no power is left in order to fire up the entire screen. One has to plug the connector into the phone as well pick up the correct and suitable charger to do so. One can see the regular icon displaying red. If not leave the smartphone for 10 minutes so that it may get respond after several minutes.

samsung- s4 -wont- turn- on

Thereafter one can have a look at the battery or the USB charging port to identify samsung galaxy s4 not turning on issue caused for. But we here suggest you contact the nearby technician as such it is very much danger if you continue charging at the time of plugging in. For suppose if your phone didn’t get heat up, one can continue the same or try the next methods to get solved in a perfect way.

Boot Galaxy S4 In Safe Mode

As such if we boot the device in safe mode, it temporarily disables the entire third-party apps. But we are not meant to do so. One has to successfully perform booting on other modes. In order to boot galaxy s4 on safe mode, one has to follow as shown here.

samsung galaxy s4 won't turn on

  • The very first step one has to hold the power button.
  • Once you see the logo appearing on the screen, press and hold the volume down key at a time.
  • An individual has to continue holding till the phone get complete the reboot process.
  • If the user sees the safe mode available at the left corner on the screen, need to release the volume down key. Or else one has to repeat the process till you complete booting the phone in safe mode.
  • Even though you face the same issue, there might be the great chance to fix the issue and start by performing restart and in order to boot up normally.
  • Try this in a more careful and precise. Still, if you are facing the same try another method shown here.

Boot Galaxy S4 In Recovery Mode

This is one more method where we try to get rid out of the issue samsung s4 wont turn on. The very first one has trey clearing cache partition and deletes the whole data available in the cache folder and the other step is to perform the factory reset. For doing so, one has to follow the steps mentioned here without any fail.

samsung -s4 -wont- turn -on

  • Firstly, one has to press and hold the volume up button, power button together.
  • Now, release the power button when you see the phone vibrating and continue the process.
  • When you see the Android System Recovery screen appearing, need to release both the buttons.
  • Now by using the volume down key, need to highlight wipe cache partition.
  • And press the power button and has to select the option.
  • Your phone automatically gets restart once the entire cache gets wiped out.

Even though you face the same, perform the factory reset to get rid out of the issue.

Perform Factory Reset

If the phone gets booted but not supporting in order to restart, need to make an attempt of performing a factory reset. To do so, follow the below steps carefully.

s4 -wont- turn- on

  • The very first step one has to turn off the mobile completely.
  • Then press and hold the volume up home and power button together.
  • Thereafter release the power button when you see the phone vibrating but still continue holding on both the buttons.
  • When you see the recovery screen appearing on the screen, release both the buttons.
  • Through this volume down key, can see the wipe data/factory reset.
  • Now press the power button in order to select it.
  • And highlight deletes all the user data.
  • Once the rebooting gets completed, choose reboot system now.
  • Now finally press the power button and restart the phone.
  • This might help in solving the issue and if it does not, one has to simply go and contact nearby technician without any fail.

Contact Nearby Technician for Samsung Galaxy S4 Wont Turn On

If the user is failed by attempting the above methods in solving the issue samsung galaxy s4 power button not working, then need a technician in order to fix the issue raised for galaxy s4 wont turn on past samsung logo in a greater way. It is very much essential for planning to get a warranty if the device gets to repair all of the sudden. If the above steps do not get work, then has to give repair or replace a new phone.

galaxy- s4- not- turning- on


Finally, we are here to provide certain steps for samsung galaxy s4 wont turn on and one has to follow all these steps carefully. If you have any doubts get raised, comment in the below section. If you like the article can share on social networking sites.  visit PhoneGnome for more information.

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