Samsung Note 4 Wont Turn On Troubleshoot issue

Note 4 Wont Turn On: Today as per the advancement as of technology, Samsung has been considered as the best brand and plays a crucial role in all over the market. All these Samsung dealers responsibility to solve the troubleshoot issues in a greater way.  The note 4 mainly focuses on attracting the various individuals in a very short span of time. Even these individuals initiated and shown interest in buying the product for every regular interval successfully. The Samsung galaxy note 4 is designed in such a way providing the greater performance and competing among various gadgets.  Also, has a provision for saving the life of the battery to a greater extent. But today when we have a look at statistics, the growth of Samsung get increased more rapidly.

And now we are seeing the various complaints filed under the issue note 4 wont turn on. As per the user’s point of view, the phone gets the black screen and may not able to turn the mobile causing an issue samsung note wont turn on. We are here to solve the issue encountered in a greater way and this is same as s6 won’t charge. That means it can be solved using some methods. The simple thing one has to do is following instructions carefully and get rid out of the issue samsung galaxy note 4 wont turn on successfully. As such, every technician follows the same available 24/7 at customer care centers. One can have a look at the current tutorial and access for free.

note 4 wont turn on

3 Simple methods for galaxy note 4 won’t turn on

One has to follow the below steps carefully so that there might be the chance to get rid out of the note 4 won’t boot into recovery issue without any fail. Before reaching the technician available at a nearby place, the user has to do follow the methods provided in a clearly understandable format. We here provide the exact solution for the issue note 4 screen wont turn on and can be categorized in the following ways.

  • Plug the Mobile to a PC
  • One has to perform the soft reset
  • Try booting the phone in the safe mode
  • Boot the phone in the recovery mode

Plug the Mobile to a PC

This is an optional process to do if your mobile is not charged, in this case you can use your pc and connect your device to the pc/computer. It displays the charging symbol on your pc. If the device is getting charged you can confirm that there is an issue with the charger or with the cable. In any other case if the device is not responding then you need to reset the device.

Further you can even try to use a different cable to charge your device. Because even if there an issue with the cable then also the charging cannot be done. This process is also done when samsung note 4 keeps rebooting or restarting.

One has to perform the soft reset

 Nowhere the data gets deleted when the user is likely to perform it.  And the process is said to be provided as a basic and it is none other than rebooting without any fail.

note 4 -won't -boot -into -recovery

  • The very first step one has to remove the galaxy note 4 battery.
  • Then press and hold the power key for a minute once the user removes the battery out of the phone.
  • Again, place the battery back into the same place once the time gets lapsed.
  • Then finally make an attempt to turn the mobile on without any fail.

Even though you face the same, try using another method for solving it in a greater way. As such the device maximum get on by making use of this method. If there might be another reason that causes as the issue note 4 won’t turn on. This soft reset helps to drain the entire stored electricity from all the components related to capacitors and provides the refresh in phone memory. This method is said to be safe and data wont get lose.

Try booting the phone in the safe mode

galaxy- note 4- won't -turn -on

  • One has to turn off the phone completely.
  • Thereafter press as well hold the power key and volume down key altogether successfully.
  • When you see the phone get started booting, need to release the power key and continue holding the volume down key till the phone gets complete restarting successfully.
  • As such you can see the safe mode displayed at the lower corner and might release the volume down key.

Even though you face the same issue, then try another method shown in more understandable format.

Boot the phone in the recovery mode

This is the final step to make an attempt in booting the mobile at recovery mode. That means the device get booted up without loading the Android GUI. And one can say as this was the final step otherwise simply one has to meet the nearby technician without any fail. For suppose, if the phone gets booted in recovery mode, nowhere the user has to go in order to get rid out of the issue samsung galaxy note 4 wont turn on. Also is capable of powering up all the components successfully.

samsung galaxy -note 4 -wont -turn- on

  • The first step initiates to turn off the note 4 successfully.
  • Thereafter press and hold the volume up as well the home keys together. Now,  one has to press and hold the power key.
  • When the note 4 vibrates, you have to release both homes as well the power keys and continue holding volume up key.
  • Then finally, when the Android system recovery is shown on the screen, one has to release the volume up key.

Till now you are done with performing basic troubleshooting procedures for the issue samsung galaxy note wont turn on. Even though you are unable to fix it, immediately go and contact the nearby technical to get rid out of the issue note 4 will not turn on. We have the issues like galaxy s4 wont turn on or wont charge then we have provided the solutions in a better way.

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Finally, we have come up with 4 best as well the optimal solutions. And this helps us in order to solve the issue samsung note 4 wont turn on encountered in more understandable and accurate way. The current tutorial helps for identity as well solve in a very simple way. One can access for free as per their time frame. If you have any doubts raised, comment on the below section. Visit PhoneGnome for more information.