Sometimes, the device runs into some issues or even needs some amount of space to resume its functionality. In such cases, resetting the device to its factory settings is a brilliant way to surpass the issue. This is a handy way to fix a couple of issues. Although it can be done using your Apple ID too but doing it without the ID is also a pretty simple task.


This can be done on your Apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. More so than a single time, every Apple user has to wipe out his/her device due to some issue or another. This is pretty useful when it comes to your device running low on space or its performance has dropped a bit and your device isn’t working as fast as it should, instead its performance is getting embarrassingly slow.

Any Apple device needs the Apple user ID and password set up into the device. This sometimes gets difficult as the users tend to forget their password. This is when it gets necessary for the user to perform a reset without using his/her Apple ID. Although it can be done on almost all Apple devices here, we’re going to discuss how the process can be carried out on an iPad. But for assistance on any other device, you can surely leave a comment below.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID

There are a few ways to carry out the given task without using your Apple ID. The ones that are going to use are listed here chronologically.

  • Resetting iPad Without using Apple ID
  • Resetting iPad Without using Apple ID by the help of iTunes
  • Restoring iPad to its Factory Settings

Resetting iPad without using Apple ID


When the user enables find my iPhone/iPad, iTunes won’t work anymore. In order to reset, perform restoring iPad in DFU mode respectively. This helps excluding Apple ID or password even though find m iPad is enabled.

  • The very first step, connect the iPad to the system using the original USB cable.
  • Select iOS system recovery and tap on start.
  • Now, when you observe, the software detects the iPad then click on the question mark to get the device into recovery mode.
  • Once it gets entered, click on back and choose the advanced mode and then confirm it to get initiated for downloading firmware. Finally, restore the iPad into factory settings.

Resetting iPad without using Apple ID by the help of iTunes

Resetting iPad without Apple ID is also possible with the help of iTunes although it does require the passcode. Follow the instructions provided step by step and implement accordingly.

  • Go to iTunes and connect the iPad to the system with the help of USB cable. Make sure it is the original cable.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and if you forget the passcode, get help.
  • Choose the device to be connected when it appears in iTunes. Press the sleep/wake and home button till you get the apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • Go to the summary panel to restore iPad on the iTunes. Wait for a while and if you check, the device is restored to factory settings.

Restoring iPad to its factory settings

This is another useful method applicable for how to reset the iPad without apple id password. This is done using an iOS data eraser which is quite simple and effective.

  • The very first thing to be done is, download and install the iOS Data Eraser on system and launch the given program once the installation process gets completed.
  • Connect the iPhone to the system with the help of its original USB cable. [Note: iTunes must and should be available in the system while carrying out this process.]
  • Choose to erase all data which is very much similar to a factory reset method.
  • Select delete to continue and then click on erase now. This will erase all the information stored on your device.
  • Remember to maintain a backup while undergoing this process, as the stored information will be deleted permanently and won’t be reverted.

iphone reset settings

Useful tips

  • Make sure to perform a complete backup of all your data because it might be lost.
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes that you use to execute the process.
  • Find my phone can also be used to delete all the data in a single blow, given that you have a backup of all your data on iCloud.

I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily reset your iPad without using Apple ID. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.