Iphone X Over-heating Issue Solved!

Iphone X Over-heating Issue Solved!

With each new iOS Updates, the previous devices face many issues like Overheating, performance issues, battery backup issues, etc. This even happened to Apple’s last year’s flagship iPhone X and its other variants. There are mainly 2 reasons for the Overheating & Performance Drainage issues, External & Internal Issues. we’re gonna discuss both of these issues with its cause & Remedy!

External Issues for Overheating: These issues are generally caused due to external usage such as Over Charging your Device, using your device in extreme or harsh conditions, etc. Generally, when you charge your device, it feels a little warm which is normal but if it gives a burning sensation to your hands, then something’s wrong!
1. Thick Case: If you’re using a 3rd party Thick Case for your device, it may cause heating issues to the device as it doesn’t let the heat produced from charging the device out causing Overheating of the device which can result in lesser battery backup.
2. Charging Adapter: if you’re using a 3rd Part Charger which doesn’t come inside the box can cause heating issues and can also affect the battery performance of your device. This happens because of the difference in power consumption as normally iPhones need 5W to 18W of power and these 3rd party chargers might not fulfill that.
3. OverCharging: It is one of the most obvious reasons for overheating and lesser battery performance. If one keeps the device for charge even after the battery is 100% then it affects the battery which causes overheating and other battery & performance issues.
4. Harsh Temperature: If you’re using the device in harsh temperature such as in direct sunlight or keeping it in your pocket for too long in a hot sunny day can heat up your device.
Internal issues For Overheating: These are Software-based issues that cause performance and overheating issues in the device. these can be caused due to some bug in the latest OS update or by Excessive load on the device’s hardware.
1. OS Update: As you know apple releases it’s new flagship device every year with a new OS Update which is optimized for the latest flagship device. But when the same OS Update comes to the older gen devices, it causes performance and overheating issues as the latest update is not optimized for older chipsets such as the A11 Bionic Chip in the iPhone 10 causing Slower Processing, heating issues and frequent hang’s in the device.
2. Installing too many apps: installing too many apps is also one of the main reasons for overheating of the devices as all the unnecessary apps which you’re not using are still running in the background and consuming CPU’s free space which causes heating issues in CPU and performance lags in the device.
3. High Screen-On time: If you’re using your device for a long time to watch some Movie or if your screen is on for a long time, then it can cause overheating issues in your device as the screen is manufactured from glass and the device’s body is made up of steel or other metals and this causes less heat transfer from the device and produces higher heat.
4. Excessive games or Graphical performance: If an HD game is being played for a long time continuously on the device then it might cause overheating issues as the game takes up a high amount of all CPU, GPU, nd battery usage.

How to Fix Overheating Issues your iPhone?

iphone x overheating

1: Close all background apps: If your device has several apps running in the background then you should close them all right now as it will decrease the power usage and CPU Usage on the device which will reduce the temperature gradually.
2. Deleting Power Consuming apps: If your device has some high power consuming, background processing apps then you must uninstall them right now as they are opened in the ground even when you are not using them which causes overheating and performance issues.
3. Update Your iOS: if you’re using an extremely old version of iOS then you should update your OS to the latest version now.
4. Background App Refresh: Turning odd background app refresh can help you a lot with performance and battery backup as it stops the background apps like facebook, Instagram, etc to refresh each time the device gets unlocked which saves battery and improves performance.
5. Disable Bluetooth, GPS, Airdrop, Etc: Disabling these settings on your device will turn these sensors off which will save a lot of battery and will slightly increase the performance,
6. Stop using your phone while charging: Using it while charging is one of the main reasons for overheating because the device usually gets warm while charging and if some processing is being done on it then it starts to overheat.

Among these solutions, you can choose the one probably suitable for your iPhone X, or just try them one by one. Any other questions, please leave us a comment below. If still, our device is overheating then please Consider going to the nearest apple store as your battery might have some defect.

How To Fix “iPhone Not Ringing”

How To Fix “iPhone Not Ringing”

Imagine, you have been waiting for a very important call from your employer, partner or colleague, and they said they’ll call you in 10-20 minutes but it has been an hour now and your phone hasn’t rung. Now, you look at your phone, thinking you should call them yourself, and you figure out that you have a few missed calls. But you had the phone with you and it didn’t ring, right?

iPhones rarely stop ringing over any hardware damage. Mostly it happens when the ringer is silent or the device is set on do not disturb. I came across the fact that a lot of people are searching to fix their iPhone not ringing issues. And don’t worry, it’s quite simple to execute.

Sometimes it occurs due to the speaker of your iPhone being faulty but that’s one of the rarest cases. Mostly it’s because of the volume set by the user. So try troubleshooting it yourself if you’re facing this issue instead of going for some expensive repair work.

How to Fix iPhone Not Ringing Issue

To fix iPhone not ringing issue, you first need to know the appropriate information about its root causes. These are:

  1. Damaged speaker
  2. Do Not Disturb is on
  3. Mute toggle is positively on
  4. Device stuck in headset mode
  5. The call being received is from a blocked number
  6. Ringtone issue

According to each of the given causes, there are different fixes.

How to Check For a Damaged Speaker

iphone speaker

The speaker situated on the bottom of your iPhone is the only way to play any sounds.  Whether you’re watching a movie, listening to music or even for basic sounds like notification and call rings, you’ll need your speaker to work right otherwise it’s of no use.

You can simply play a video on the YouTube app or you may turn on music while making sure that the volume is full. If you don’t hear any sounds, the speaker of your iPhone is faulty and you might need to get it checked and repaired. While if you hear the sound from whatever you played, then you may not have any speaker-related glitches.

How to Check if Do Not Disturb is Enabled

Another issue that can occur is that you might have Do Not Disturb, enabled on your device. This is a setting that turns off all kinds of sounds including calls and alarms. When this is enabled on your phone, you won’t be able to hear any sounds coming from it. So check if it is enabled and disable it. This can be done using these simple steps:

  1. Visit your device settings.
  2. Click on Do Not Disturb.
  3. Ensure that neither the Manual nor Scheduled toggles are on.
  4. If Manual is on, toggle it off.
  5. If Scheduled is on, inspect the time and other settings to see the parameters taken and also check if your important calls arrived within that duration.
  6. In order to let some of the calls get through even in Do Not Disturb, try going to the Allow Calls From and choose the contacts to be added to the list.

How to Check For The Mute Toggle

Three iOS screens showing Settings app icon, Sounds & Haptics button, and Ringer and Alerts slider

There is a toggle present on the side of your phone which mutes all sounds from your iPhone when you turn the toggle on. This can be checked easily in two ways:

  1. Check for an orange light on the mute toggle. If it is orange, then the toggle Is on and the sounds aren’t muted.
  2. Open your device’s settings, go to Sounds & Haptics or Sounds. Now, ensure that the ringer and alerts is not completely diminished. If it is, turn it up.

Check If You Are in Headset Mode

iphone volume

This is a pretty common glitch and it can happen on almost any device. This glitch leads to your device to believe that a headset is plugged in. And when this happens, the device sends the sounds to the headset jack. Try switching your phone off and then on again, it might help.

Check to See if The Caller is Blocked

Three iOS screens showing Phone icon in Settings app, Call Blocking & Identification button, and list of blocked numbers

When a caller is blocked, not only you do not get a ringtone when they ring you up but it also stops any notifications or alerts of the call on your device. You can check if a person is blocked and unblock him/her if you want. You can check this by following the given steps:

  1. On your iPhone, visit settings.
  2. Go to Phone.
  3. Go to Call blocking & Identification while on the other iOS versions, it was just categorized as Blocked.
  4. Now, click on Edit, choose the white line encircled by a red circle on the left of the blocked number to unblock it and then click on unlock.

Check If There Are Issues With Your Ringtone

If you still can’t get any audio alerts for your incoming calls or notification, try to check for your ringtone. When you use a custom ringtone on your device, its corruption or deletion may cause your iPhone to stop ringing when someone calls. This can be resolved by:

  1. Setting a perfectly new ringtone as default can be one easy way to do so. You can do this by visiting Settings on your iPhone and going to Sounds or Sounds & Haptics. Go to Ringtone. Now, select a new ringtone for your device and set it up.
  2. Sometimes we assign a different ringtone to some distinguishable people and when this goes corrupted, it would stop ringing. Now, this can be handled by first going to Phone and seeing the contacts. Find the contact you want to check and click on it. Now, click on Edit, located on the upper right corner. Look for Ringtone and try assigning a new ringtone to the given contacts. [Note: if this is the issue then you might have to check all your contacts and change it manually.]

Some Additional Help

You may try to switch your device off and then reboot it, as it gets rid of any minor glitches, although you may also be able to solve this by updating your device as most of these glitches are fixed in updates.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the iPhone not ringing issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact Apple Support or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How to fix”iPhone Touch Screen Not Working”

How to fix”iPhone Touch Screen Not Working”

Sometimes it might happen that you are using your iPhone and it gets stuck or frozen. Basically you aren’t able to use the touch anymore. This might happen sometimes and it really irritates some people a lot when they go through this.

Although it isn’t a huge deal as it might happen quite frequently to some users and it can be fixed quite easily as well as it is just a minor glitch most of the time. Although if it is due to some serious hardware issue, you might have to get it repaired or you might have to get it replaced.how to fix iphone screen not working

Implications of the iPhone touch screen not working

This occurs when your screen becomes unresponsive or it gets stuck. It’s quite easy for you to surpass this issue if this is due to the software functionality of the device, however, if this is a hardware issue, it might be quite tiring to get through.

This might happen due to touch screens that do not have authorization from Apple and are planted in your device through third-party service centers. This can definitely wreck your touch screen’s functionality. But it sometimes might just be about the original touch screen of your device.

It might happen sometimes that you’ve had your iPhone repaired from an Apple authorized service center and you have gotten your touch screen replaced with an Apple authorized touch screen but you still go through this issue post updating. This occurs as it isn’t the touch screen that your device was manufactured with. So it might have some issues regarding its functionality as it might not be ideally suited with your device.

Some of the Apple users who are currently using iPhone X have reported that it would stop working near-freezing temperatures. Also, there is a little known condition known as the touch disease that’s been affecting some bendable iPhones. Before starting to troubleshoot any issues, let’s discuss the touch disease.

The touch disease

apple screen

There is also an issue going around in the blue books as “the touch disease”. This is a condition that is the result of a major design flaw in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Some of the sources mislead you to believe that this issue is in the complete iPhone 6 series but it actually isn’t.

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are protected from this issue. Because they don’t have the design flaw made on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. When this happens, the users see a grey bar on top of the screen, the length of the iOS menu bar, and it flickers. When this happens, the device is deprived of touch functionalities temporarily.

There are a couple of ways running around on some pages to fix this issue like some users reported that they could just press the top half of their display and the problem would be fixed temporarily. Some reported that locking and then unlocking their device fixed it while some others said that twisting their device a bit did.

I would still advise you not to try any of these methods because it can damage your device to a greater extent and may wreck its functionality permanently. Please take it to an Apple store or visit an Apple technician.

How to resolve the iPhone touch screen not working issue

There are certain remedies to this situation. They are listed below:apple phone

  1. If the touch screen isn’t working all the time which means permanently, then you might have to get your device to an Apple technician.
  2. If the touch screen stops working while using a certain app, uninstall the app and then install it again.
  3. Moisture may also affect the functionality of the screen as it will prevent proper contact between your finger and the touch screen. So try drying it off and then try using the touch again. Also, ensure that the hands are clean as that may prevent proper contact too.
  4. Touch screens don’t respond to gloves. Some of these gloves are specially designed to work on some specific types of touch screens but most of them don’t. So try to remove your gloves, if wearing any.
  5. Your screen guard might also interfere with the touch screen’s functionality. Try removing it and then using the touch again to see if it works now.
  6. Ensure that the touch screen of your iPhone is clean as it may interfere with the touch being able to receive the digital information from your gestures. Try cleaning it with a piece of cloth.
  7. If your device has a 3D touch feature then try checking its sensitivity settings. This can be done by opening Settings on your device, visiting general and going to accessibility. Now, you may find 3D touch, click on it and then adjust its sensitivity using the slider.iphone touch screen not working
  8. Try hard resetting the device by pressing the home button along with the power button and hold them for nearly 10-15 seconds. This might restore the complete functionality of your screen.
  9. Updating your software might also fix your issue as Apple tries to fix all existing issues when they provide new updates. So if you find a software update, try to install it and as a result, you may be able to get through the issue.
  10. If the touch screen isn’t working since you’ve replaced or gotten the touch screen repaired from a third-party service, then it might be possible that it’s happening due to the screen not being an acceptable one to an Apple device. Or it might deem to be different in some major aspects as compared to the original touch screen. Apple themselves had once announced in one of their updates, in the year 2017, that parts installed in any Apple device won’t work if they don’t belong to the said company or if they are not recognized by them. You might have to take your device back to the shop that you got it repaired from.
  11. If nothing else works, you may even try to reset your device to its factory settings. Although you might need to backup all your data otherwise it’ll all be lost. This method is most likely to work and fix everything if there is even a slight software glitch that is causing your iPhone touch screen to stop working.

 I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily fix your iPhone touch screen not working issue or trying to help you in getting it the right attention it needs. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact Apple support or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.

How to fix, “iPhone Black Screen”

How to fix, “iPhone Black Screen”

A black screen generally occurs as a hardware default if the display gets broken or dislodged. You might notice this when you hear your cellphone ringing but you can’t pick it up or you might be getting a notification sound but you can’t seem to turn the screen on in order to see the notification. This shows that there is an issue with the screen of your device and you need to get it repaired.iphone black screen

How to fix iPhone black screen

You can try to perform a hard reset on your phone in order to check if it is actually a hardware issue or is it a software issue. To do this, follow the given steps:

  1. On iPhone 6S or lower: For nearly 10 seconds, push the power button along with the Home button and hold it.
  2. On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: At the same time, push the volume down button along with the power button and hold it till the Apple logo is visible on your screen.
  3. On iPhone 8 or higher: Push the volume up button and release it, then push the volume down button and release it, then push the power/side button till the Apple logo is visible on your screen.

If you are able to see the apple logo on your screen then there is no issue with your hardware but if not then there might be an issue regarding your display.

Understanding an iPhone black screen issue

A quick look into your iPhone

This will give you a quick idea of what we’re dealing with. The two basic hardware components that are associated with this issue are the display and the logic board.

Removing iPhone Display

  1. Logic Board: This is basically the control unit of an iPhone which manages all the operations and all the parts of your given device are connected to it. It oversees even the simplest functions being carried out on the iPhone.
  2. Display: Its basic function is to show you the information that is visible to you on the screen. It is completely removable and contains four components assembled into it. They are:
  • The LCD screen that shows digital information on your display.  iPhone Logic Board
  • The digitizer that turns touch input into digital signals translated for your phone to work on.
  • Your front camera.
  • Your iPhone’s Home button.

And all of these components are connected to the logic board with their own connectors. So if there’s a case where you can use the touch functions quite normally on your iPhone, but you still can’t see anything then there’s a chance that the connector of your device’s LCD screen is loose or might’ve been disconnected. The cable that connects your device’s LCD screen to its logic board is known as a display data connector. In such a case, it can simply be fixed by connecting the display data connector again.iPhone Display Data Connector

But in cases when a component of the display is damaged, it can’t have a simple fix. It needs to be repaired (if possible) or changed.

Although there is no definite way to figure out if your display is just dislodged or broken, I can give you an outline of how you might be able to guess it. If your iPhone was dropped mildly then maybe your display is dislodged but if it was dropped from a height or got caught between two heavy things or if it is water damaged, then there are more chances of a broken display that would need to be changed.

Fixing an iPhone screen black issue

Relying on the data you received in the above section, try to figure out the issue to your iPhone black screen. Depending on that, you may be able to take the required action for your iPhone.

If you suffer from a dislodged LCD screen connector, take your iPhone to an Apple genius and he/she would fix it for you without any expense even if you’ve run out of your device’s warranty. But if you suffer from a broken LCD screen then you might have to get it repaired and it might cost you a significant amount of money if you go to an Apple store or an Apple-based technician. In such a case, I would recommend any third party technician if they ensure a warranty for the replaced screen.

A piece of friendly advice: Although you might receive a lot of information which might convince you to try fixing your device yourself, I would still recommend you not to try it yourself as a single mistake may cause your iPhone to be damaged beyond repair.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you have complete insight into the issue if you suffer from an iPhone black screen. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact Apple support or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And please share your journey through this issue in the comment box with me.


Apple App Store not Working?

Apple App Store not Working?

If you were an android user and just switched to iOS, and is curious to know what app store is? Well, the App store is the Playstore for iPhones or any other iOS devices where you can download thousands of new free and paid apps with a single tap! App Store currently has 2.2 Million apps available to download ( as of 2019 ), which will help you to customize your iPhone and use your smartphone more efficiently and to its fullest! 

Apple App Store Not Working?

apple app store not working

Got to learn about some great app and excited to download it? But when you tried Opening App Store, all you got was a white screen or stuck loading Screen? You’re sure that its a software issue, not Hardware as all other apps & Games are working Just fine!

We’ll iPhone Bugs, Errors & Glitches has always been a major issue with Apple Devices. There are multiple reasons for this, And in this blog, I’ll explain And help you fix the problem of Apple App Store Not Working / Opening. Enough Chatter! Let’s get going.

Reasons for Apple App Store Not Working!

Sometimes, Issues in opening App Store on your iPhone occurs due to busy Servers, Slow internet connection, obsolete version of Application or Operating System, Apple Server Maintenance or your device. In some cases, Incorrect Date/time or Incorrect Time Zone might be a reason for the App Store not working, so, to fix that, go to Your iPhone’s Setting > General > Time & Date Settings > And choose Set Automatically ( This means Say if you travel to the USA from India, then as soon as your iPhone recognizes that your device is in a new country, it’ll automatically set your Date & Time zone to the USA! 

We’ll if the Date and time zone isn’t an issue with your device, then here are five solutions that’ll help you download those great apps from the App Store.

The Fix!

1 . Reopen the Application:


Sometimes, due to some bugs and glitches in iOS, it prevents the app to connect with the internet, which leads to error in loading App Store. So the simple solution to this is to just close and reopen the app and here’s how you do it.

Double press the Home button, or long swipe up on the navigation bar (if iPhone X or above), scroll among all the open apps and find App Store, Once found, swipe up and close the app and press the home button or Swipe up the Navigation bar (if iPhone X or above) and Reopen the App Store Again. This should fix the App Store not opening an issue if it is caused by some minor Bug Or Glitch. 

If the issue is not fixed, then keep reading

2 . Check System Server Status.

Sometimes, Apple’s Servers go on maintenance or go offline for some other reasons, which prevents the App Store or other Services from opening. So before you try something else, check Apple’s System Status page to check whether the server is offline or there’s some other issue with your App Store.

3 . Force Refresh the App

Sometimes the app won’t refresh itself because of slow internet connection, App bugs or glitches or OS bugs or glitches. So you can always force refresh the app manually which Force Refreshes the contents on the Store page. To force refresh the Store page, Open App Store on your iPhone or any other iOS Device and swipe down from the top. This will refresh all the content, and all your App Store content will start appearing. 

4 . Clear App Store Cache & Data

Very few people know this trick, if any app is facing any issue in opening or other in other operations, then Clearing Data & Cache of the app fix’s most of the problems. So if you’re facing issues with Opening App Store, then clearing its data may fix the issue, so here’s how you do it. 

  1. Open App Store App on your Device
  2. Now at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see 5 icons named Today, Games, Apps, Updates & Search. 
  3. Now tap any one of these icons 10 times continuously And this will clear your app store cache in the background. For Eg, you tap the Apps Icon 10 Times continuously, then it’ll clear all your app cache in the background. There won’t be any popup saying ‘App cache has been cleared’, but your app store’s cache will be cleared in the background.


5 . Signout of App Store

Sometimes, your App store cannot verify the Apple ID signed in to the device, so it doesn’t allow the app to download any content. So in that case, you have to sign out the app ID and sign in again to App store and here’s how you do it!

  1. Open settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down to App Store and click on it.
  3. Now on the top, you’ll see the Apple ID with which you signed in, tap on it.
  4. Now click on sign out, and you’ll be signed out.
  5. Go to App Store and search for the app you want to download and try downloading it. Now It’ll ask you to sign in to the App Store, enter your credentials and sign in.
  6. And now your app will start downloading.

Here are some solutions which will help your App Store to work normally and download those Great apps and games for you without any issues. If still, you’re facing any issues with the app store or you have any doubt with one of the solutions given above, then feel free to comment down below, or you can always ask Apple’s Support or visit your nearest Apple Store. 

What to Do When iPhone 6s Stops Charging!

What to Do When iPhone 6s Stops Charging!

Being an iPhone user, fixation of the iPhone charging problems is a major issue. Though, the good news is that major iPhone charging issues can be resolved and taken care of, quite easily at home itself. These remedies will save you both, time and money.

Many people facing this issue have a major concern in common. They wish to know if they are needed to change their batteries. And the answer to this is an absolute “No”! You really don’t need to change your battery. And sometimes, even connecting it to Mac or PC, original charger or even a car charger, doesn’t help. In fact, it’s all about the right information. Firstly, just try to figure out what the issue is, and then try to gain as much knowledge about your issue as possible, and then finally, you may act on it.

Moreover, most of the time, the problem is iPhone’s Software rather than its Hardware which is preventing your iPhone from charging and thus, changing your battery won’t have any significant effect. Also, if there is a problem in the hardware, then the charging port most likely, might be faulty. Or even if there are no issues with the hardware, then the problem must definitely lie with the charging cable or the adapter. Also, leakage of electricity is a very common reason for this issue when even slightly broken cables are used.

iphone 6s charging point

Tips and tricks to resolve iPhone 6s wont charge issue

If something is wrong with the iPhone’s software:-

There’s an obvious secret everyone must know: Your iPhone’s software is kind of a charging mastermind. This is because when you plug the iPhone in a power source, it does not get hooked to the battery straight away. The Software itself decides whether to start charging the device or not. Therefore, when your iPhone is not getting charged, it might be because the software crashed in the background while the screen was off. So the best thing you could do to fix the software issue is to try a hard reboot and if it does not work, you may need to backup all your device data and then take your device to the Apple store to get it repaired. The Apple technician may perform DFU restore or other dense restoration techniques that would redeem its functionality.

Now, performing a hard reset isn’t a complex task. It can be achieved by simply following the given steps:

  • Firstly, press and hold both, the power button and the home button, until the Apple logo starts to appear on the screen.
  • This will hard reset your iPhone.

Talking of the DFU restore, it is a kind of restoration process that can fix any and every error on the device, without a doubt. Basically, it will erase everything on the device and restore it to its factory settings. This can be carried out by following the given process:

  • Firstly, plug your iPhone into a given system that contains iTunes and launch it. [Note: the iPhone can remain on or off, it doesn’t affect the process.]
  • Press and hold the Power Button with the Home Button/Volume Down Button together, for nearly 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home Button/Volume Down Button, until you receive a prompt that reads “an iPhone is detected by iTunes in recovery mode.”
  • After this, release the Home Button/Volume Down Button and you will witness a black screen which will indicate that the device has entered recovery mode. Now, restore the iPhone using iTunes.
  • If you haven’t reached the recovery mode, repeat all the above steps with utmost care.

iPhone 6 stops charging!

The Charging cable or the Power adapter might be damaged:-

All of us might have faced this: There are cases where your cable might have found its way under your chair and broke when you tried to pick it up, or you may have yanked up your lightning wire too hard. In both cases, the wire gets too exposed and even duct tape cannot fix up the exposed USB cable. Now you will need a new Apple-certified cable. There are also chances that the adapter might be damaged or must be needing a repair. If the adapter and cable look fine, try using someone else’s charger. Or maybe try connecting your iPhone to a PC or a car.

When charging port has dirt:-

The dust or lint gets into the charging port preventing it from working properly. To be on the safe side, you may need to backup all your data and then switch off the device to clean the port with a sharp or pin-like object, gently, to make it dust-free. Also, you can blow some air in the port and then you may get that working. Or you can even use a brush to dust off the inside of the charging port, given that the brush must be soft.

iphone 6s wont charge

When the charging accessories are not Apple Certified:-

We would always recommend you not to use any lightning cables that are not certified. However, if you have purchased a cheaper adapter or a cable, just for the sake of saving money, then you may go on doing it as long as it keeps the integrity of your Apple device safe.

When the outlet connection is not firm enough:-

This is the most common factor affecting the charging issues, almost all the time. You might not have plugged in the adapter or the wire properly which might be the reason why it is not connecting to the device. This weak connection between the charging cable and the adapter or the port may cause a lack of electric flow and hence this situation occurs. If this issue still pertains then you will need to try and change the outlet.

I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily be able to figure out and fix your iPhone 6s charging issue. If your iPhone still isn’t charging, after trying out all the above methods then kindly visit an Apple store or an Apple technician near you to check for any kind of internal damage or any other issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit support.apple.com or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.