Wondering How To Use iMessage On PC? Here Is The Complete Guide

Wondering How To Use iMessage On PC? Here Is The Complete Guide

About The iMessage…

You love iMessages, right! We all do. For numerous reasons Apple’s homegrown messaging app “iMessage” has been most favorite for all, it’s users around the world since the day it was first launched. Even those who use regular messaging services adore messages.

Apple iPhones offer you both normal texting service i.e. SMS & iMessages, however, this homegrown messaging system works only between iPhone to iPhone or say within the Apple devices. The beauty of this iMessages service is that you don’t need to go to a separate service icon for it, it’s found and proudly serves in the messaging box only.

If you send a normal text to anyone and if that party happens to have an iPhone with them, the normal sms automatically converts into an iMessage, saving a few bucks for you. And yes, we almost forgot to tell you that this intra-apple message service is free all around the world. You can send an iMessage from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone, who is in the United Kingdom, without spending a single penny. Awesome, isn’t it?

But now you want this whole service on your desktop or pc. Maybe your girlfriend is too intolerant to receive a reply a bit late, and you are always busy working or playing on your pc. Don’t worry, we will help out of this mess before she actually bangs your head on the same keyboard you’re having hands-on right now. Read the article and save yourself.

iMessage On PC

Why Would You Need iMessage On PC: Explained.

Maybe the intolerant girlfriend example was a little too much on the exaggeration side, but it’s true that more 30,000 people have actually wrote to Apple California about getting this community messenger open for all platforms & all of them believe that iMessage could be the biggest messenger service in the world after this step. They have created several petitions for this purpose & you can also sign one by clicking here.

There could be several reasons why you need iMessage on PC, like you could be a stock exchange employee who is not allowed to have phones on the desk. Now you have an urgent parcel delivery on your address, you have intimated your neighbor about it but then how would you know when exactly the parcel is getting delivered? Your phone is locked in the cabinet. Horrible situation, we understand it.

You could be a graphic designer, who has to send many snapshots of your work to the clients every now or then, asking them if they are satisfied with it or need some changes. You have 2 options, click that photo first from your phone and then send it to the client & the other one is mailing the snapshot to the client, both are too time taking and involve multiple steps. You would love to have iMessage on your working PC and send the snapshots right away.

Methods To Get iMessage On PC.

There are two methods to get the iMessage working on your PC, both written below.

# Using A Jailbroken iPhone:

If you don’t have an already jailbroken iPhone then you must immediately consider to skip to the alternative method written below or you can also jailbreak your iPhone. But before doing so, you need to understand that jailbreaking iPhone voids the warranty and your phone is not Apple’s responsibility anymore from now on. If anything like software damage or physical wear-tear, happens after the jailbreak process to your iPhone, isn’t Apple’s concern.

We are considering that you have an already jailbroken iPhone handy with the Cydia software app already installed. Or you can download the cydia.exe file by visiting at https://cydia-app.com/downloads/ & choose the compatible version according to your iPhone’s model. Now let’s start the process stepwise.

Step 1- Open Cydia app from the home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2- Click on the Search button and write “Remote Messages” in it, followed by OK.

Step 3- Now you will see a list of remote messages apk(s), tap on the one which is compatible with your iPhone’s operating system.

Step 4- Install the compatible apk by clicking on the Install button present on the top right corner of the screen followed by OK.

Step 5- After successful installation, go to the Settings in your iPhone.

Step 6- Scroll down to the end, until the “Remote Messages” option displays, once found, click on it.

Step 7- Turn ON the enable slider & change the authentication credentials if you want to.

Leave Your iPhone and Turn To Your PC, open browser and follow the steps…

Step 8- Copy the IP address as it is from the Remote Message settings, followed by the server port number with colon sign, write this whole text in the webpage search plate and press the enter key. For eg: 987.654.321:333 here the 987.654.321 is your IP address & 333 is your server port number with colon sign as prefix of it.

Step 9- After this, a new window will pop up on your computer screen, put the username & password as it is from the Remote Message Settings from the iPhone, and press enter.

Viola, now you can seamlessly enjoy the iMessage directly on your PC with no hassle. You do not need to keep your phone unlocked all the time or keep the iMessage open, do whatever you want to do with your phone, this iMessage here on your PC will work anyway.

# Using A Third Party App.

If you desperately want to use iMessage into your PC and don’t want to jailbreak your iPhone then you have no option to trust the third party apps, which are obviously untrusted by Apple.inc since ever.

You can browse through the internet and find yourself the apps claiming to have iMessage working efficiently on your computer. The best app rated for this purpose is “iPadian” by the users. Other apps are there too, you can use anyone you want as long as they are working good for you.

We do not recommend any of these ways. As one of this involves jailbreak, which is not a good idea at all until you are done with your iphone & the other one involves using an untrusted app, which may turn into a threat for your data & personal information security.

A Request/Suggestion To Apple.

iMessage on PC is demanded by many and the graph will continue to grow until the Apple guys really turn this into reality. There are two possible ways that we suggest the Apple.inc to consider, in order to make this happen.

# First: Add iMessage on iCloud.com:

By visiting www.icloud.com we get many options and services but not iMessage. It will take simple changes for Apple.inc to get this done and we are good to go.

# Second: Dedicated Open iMessage App:

By creating a separate iMessage app, which should be open for windows platform and must be available to downtown both on the windows official website & Apple’s official website. The interface must be kept easy, like just download and install the app, login to the app in your PC, get it verified from your iPhone once and that’s it. You have a working iMessage on your PC.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How To Use iMessage On Your PC Issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To See Deleted History On iPhones? Read & Help Yourself…

How To See Deleted History On iPhones? Read & Help Yourself…

About It.

History is such a beautiful subject, it tells us about what happened in the past.. wait..what? This isn’t about that history? Okay, Got it! So Netizens, we surely are not talking about human history here but, another kind of history which is equally efficient, and guess what? Sometimes this history is much more important than the past ones because that history has happened in the past time and this history holds the potential to affect your future.

Yes, we are talking about the internet history or shall we call it our browser’s history, because that’s what we use to explore the internet. And, this history is surely something which must be taken seriously. It helps us on the browser to get our search results faster, saving our time by suggesting related items according to our previous searches, reload the content pretty quickly as it already has the cookies and cache saved.

And sometimes the same history turns into a nightmare. Yes, naughty pals, we are talking about you guys here, you won’t get spared today. Imagine you watched private content that is considered inappropriate in the public (you already know what we are talking about) and you forget to delete the history. Now your mom has your phone and she’s looking for a recipe from Xavier’s kitchen, the moment she will type “x” on the keyboard of the safari browser, could be your last in the house. Stay with us throughout the article and save yourself.

Now imagine after knowing how to delete the history on iphone, you follow the procedure and delete all the history from the safari browser and you are all set to give the phone to your mother, but then you realized that you deleted the search results too, which you gave almost an hour to find and write the article on. Now your anxiety level is on cloud 9, calm down folk, we are backing you. We will make you see deleted history on your iphone back. Just keep reading the article.

How To Delete History On iPhone: Explained.

Deleting the history is important too, not only because you have publically objectionable content links on it, but also this pile of history is slowing down your iPhone. Sometimes, this history troubles you by suggesting irrelevant things and searches. Like for eg: you gave your iphone to one of your friends for an hour for the internet surfing purposes, they search content which is totally irrelevant to your personality but now you’re getting suggestions everytime you browse.

So to get your personal hold back on the device and safari, let’s start deleting the history right now. Follow the procedure written in stepwise manner down below.

Step 1: Open the Settings from your home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down until you reach Safari, once you are there, click on it.

Step 3: Inside Safari, scroll down to the option Clear History And Website Data. Select it.

Step 4: A new small window will slide up from the bottom screen, tap on the Clear History And Data option.

Voila, your history is deleted from the browser and now you can go to the safari and check your history box, it’s empty, right. We saved you from getting kicked out from the house, the least we deserve is a thank you in the comment section, do that before you leave from here.

How To See Deleted History On iPhone: Explained.

The only one way to see the deleted history again & 2 ways to restore the history back in the browser, and then view the history. Let’s learn about all three options one by one.

How To See Deleted History On iPhones

# View By Settings

Step 1: Open the Settings from your home screen of your iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down until you reach Safari, once you are there, click on it.

Step 3: Inside Safari, scroll down straight to the last option i.e. Advanced. Select it.

Step 4: A new small window will appear with 3 new options, tap on the Website Data, to view your history.

Note: This method will work only when the data, cookie and cache is not deleted by the user. Also, if the user surf their searches on incognito mode then this method stands no chance to make you view any history.

# Restoring History / Bookmarks From The iCloud

Step 1: Visit www.icloud.com from your iPhone’s browser or through your macbook or any other computer.

Step 2: Click on the Sign In option, following by entering your apple id & password.

Step 3: After successful login, click on the Settings icon present in the menu tray.

Step 4: Scroll down to the footer options and click on the Restore Bookmarks, present as the last option in the column.

Step 5: A new window will pop up, select the latest backup of your bookmarks of safari.

Step 6: Tap on the Restore button and get your history back on safari again.

Note: This method will work only when the icloud backup is ON, in your iphone with having safari data in the sync list.

# Restoring Data With An External Firmware

Step 1: Visit www.iphonerecovery.com and download their firmware. You can pick the compatible version according to your computer, as they have both windows & macOS compatible software.

Step 2: After complete download and installation, open the software on your computer. Now click on the Restore Bookmarks option, following by connecting your iphone with computer via compatible data cable.

Step 3: Let the software work on finding your deleted history of safari. Once the process is done, you can save the file on the Desktop of your computer.

Step 4: Now click open the new file on the desktop and select the browser adjoining option. It will direct you to the browser and enables you to see both the deleted and existing history of your safari browser of the iphone.

Note: We advise you not to try this method, until you are left with no option. 

It’s strongly recommended to keep the iCloud backup ON in your iPhone, and do not forget to add safari data in the sync list too. If you follow these simple protocols already, the first two methods will serve you the best with all the security & privacy intact.

For further details, you can always visit Apple’s official website or click on https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/search-your-web-browsing-history-ibrw1114/mac to directly land on the page, explaining how to deal with this issue.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How To See History / Deleted History On iPhone Issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To Delete Amazon Account Permanently? Let Us Help You.

How To Delete Amazon Account Permanently? Let Us Help You.

Let’s start this article by asking you netizens a simple web awareness related question. Which is the world’s biggest eCommerce company? Alibaba?? No, that’s a wrong answer! I know some of the genius brains in you know the correct answer. Yes, you said it right, Amazon.

Amazon Inc. is the world’s no. 1 eCommerce giant with a market share of 6% across all versions of sale. Do you think 6% is less? Wait, lemme explain to you and then tell me. From every 100 products sold in the world market in any way let it be online, offline, store sale, retail sale or by promotional sale, 6 products are getting sold on Amazon. Now tell me how huge it is.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon started this company in his garage. In the year 1994, Jeff founded Amazon and now in the year 2020, Amazon generates a revenue of over $61 billion each year. This giant eCommerce platform is having its headquarters in Seattle, the US with over employees 750,000 working day and night for them.

If you use the internet then you are having an account on Amazon, this goes like being a human and breathing. Yes, this giant company is so much into our lives that we just can not ignore it moreover, we really don’t want to, because this company makes our daily life a much easier one.

Products ranging from cookie packet to computers and from balloon to billiards, this eCommerce platform sells literally anything to everything that comes with packing on it. Millions of small or large retailers are registered on Amazon to grow their businesses online.

Amazon surely changed the world and of course the approach of buying products forever now.

Why There Is Any Need To Delete Amazon Account? : Explained.

There is absolutely no harm if you leave your amazon account dormant, at least from Amazon’s back end. But yes, if someone steals your password then you may fall into some troubles.

Amazon now covers numerous services and offers like an amazon gift card, redeemable vouchers, credit points, prime services, etc. Amazon generally has sensitive details of yours like your home/office address, debit/credit card details, your phone number, email id and more.

This sensitive information can cause you severe damages if someone breaks into your amazon account. So, asking again if it’s important or not to delete the amazon account, would be foolish.

You can lose all your credit points or the person who stole your amazon id and password can use your gift vouchers for their own purchasings. This is somewhere less dangerous than it could be.

The sensitive information leak can be dangerous to any extent. Someone with malign intention has your credit/debit card details, you don’t need us to tell you how serious this concern is. Anything can happen from bank fraud to attack the written address.

So, it is very important to delete permanently those accounts which are not in use anymore. And it is recommended that you must also keep changing your passwords to achieve extra security.

Methods To Achieve Your Purpose.

If you think you can delete your amazon account permanently by following the same approach of some clicks in the system server and get success, we have bad news. Closing standard amazon account doesn’t work like this. However, you can close your amazon prime account like this but not your standard one.

So, let’s explain to you the methods for deleting both of your prime and standard Amazon accounts successfully. Read & follow.

  • Amazon Prime Account

If you want to delete only your prime account or you want to start from closing the prime services, the procedure is very simple and automated through which you can cancel your membership by some clicks. Follow the steps.

Step 1: Visit www.amazon.com

You don’t need to open your dedicated amazon app for this purpose.

Step 2: Sign in with your amazon id & password.

Step 3: Click on the Accounts & Lists option present on the top right of the taskbar.

Step 4: Select the Your Prime Membership option from this new pop up table.

Step 5: Now you will be redirected to a new page, here click on the Manage Membership option present on the top right tab.

Step 6: An options menu will dropdown. Click on the End Membership tab, present in last of this pop-up window.

Step 7: Follow the basic ongoing and click OK a multiple time & you may be asked to enter your password for this operation.

After this, you will end your prime membership forever now.

  • Standard Amazon Account 

How To Delete Amazon Account

As discussed above, there is no automated way to delete your main account from Amazon. You have no option but to follow the protocols set by Amazon to achieve the purpose. Carefully read and follow the stepwise instructions written below.

Step 1: Visit www.amazon.com 

Don’t forget to use this site on a desktop view, if you are using it on mobile.

Step 2: Sign in with your amazon id & password.

Step 3: Scroll right to the end of the page and click on the Help tab present on the extreme right corner in the menu.

Step 4: Now select the Need More Help tab present last in the menu.

Step 5: Here a separate menu will appear, click on the Contact Us option in it.

Step 6: Click on the Prime or Something Else tab from the taskbar.

Step 7: Now scroll down to the Select An Issue tab. Find for Account Settings in the menu and click it.

Step 8: A new bar with the name Select Issue Details will drop down in front of you. Click on the Close My Account option.

Step 9: Finally, a third taskbar will appear to you asking How would you like to contact us? Select whichever option you like from the Email, Chat & Call option.

Step 10: You will now be directed to the Amazon Customer Care service desk. Tell them your concern and they will immediately delete your account along with all your sensitive information and purchase or view history.

If you still want some help and finding it difficult to start, you can visit https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=help_search_1-1?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201945400&qid=1576367825&sr=1-1 

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How to delete your Amazon account permanently issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To Block A Number On Android? Bring It On!

How To Block A Number On Android? Bring It On!

You’re in a meeting or on a date with the crush you were following since ever or maybe just laying around killing time by watching your favorite web series in the corona lockdown and a naggy person started what they’re best at, irritating you!

Your phone is ringing continuously murdering all the adrenaline rush scenes with all possible twist n turn. Looks like you are ready to call the hitman and set a $5k bounty for your undesired friend’s headshot but things don’t work like this in real life, right?

 It’s always an option to put the phone on silent and continue with your ongoings but hopelessly it doesn’t apply while streaming videos/games online generally. Moreover, there is always a fine chance that you may miss something important while avoiding the naggy friend, consequences may range from a simply asked question “where were you?” to “you don’t deserve it, you’re fired!” heard from your grumpy boss in an ever furious voice.


Learn Ways of How To Block A Number On Android.

 In android devices, there are multiple options to block anyone from calling or spamming you and save yourself from the harassment. Blocking a number generally covers both calls & texts but some devices give you the option to choose whether to block message or not.

However, there is a never-ending range of different types of phones these days and they all run on a different version/approach from one another, and sometimes even OEM apps alter a lot the system with their own set of credentials.

Below are the ways to block a number on different brands of phones & service providers.

  1. SAMSUNG: Chuck it in a single go. Just pick the number from your “recent calls” list and you will find a block option on the extreme right down on the screen. If the number is not from your saved contacts, you will find an extra option to report that number so that you tag the person in a category of how they are spam and let others know why to block them too. In both ways, you will get rid of calls and texts from them.
  2. STOCK ANDROID/GOOGLE PIXEL OR NOKIA: Both the Google Pixel and Nokia phones use a stock android operating system for smooth functioning purposes. Stock android helps to protect your data too more securely than an android one. There are two ways to block your spammer on stock android, the first one is very simple. Just go to your calling app and click on the “recent calls” tab now pick n long-press the number you want to block, after the long press you will find a few options consisting of the desired “block contact” in it so press it and you are done. No more calls and messages from that particular number. The second method consists of opening the Phone app, tapping on the three-dot menu icon on the top-right corner, and selecting “Settings.” From the menu, just hit “Call blocking” and add the numbers you want to block.
How To Block A Number On Android
  • VERIZON/T-MOBILE/AT&T/SPRINT: These popular brands undoubtedly impart you the feature to block the number all by yourself like the way you did in Samsung but what if you are into a profession (probably a sharpshooter) which makes you switch your devices every now and then? They have a solution for this too. Just call your service provider on their helpdesk and ask them to block the number for you. Now you don’t have to worry about they might call you on the new device because they simply cannot. You can visit the service provider’s official website too for the purpose.

Verizon – www.verizonwireless.com 





  • HTC: Blocking numbers on these devices are cakewalk for anyone. Simply just open the phone app, tap n hold the number until it shows you the option of blocking it on the first hand, click OK and you are good to go.
  • LG: It’s almost rare to find LG phones in today’s market, isn’t it? Well, the procedure is almost the same as other devices but their different vocabulary and not to forget a few extra steps may be to justify their never heard legacy, all together made them secure a separate paragraph here, smart! Okay, folks so grip your LG phone and open “Phone App” and leave all the mess there, just tap the 3 dot option on the top right corner in the screen. Now select “call setting” and then “reject calls” now push on the “+” and start selecting the numbers you want to get rid of. End it up with OK and you can take a deep nap after this hard work.



Ever heard the phrase “Time changes everything” and so your mind is no different. The irritating person yesterday may give you reasons to like them today and now the blocked status needs to get dumped from your phone.

If any survey is conducted on how many of the phone users have at least once blocked someone from calling them, I’m sure the poll would go above 80% for YES. And I can bet on this, more than 30% of them would agree to the fact that they unblocked the person again to give them another chance.

Fun fact is that Android holds a huge stake of 74.13% in the Mobile Operating System Market Share Worldwide.


To unblock the number use the same method written above respectively for your device. If you have asked your service provider to block the number, call the service desk again and ask to unblock or you can visit the same websites for the purpose.


I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How to block a number on the android issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone?

How to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone?

Life’s totally Unpredictable and you never know what happens to you, and when you’d require urgent care from someone in your family or friends (Medically or Otherwise). So for situations like these, Apple Released Emergency SOS Feature in iOS 11 which once triggered would send instant alerts to Your Local Emergency Services and would Send SMS with your current location to your emergency contacts. This feature that allows you to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone would really be helpful in a Real-Life Emergency.

Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone


Emergency SOS is the best for people who are Seriously prone to Seizures, Suffering from Heart Diseases, Allergies, Respiratory Diseases, Implanted Machines, etc which could create an emergency situation anytime. People with such medical complications often wear some bracelets, Rings, Pendants, etc to let the emergency team know about the patient’s medical complications, Blood Type, Allergies, People to Contact in such emergency case, etc so that it becomes easy for the Emergency team to start the treatment.

So with iPhones Emergency SOS Feature, Emergency Teams can access all these details just from your iPhone’s Lock Screen which is a lot more convenient for emergency Teams in an emergency situation than a Bracelet.

How to Add Emergency Contacts on Apple Devices?

On an iPhone, we can add A lot of information like Contact Information, Medical Informations, etc available on your Lockscreen very easily, and here’s how you do it:

How to Add Emergency Contacts:


  1. Open Health App which is preinstalled on all Apple devices and can’t be uninstalled.
  2. Now click on your profile picture.
  3. Now Open the Medical ID Tab.
  4. Click on Edit, and Scroll Down to Emergency Contacts.
  5. Now Click on the add button to add an emergency contact.
  6. Select a contact, then add their relationship. 
  7. Click on  Done to save your changes.

Note* You can’t Set Emergency Services like 911 as your Emergency Contact.

How to Remove Emergency Contacts:

  1. Open the Health app on your device. 
  2. Tap open your profile picture  
  3. Tap on Medical ID. 
  4. Tap on Edit, then scroll down to Emergency Contacts. 
  5. Tap on the delete button next to a contact which you want to remove, then tap Delete. 
  6. Tap on Done to save your changes.


How to call Emergency Services:

Here’s how you call emergency services from your iPhone 8 or Later:


  1. Press and long hold the Lock button on the side and one of the Volume buttons on your Apple Device until the Emergency SOS slider appears. 
  2. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to the right to call emergency services. If you keep holding the Lock button and Volume button, instead of Sliding the slider, a countdown begins with an alert sound. If you hold down the two buttons until the countdown ends, your iPhone will automatically call emergency services.

 Here’s how to call Emergency Services on an iPhone 7 or older: 

  1. Rapidly press the Lick button (On Side or On top) five times. The Emergency SOS slider will Pop Up. In India, you only have to press the Lock Button 3 Times in order to activate the SOS Slider.
  2. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to the right to call emergency services.

 After the SOS call ends, your iPhone Automatically sends your Emergency contacts an iMessage or text message with your current Device location, unless you Tap on cancel. In case your Location Services are off, They’ll automatically be turned on temporarily to send your location. And if your location changes then your Emergency Contacts will get notified with your new current location.

How to Stop Sharing Location

When your device is sharing Location, you’ll receive a notification every Four Hours for the next 24 hours. So in order to stop sharing Your Current Device location With your emergency contacts, Open the status bar on your Device and select ‘ Stop Sharing Emergency Location’.

 How to Turn Auto-Call On or Off


When Auto-call is enabled, and you enable Emergency SOS Mode, your device starts a countdown with a sound alert and then  automatically Calls The emergency services, and here’s how you disable it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap Open Emergency SOS 
  3. And then Turn Auto Call On or Off according to your preference.

So this was how to Add Emergency Contacts on your iOS Device. I hope this article will help you in case of some emergency. If you have any queries related to Emergency SOS on iPhone, feel free to ask in the comments down below for Quick resolution or visit support.apple.com for more info. 

Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below!


How To Factory Reset Airpods? Read And Learn.

How To Factory Reset Airpods? Read And Learn.

About Apple Airpods

Apple Airpods

So, we started our journey with big headphones to experience the fun of listening to music privately and exclusively. Those were so big in size in the past time that it was enough to cover your head skull full, you probably didn’t need any helmet if you wear it.

Then as time moved, our headphones got sleek and less heavy, giving us more reasons to love them even more. After this, earphones came into existence. Earphones were based on the same principle as headphones but these were more convenient as they get settled in the ear.

The new era brought us new innovations, wireless Bluetooth started taking the throne from earphones. Apple introduced its Airpods to feel the breeze of this change, in their own stylish Californian way.

Apple Airpods is a classic piece of technology, a symbol of superiority and a sense of entitlement over the best of all. The outer case itself feels like pure luxury, this case also serves as both charging unit & holder for the AirPods.

The AirPods are premium inbuilt quality and serves the best experience of sound while keeping the noise canceled in your ear by default. No matter if you call or listen to your favorite track, this airport performance will enhance the quality in minute details even.

So, if you like to run in the morning, take this companion with you. You don’t need to worry about falling off from the ears, as it weighs just 5.4gm and that’s almost weightless. IPX4 allows you to use these earphones without thinking twice, let the sweat and dust deal directly with the AirPods, they are capable enough to not to get affected anyway.

The back up of these AirPods is also impressive, so you can enjoy your own personal space wherever and whenever you want. After this, if you even run out of juice, just pick the case out and make the AirPods rest in it for a few minutes. See, they are ready to entertain you for some-more hours. Convenient, right?

For more information about the AirPods, you can visit https://www.apple.com/us/airpods/

Why Do We Need To Factory Reset Airpods? : Explained.

How To Factory Reset Airpods?

If the AirPods are so awesome to use in real, why anybody would need to factory reset them? Well, they are pretty cool and innovative for sure in the market, but that doesn’t make them step far from the range of gadgets. And as far as technical gadgets are in the talks, we just can’t ignore glitches and system failures.

In a problem like a connection, issue rises between your iPhone and AirPods, your first reaction would be to give your AirPods a reboot and try again to connect. If you still fail to resolve the issue, you are left with no option but to factory reset the AirPods.

If your AirPods keeps crashing and starts misbehaving in performance then you got to reset them, as this issue may come into action because of bugs between the phone and AirPods.

The factory reset should be considered if the AirPods are meant to connect to the other device other than your usual iPhone. However, you always have to option to forget the device from your iPhone but it’s recommended to factory reset the AirPods to their custom settings before joining other devices.

Procedure To Reset The Airpods.

The procedure to factory reset the AirPods is quite simple and doesn’t need your iPhone to do a single effort even.

To perform the task, follow the procedure written stepwise down below.

Procedure To Reset The Airpods

Step 1: Open the case of AirPods and keep the iPhone near to it. A window will pop up in the iPhone, showing the AirPods getting connected.

Step 2: Now find an almost invisible button behind the downside of the case. It’s almost hidden because that button is exclusively for resetting the AirPods, and hence you won’t need it much.

Press and hold the button for 10 seconds.

Step 3: You will notice the amber light will first get solid and then it will turn red and start flashing. This is the indicator that the AirPods are factory reset now.

Now you will notice that your iPhone can no longer recognize the AirPods.

That’s it.

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