Macbook Pro Black Screen – Here is the Real Fix [Updated Instructions]

Macbook Pro Black Screen – Here is the Real Fix [Updated Instructions]

Macbook Pro Screen Black Try to Fix It

Today we are going to learn simple methods to fix macbook pro black screen in less time. However, I have recently got most of the users claiming about their issue macbook pro black screen and unable to solve. If in that case, do not get worried. This is because I am going to help you. At times, Mac users get this type of error especially when they wake their Mac from a sleep state. It means when you make an attempt to open the Macbook lid, the screen stays black.

Even though you update towards latest version, you can see this macbook pro black screen issue sometimes. Never be panic as if you face such issue, can solve by considering following methods without any fail. The major reasons that your Mac goes black might be due to third-party apps which are expanded on the screen, recently upgraded OS, corrupted display and energy settings and when cables are not connected. All these cause the macbook pro black screen issue.

macbook pro black screen

How to Fix macbook pro black screen in Simple Methods

Well, now I am going to give different methods that help you to fix macbook pro black screen without any fail. All the thing you have to follow according to the instructions and fix macbook pro screen black immediately once you notice it. Not getting a black screen, did you notice it as Mac white screen? How can you turn on? Simply get back to this.

  • Crosscheck the Screen brightness and Power
  • Power Off and On the Mac.
  • Reset SMC, and NVRAM
  • Reinstall MacOs
  • Contact Nearby Support

As I said before, you need to contact nearby customer support when you failed to fix with first 4 methods. If you unable to understand the whole process, contact us so that we guide you to fix in a very short time period.

Crosscheck Screen Brightness and Power

As it is simple and easy to verify, make sure you have done the same as shown below.


  • First, turn the screen brightness very well.
  • And be sure that your Mac is turned on.
  • If the mac is usually making use of the external display, see that display is powered on.
  • And crosscheck that the Mac is plugged into the power source/to the laptop or else battery might be drained.

Even after the brightness turned down/ system is off or does it is in sleep mode. Remember as simply turning the brightness on or turning the mac on will highly resolve these type of issues. If you failed to turn on black screen macbook pro, go for the second method which is showcased below.

Power the Mac Off and again Turn On

MacBook pro won’t turn on black screen? How can I fix? This is another simple method.But not the unused method. As when you turn off your Mac, and again turned it to On. This automatically allows you to regain the whole access to the system and better enough to resolve the black screen. Also,k you can do the reboot by following the below instructions.


  • First simply hold down the power button available on the Mac. This is until your system shuts down.
  • And now wait for few seconds and hold down the power button on the Mac until it boots back again successfully.

At times, rebooting the Mac is very much better enough to fix the macbook pro screen goes black issue full-fledged.

 Reset SMC, and NVRAM

If your Mac is repeatedly getting stuck on one and only black screen especially when it is waking from sleep, you have to reset all the onboard power management and NVRAM respectively. From the modern MacBook Pro systems, all the considerable steps to perform both SMS and also NVRAM reset can have a look below without any fail.


  • Firstly, turn off the Mac.
  • Disconnect the power cable.
  • And now hold the shift+Control+Option and then power button altogether for around 12 seconds.
  • Now release all the keys at the same time, and now hold down the Command+Option+P+R Keys for several seconds and in turn resets the NVRAM successfully.

Resetting the both SMC and NVRAM is a common troubleshooting trick applicable to many power and display issues. In turn you will be successful by fixing macbook pro black screen in a perfect way.

Reinstall MacOs

For suppose, if you reset SMS and NVRAM, turned up all the brightness and ensure as the system is in On, it is going to still appear as a black screen continuously. You need to reinstall MacOS Sierra and reinstall without formatting the system though it always will be the better idea to backup successfully.


Contact Nearby Support

Done with all the above methods? Failed to Fix?  Then there is only one possible way where you need to contact the nearby team and explain your macbook pro screen goes black issue. As we all know, this is one of the hardware issues, they help by resolving in a better and convenient way. Similarly, if you get and fail to fix Mac Keyboard and trackpad Not Working issue, here you can try it out.


However, by contacting them will be better who solve and make it perfectly work ever and ever. So never hesitate to contact and explain them. Let me know whether the macbook pro screen wont turn on issue has solved or can take our help for better guidance and support irrespective of time.

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Final Verdict

As a result, I hope all the above methods worked well to fix macbook pro black screen fix issue. If not, contact us immediately for better guidance and support. Also, if you have any doubts, can drop down in the comment box. So that we reach you in short. Like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay back to the PhoneGnome for more updates.

How to Force Quit Mac in Simple Way Updated Now [Perfect Solutions]

How to Force Quit Mac in Simple Way Updated Now [Perfect Solutions]

How to force quit on a mac

How to force quit mac in a simple way? Are there any shortcuts to do so? Is the app failing to respond to any of the input?  If in that case, you need to forcibly quit the application. Today I am going to explain how to force quit mac in simple and most possible ways.

Whatever might be, with the help of Mac OS X, you are going to find a way thatforce quit mac out the app very well. There are shortcuts which help especially in the emergency situations. So shall we go right now to learn and perform force close mac? If yes here we go.

how to force quit mac

How to Force Quit Mac With Simple Methods

Follow the below process which helps you mac force quit very fast and also in an accurate way. To learn them for how to force quit mac, here we go.


  • Use Keyboard Shortcut Force Quit applications.
  • Force Quit Currently Active Mac App through Keyboard.
  • Force Quit apps from the dock.
  • Do force quit from Apple Menu.
  • Use Activity Monitor
  • Use the Terminal and Kill Command

Usually, to quit the mac app normally, You need to choose Quit from the app’s menu bar or else you have to tap on Command (⌘)-Q. Still, if it doesn’t quit, follow the instructions given for above simple methods.

Use Keyboard Shortcut Force Quit Applications

how to force quit mac? While starting with the best and easiest will be system-wide force quit function. All the thing you have to do is tap on Command+Option+Escape from anywhere. This is all to bring up the simple Force Quit Applications window and click on the respective app name to select. However, it is all followed by clicking Force Quit button and then ending it up- immediately.


As such the force quit keyboard shortcut will act like the best combination while quitting apps in Mac OS X. Make a note as all this can access through the keystroke itself. Just select and mac force quit the multiple apps when it is necessary.

Force Quit Currently Active Mac App through Keyboard

how to force quit on a mac? In order to do so, hold the Command+Option+Shift+Escape for a second or till the app get discloses. Be sure as you really looking forward to forcing quit. Because whatever the app, if you perform that command, it quit in several seconds.Usually, this might know by several users but is the quickest method compare to others. All the users reviewed it as very good command and much helpful for force close mac.

Force Quit apps from the dock

So now we learn how to force Quit apps from the dock in a better/ simple way. To do so, Choose Option+Right Click on the app icon in the respective dock.


All this to bring the option and selecting this will kill the app without any confirmation. Doing this help you to quit the respective app from the dock in a more easy and possible way.

Do force quit from Apple Menu

how to force close on mac? This is one more possible shortcut key used to force quit successfully. Just simply hold the shift key and then click on Apple menu in order to find Force quit Application name.


This process is bit easier but not most powerful method. At times, the application is completely unresponsive and menus will be inaccessible. Never mind and hesitate to use this easy and simple process.

Use Activity Monitor

Before using Activity Monitor, what exactly it means? How does it help us? The Acti8vity Monitor is the most powerful way that employes to force quit any of the application/task/daemon/process running on the Mac OS X. Unable to get?/ have a doubt on its whereabouts? All this can find it in/ Applications/ Utilities/ or open through Spotlight with the help of mac force quit shortcut Command+ Space.


Now type Activity Monitor and its return key. As such, using this is very much easy. Select the process name or ID which you prefer to kill and then tap on quit process. finally, you are done!!!!

Use the Terminal and Kill Command

how to force quit an app on mac? This might be the last method which helps to quit by issuing all the low level kill command. And now launch the terminal where you are required to type the following force quit mac shortcut.



killall [processname]


For instance, let us consider a small example, “killall Safari”, that works to kill all the instances of the respective Safari process. Well, if you know the exact process id, and you likely to find with the ps or ‘ps aux’ command. Only the thing to perform that process, and finally apply the below command.



kill -9 [pid]


All these commands will take out all the files like infected one, honoring versions, window Restore, Autosave and are cautious relate to potential data loss. So finally, simply have a look and pick your own method to make it force quit successfully.

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Final Words

I hope you are cleared of all the details how to force quit mac shown here. For instance, if you have any doubts how to force quit in mac, simply drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends/ word of mouth/ also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. As a result, Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more updates.

Your Startup Disk is Almost Full – How to Fix it Using Simple Methods

Your Startup Disk is Almost Full – How to Fix it Using Simple Methods

How to Fix if Your Startup Disk is Almost Full

Today We are going to learn how to clean startup disk on Macbook/ your startup disk is almost full message? Why we get the disk full all the time? All the files and programs when you use will be saved to the respective Startup disk. Am I right? Continuously storing all the files to one place at times lead to disk full issue. While if you have an iCloud account, the user will have an option to save all the files but basically any of the application, picture, song or video will be stored on your startup disk.

This is all doing through the normal usage. Make a note as the smaller the drive and if more files, get the message as Your startup disk is almost full message prompt on the page. Is this not a bad news!!!! The hard disk should never get 85% capacity as you experience all its slowness and errors which you get above the mark. If it is full, you will get the message of warning through Mac and this might be the serious indication which needs to free up space instantly. So now we go learn to clean up your startup disk is almost full in different ways.

your startup disk is almost full

Your Startup Disk Is Almost Full-Fix it.

Let us go and learn by applying different methods for your startup disk is almost full and in different ways. All this give you an idea to fix in a more simple and easy way.

  • Clean up cache files on Mac.
  • Get rid of all the localization files.
  • Delete old iTunes Library backups
  • Remove old iOS backups
  • Remove iOS Software Updates
  • How to archive/compress a file

Clean up Cache Files on Mac

Well, how to see what’s taking up space on mac? The Cache files are the one that helps the mac to run all the programs in a more smoother way. You can assume them like a blueprint for the house. All these caches can start to take a space. And in turn, help in providing freeing up space. Doing this, it completely refreshes. And to clear out all the cache,


  • Open the Finder window and select Go available in the menu bar.
  • Now click on “Go to folder” with no second thought.
  • You are requested to type as ~/Library/Caches.
  • Delete all the files which have taken more space. And then click on Go to Folder.
  • Type again /Library/Caches respectively.
  • And again finally delete all the folders that take up a lot of space.

Deleting all the files that take more space will be very much safe for the Mac. Once you delete, all the applications you run on Mac will generate fresh always. Once you are done, restart the Mac so that can create all the cache files.

Get rid of localization files For Startup Disk Full Issue

These localization files are also known as language packs. When you have a lot of apps come with other languages which actually you won’t need. So to delete, follow the below path.


  • Open the Finder window.
  • Go to the applications.
  • Ctrl+Click on Application.
  • And now select show package contents.
  • After that go to Contents-> from there resources and then look for the files which are ending at .lproj.

Delete old iTunes Library backups

How to free up space on mac? In general, all the recent versions of iTunes create the backups of all your iTunes library. Then is when you really update the application. However, can trash all the old iTunes Library backup by the following path.


  • The very first Open the Finder window.
  • Therefore, by clicking Go to the menu bar available at the top left of the screen.
  • Choose Go to a folder and by entering into it, and type ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries without any fail.

Remove old iOS Backups

All the backups will tend to take a lot of space. Any of you can find and remove them by applying all the below instructions.


  • Firstly, launch the finder window.
  • Now click on Go in the menu bar.
  • As such selecting Go to the folder, simply type ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.
  • As a result, this is all to get rid of all the old, outdated backups your Mac and has been stored for the extra space. So that all your startup disk is an almost full issue will be cleared in a short notice period.

Remove iOS software updates

Does Your mac system taking up too much space? Follow the below instructions to remove the iOS Software updates. Or these are even applicable to how to see what’s taking up space on mac in a perfect way.


  • The first step, open the Finder.
  • Select Go to the menu bar.
  • Just click on Go to the folder.

And now enter for iPad as  ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates. If in the case to enter on iPhone, type ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates without any fail.

Delete all the downloaded files for any of the devices that you have never used anymore. Or else delete the Software which is already updated.

How to Archive/Compress a file

In order to turn the large files into smaller one, you will usually compress it. So by doing all the files to archive,  you will be clearing all the space. This process is very much essential when you like to free up space on our hard drive. Also, simply do the following.


  • Ctrl+click  the file you need to compress which is usually recommended for all the movie files.
  • And now select compress.

Finally, I Hope all these methods help you to clear a confusion related to what’s taking up space on my mac and free up all the space provided on Mac. So you can try it up and eliminate all the unnecessary things to get a free space on your respective hard drive.


As a result, I hope you are cleared of all the details provided for your startup disk is almost full message from here. Follow all the instructions carefully to free up space on hard drive. For more doubts, dro a comment on the below section. Also, if you like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Therefore, Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

iPhone 6 freezing Continuously!!! Fix it using Simple and Easy Methods

iPhone 6 freezing Continuously!!! Fix it using Simple and Easy Methods

iPhone 6 freezing

For all those who all are searching the perfect solution for iPhone 6 freezing, do not get stressed out unnecessarily. I am here to help to solve iPhone 6 keeps freezing in simple and understandable format. All the thing you have to do is try out all these methods and solve instead of going nearby Apple support. If the issue is small, then doing so is completely waste of time.

Usually, the Apple update was aimed at the making iDevices perform better and smarter compare to others. This, in turn, promising to provide the better experience to each and every user respectively. Also, integrates the number of patches for fixing all the issues like iPhone 6 screen freezes that encounter on the device.

iphone 6 freezing

Fix iPhone 6 freezing Issue With Simple Methods:

Well, let us now focus on certain methods that help to wash out the iPhone 6 freezes issue in a very short period of time. Just have a look, pick the one and try out without any fail.

  • Perform the Soft Reset.
  • Reset all Settings
  • Uninstall all the unnecessary apps.
  • Turn the Mobile Data on and off.
  • Perform a DFU mode

So are you ready to go right now with me to fix my iPhone 6 keeps freezing? Here we go.

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1) Perform the Soft Reset:

Try to reboot and maintain it to run in a very smoother way. This is one of the most simple processes that deal with a number of issues in a more successful way. S as a result, to perform on your iPhone, hold the Sleep/wake button for a while till the whole slider appears. Just select the option in order to power off. Wait for a while and press the same in order to turn back on. Make a note as after doing a soft reset, it does not erase the content or data through the iPhone. All this is the safe process.


When you don’t have a chance to reboot the iPhone, perform the force restart. And then hold the power button and home button for at least 10-15 seconds till you see the logo appearing on the screen. For suppose, if it appears the same iPhone 6 freezing issue, reboot again.

2) Reset All Settings:

Resetting all the settings will restore to the factory defaults including a number of preferences like 


So now go to the Settings-> General-> Reset and finally click on the Reset all settings. Click on it twice for confirming the action. Once the process is done, iPhone will be rebooting very well.

If the issue iPhone keeps freezing encounters once you installed any kind of third-party app on your device, need to disable temporarily or delete all such faulty apps. After doing so, reboot with no second thought.


Also, has a possibility due to the recent apps installed on your device. Try to recall the apps you installed on your mobile.

4) Turn the Mobile Data to ON and OFF:

The iPhone might get crash and restart on its own. So there might be a chance to obtain temporarily fix phone keeps freezing iPhone 6 with all the background work. Well, follow the path provided in clear and understandable format.


  • Go to Settings-> Cellular-> Cellular data in order to turn it successfully ON.
  • Reboot the phone and turn it to off once again.

Also, Have a Look at iPhone 6 home button not working

The DFU mode is a type of the state where your phone can able to contact the iTunes even though it does not completely turn on. All the iTunes program will attempt to preserving all the settings and contents too while performing an update or restoring the iPhone to the DFU mode respectively. Follow the below steps carefully and start working on iPhone 6 freezing issue.


  • The first step you need to connect the iPhone to the system through the OEM or apple provided with USB cable. You have to make sure as it must and should running all the latest iTunes version only.
  • While the iPhone getting connected with it, press and hold both power and home buttons.
  • Release both the keys once you see the iTunes logo and lightning cable on iTunes.
  • Select update in order to proceed with the firmware update or else restore from the backup.
  • But remember one thing as selecting the restore option will erase the whole thing and also the contents of the device. So make a backup if required.


Well, I hope you are cleared about the whole concept iPhone 6 freezing provided here. Also, if you like the iPhone 6 freezing up article, share with friends and also on social networking sites with no second thought. Moreover, feel free to share all the information on my iPhone keeps freezing issue with us.

If you get any doubts, drop a comment on the below section undoubtedly. Thank you. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting news.

[Fixed] My iPhone 7 won’t turn on.

[Fixed] My iPhone 7 won’t turn on.

iphone 7 won’t turn on

Usually, in more recent times, most of all have claimed complaints on the basis of iPhone 7 won’t turn on troubleshooting issue. This might be due to the cause of fluctuations in power/any. As per my analysis, I have come with few fixes.

So follow us and get the perfect solution in a very short period of time. Before going to the fixes, like to know what exactly the reason behind causing such issue? Well, it might be a drain issue/firmware or any. Do not get worried about iPhone 7 won’t turn on the issue. Because I am going to help you in getting rid out of this.

iphone 7 won't turn on

Well, if you are iphone 7 won’t turn on, that might be the minor issue. Try out these methods provided in clear and better understandable format in order to fix iPhone won’t turn on the issue.

  • Crosscheck as it is not a System Crash
  • Check for physical and liquid damage.
  • Repair your iPhone.

Hope you can get easily come out from the issue by trying these methods. Even though if you face the same can contact the nearby Apple support team representative.

How to fix a phone that won’t turn on When system crash:


  • The very first you have to press both the volume down button and also the power key which usually takes around 15-20 seconds.
  • For suppose, if you have enough battery power then it definitely turns on showcasing apple logo on the screen.
  • After doing so, just release both the keys and wait till the whole device reboots successfully.

This process can also be called as a soft reset. However, if still, it goes unresponded situation, follow the other methods shown below.


  • Check out all the pins in a perfect way.
  • Also, try using a different charger.

Cross check for physical and liquid damage

my iPhone 7 won’t turn on? First of all, analyze the problem and identify what exactly the reason behind the cause. This might be at times due to the phone fell in the water even though has the IP67 rating. And also, there might be a great chance that it suffers from physical damage/ any liquid damage. For suppose, if it is the physical damage, you can notice a crack on outside respectively.


If it’s a liquid damage, analyze as your iphone got dipped into a water/ some other liquid. And this might be a bit complicated one. so need to take some primitive measures for iphone 7 screen wont turn on before it gets a liquid damage.

Repair Options For When your iPhone Won’t Turn On

Ifr supposes the phone has a warranty, there might be no problem to cover any issue. Apple usually cover the repair for no charge when exactly it is on warranty period. So when you failed to solve the issue, go to the nearby Apple support so that they help to the greater extent.


Remember the problem must and should be solved when it is minor only. Other may lead to a bigger problem. So no waste of time. Contact not and get the perfect solution that clears out the whole problem in a very small period of time.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are cleared about the whole iPhone 7 won’t turn on. If you have any doubts, just drop a comment in the below section. Also, if you like the article iPhone 7 won’t turn off, share with friends or also on social networking sites undoubtedly. However, feel free to share all your opinion. Thank you. Stay in touch with fixguriji for more real and perfect fixes.

iPhone 6s Battery Issues: Fix it Right Now with a Perfect Solution

iPhone 6s Battery Issues: Fix it Right Now with a Perfect Solution

iPhone 6s battery Drain

Usually, as per the recent reports, most of all the users claimed related to iPhone 6s battery issues. If you notice, Apple has announced as if the product goes faulty, will definitely replace with newer one within the warranty period. Is this not a good news for the iPhone 6s users??????? Well, whoever has found their device shutting down at regular intervals, make a note of it.

However, the Apple is offering iPhone 6s replacement service worldwide. So no matter where you are, once if you have found iPhone 6s battery drain, can replace for free with no second thought. Also, these iPhone 6s battery issues encounter when you upgraded your phone. So here is the best solution that helps you to fix iPhone 6s battery in a very short notice period. So are you not excited to solve right now? Here we go.

iphone 6s battery issues

How to Fix iPhone 6s battery issues

Well, let me tell you, If you follow us, then here is the real fix. Just simply have a look and implement to fix iPhone 6s battery problem in a very short notice period.

  • Crosscheck the Battery.
  • Location Services.
  • Visual effects, Hey Siri, Auto-Lock and Screen Brightness.
  • Replacement.

Hope you will try out these by saving all your money and time before reaching Apple Support.

Cross check the Whole Battery

Just scroll down for checking the battery’s usage and a standby position. And then you will also notice one of the apps bugging out in the background. Is that possible? Yes, of course, for every regular update, this happens to the greater extent. This is because while the update is going on, all the apps scramble to get set with the new operating system. Let us go for the process provided in simple steps.


  • The first step, go to the Settings-> battery.
  • Scroll down so that will find some numbers, one is for standby and other is meant for usage. There the usage number must and should be lower than standby number. If it does not show the same, then try by performing next step.
  • Jot down the Standby and usage for multiple times and then click on lock button available on your phone.
  • Wait for some time and then cross check again.
  • If your Standby time is more than five minutes, it is well good. But if the usage time has been shown more than the minute, then make a note as this is the sign that the phone is not resetting as done before.
  • So when the app is the cause of the iPhone 6s battery issues, this is none other than malfunctioning. And in turn, it is draining the whole battery power. So uninstall and restart the mobile without any second thought.

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Location Services


  • Verify location services available under the settings or privacy to see whether all the apps are draining battery life or not.
  • Usually, location services use GPS, Bluetooth, cell tower locations and crowd-sourced hot-spots in order to place the phone on a map respectively. And this might be one of the reasons behind the  iphone 6 battery issues/ iphone 6s battery problems.
  • To get rid of this, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Location services, in order to customize the app spending much effort on the location.
  • Most of all the times, they were set to default. And at the end, you can see the system services exactly what used your location in the last 24 hours. So toggle all those apps to off for getting rid of the iphone 6s problems.

Visual Effects, Auto lock, and screen brightness


This is one of the possible ways to reduce the iphone 6s battery life issue in a simple and quick way. For this, just swipe up the notification bar available on your mobile and use slider in control center for reducing the overall screen brightness.

  • Go to Settings-> Siri and then search.
  • From the screen motion and the brightness, start with all the visual effects. And now you are requested to go for settings-> General-> Accessibility and then reduce the motion. Now just tap on the toggle switch and then turn on for reducing motion respectively.

And all this might reduce the iphone 6s battery issues to the greater extent.

Battery Replacement


This might probably be the last step. So before going to, just crosscheck whether the iphone6S is eligible for a free battery replacement or no. And then try to backup all the data either on PC or to the iCloud respectively. You should also turn off find my iphone and then erase both data and settings. As such can restore it later.

  • While you hand over to the Apple Support, they try to fix the iphone 6s battery life sucks issue. And make a note the issue must be solved very soon rather than lagging it all around.
  • Even though the Apple support team fixed the issue, facing the same iphone 6s battery drains fast problem again and again. Then it should definitely get replaced with the newer one.
  • So just visit the Apple Support and hand over the mobile to replace with the newer one.
  • If you have done before the warranty period gets complete, then there might be a chance of getting new batter for free.
  • Otherwise, should afford some to fix the iPhone 6s battery life slows down issue right now.

Try to fix before as this should not lead to the bigger issue.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are cleared of all the battery life iPhone 6s issue provided here. If you have any doubts related to battery life on iphone 6s, drop a comment on the below section without any fail. Moreover, feel free to share all your opinion of battery life of iphone 6s issue irrespective of time. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay back to PhoneGnome for more interesting updates.