iPhone won’t Restore In Recovery Mode? Here’s A Quick Fix!

iPhone won’t Restore In Recovery Mode? Here’s A Quick Fix!

A lot of times our iPhones run into trouble and might need to be restored or it might just be because of our personal wish. In such a time, we might seek the help of recovery mode. But what if it doesn’t work too? In such a case, you might start to worry over what to do next but it isn’t really such a big deal. Handling this issue just needs a little knowledge on the topic.

There are a lot of websites out there trying to provide information on the topic but most of them have inaccurate and insufficient information available which makes the resolution much more challenging. Even Apple’s original support website doesn’t have complete information which makes it difficult for the users to process it.

This issue may arise due to hardware glitches as well as software glitches and isn’t a very problematic thing to experience as it has some speedy resolution. All you need to do is follow the information correctly and you might be able to resolve the issue.

iPhone Won’t Restore in Recovery Mode

#1. Update iTunes

Sometimes it may happen that your iTunes stops working correctly, this can be resolved by simply providing iTunes a software update on your PC. This happens a lot when your device is running an older version of the iTunes software so sometimes updating it to the latest available version will be helpful.

Checking for updates on a Mac

This can be done quite easily by following the given step:Check for iTunes updates

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Click on iTunes at the top toolbar on the left.
  3. Now select “Check for updates”.

Now iTunes will check and notify if you need to update the iTunes on your Mac or not.

Checking for updates on a Windows PC

The process isn’t too different so just follow the given steps:

  1. Launch iTunes.
  2. Click on the “Help” button on the windows menu bar.
  3. Then from the drop-down menu, select “Check for updates”.

Now just like on a Mac, iTunes will check for any available updates and notify you through a prompt.

#2. Rebooting your PC

This is obviously the simplest solution to any minor software performance glitches. By rebooting your PC, you allow everything to be set back to normal as the PC reboots with a fresh palette. Thus, rebooting the PC and trying again might be a great option too.

#3. Hard-resetting the iPhone while plugged into PC

This becomes necessary when your phone stops responding or runs into a minor software glitch. At such a time, cutting off all power from your device in order to restart it freshly is a great option. This simply means all the power running through the device from the battery is cut off so the device goes off completely.

In this case, we will perform this hard reset while keeping the iPhone connected to the PC. To carry out this task, follow the given steps depending on your iPhone:

  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: hold the volume down button along with the power button at the same time and release them when you start seeing the Apple logo.
  • iPhone 8 and newer: in a quick manner, press the volume button and release it, then press the volume down button and release it then hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

#4. Try using a different lightning cable, USB port or computerUSB cable

The restore might be declined due to certain faults in the lightning cable, the USB port or even the Computer system that you are using. So in order to avoid this issue, try changing the USB cable at first and then try checking different ports of the given computer. If it still doesn’t work then try using a different computer itself.

#5. Try DFU RestoreTry DFU Restore

When everything else fails, DFU restore can bring you the right treatment in your hand. You can rely on it as it will completely erase your device and give you an entirely clean slate. This will help any user to get through the toughest hour with utmost easy due to the tendency of DFU restore to provide exactly what a user needs. It may even provide you a repair that might fix the restoration ability of your device.

I hope I was able to help you understand the issue and its major and minor fixes. If the error still hasn’t resolved then there might be a hardware issue with your device which may need to be checked by a technician. Try taking your iPhone to an Apple technician or try contacting Apple support. If there are any further queries, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please like our post.

Troubleshooting “iPhone Speaker Not Working”

Troubleshooting “iPhone Speaker Not Working”

iPhones are brilliant and really powerful devices and somehow gain power over all the things we do in our daily life. They help us set reminders, alarms, check the calendar, make a note, and a lot more of things just on the touch of a finger. They make our lives easier and due to Siri, they can even give us the experience of communicating with a friend.

All these things are great but our life really crashes into a big boulder when something goes wrong to our iPhone. The problem may be major but it can also be a minor glitch. We can never know that with absolute certainty unless we try troubleshooting the issue.

One such issue is considered the malfunctioning of the speakers of your iPhone. This can happen to anyone and its indication is that the speaker might not give out any sound at all or produces distorted sound. In such a case, the problem can be due to human error, a minor glitch or a major issue that might lead to the replacement of the speakers itself.

Checking and fixing the iPhone Speaker not working issue

Follow the given steps to check if there is an issue that you are concerned about and if there is then the resolution of it will be discussed along with it.

#1. Try checking for Volume and Ringer

It is the simplest explanation and resolution of your problem and can be checked pretty easily. This revolves around the ringer volume of the iPhone and the extra switch provided at the side of iPhones to mute them.

If the mute switch is turned on then that might the reason why your iPhone doesn’t ring or produce any sounds. This can be resolved simply by pushing the switch to turn on the ringer. If the ringer is on and you still aren’t getting any sounds then it might be due to the volume of your device. Use the volume up button to turn up the volume and you will be able to hear sounds again.

iPhone Speaker not working

#2. Check if the iPhone is stuck in Headphones mode

This happens more often than you can think. Sometimes it is due to an internal glitch or damage but it can even be due to our carelessness of leaving our earphones or headphones plugged into our iPhone. So we must first check what the reason behind this is and then take the right step. If this is happening even when headsets aren’t plugged in then you might need to look through the issue.

#3. Turn Off Bluetooth

It might sometimes happen that you leave the Bluetooth of your iPhone on and it automatically gets connected to a speaker or any other audio device and it is an obvious thing that any iPhone can’t play audios into two places at a time. This is why your device isn’t able to play any audio as it is currently connected to another device via Bluetooth.

You can disconnect this device from your iPhone and you might see that the speaker starts working fine and if it still doesn’t work then the best thing you can do before testing the speakers again is that you can turn off the Bluetooth which will automatically disconnect all the devices.

iPhone is stuck in Headphones mode

#4. Check for the Audio Output Settings

This is for the same reason that we needed to turn off the Bluetooth of our iPhone because just like devices connecting via Bluetooth, devices can also connect to an external speaker or any other audio device through AirPlay without getting into our knowledge. In such a case, the audio output settings need to be switched to the inbuilt speaker of your iPhone instead of the AirPlay speaker.

To do this, you need the follow the given steps:

  1. Go to the control center.
  2. Click on the upper right part of the music playback control.
  3. You might need to click on the AirPlay icon in the upper right corner of the options for audio output aren’t visible straight away.
  4. Select iPhone and you will be able to hear sounds again.

#5. Restart your device

If none of the above steps have worked then there probably is a minor software glitch that might be preventing the speakers from working. This is why your iPhones need to reboot in order to regain their functionality. You can do this either by simply rebooting it or just shutting it down and turning it on again.

But you must remember that this isn’t probably the final solution as it tends to solve a lot of problems but it won’t be of any help in case of hardware damage to your iPhone. However, you must try this as it might narrow down your certainty to the reason behind this issue.

iphone logo on screen

#6. Update the Operating System of your iPhone

Sometimes problems may arise when your iOS isn’t up to date with the current version of the software available which might cause an error in making the different components of your iPhone to work. This is why updating your OS is a pretty great option to try on as it might be the solution to your problems. If the iPhone speaker of your iPhone still doesn’t work after updating the software then there might be hardware damage that you will need to get checked by a certified technician.

I hope I was able to help you check the problems with your iPhone speaker and successfully fix it. If the issues still persist, please take your device to an Apple store or contact Apple support. If there are any further queries, please drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.

How To know If A Contact Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

How To know If A Contact Has Blocked You On WhatsApp

In the past decade, social media has become an important part of our lives. We have come to a position where we can’t even spend a day without it. And since the arrival of WhatsApp, which rendered normal messaging useless, people have been quite excited that they can enjoy the freedom of communicating with their loved ones through a single application whether it is a text message, a video call or a voice call.

WhatsApp has provided us with a lot of great features along with some security features as well. One such feature is that you may block a contact if you are no longer in contact with them if you don’t wish to be in contact with them or even if a stranger is trying to contact you out of nowhere and you don’t wish to talk.

It is safe to say that humans are impulsive creatures. We sometimes block people when we’re angry and may even get blocked by others if we offend them. It might even happen that we get blocked when we text a stranger by mistake or any similar situations. In this case, we definitely wish to know if we’re surely blocked or is it just our paranoia and there is a simple solution to do so.

How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp for sure

If you think that you’ve been blocked by someone and wish to gain complete certainty on the topic then follow the given steps:

#1. Check for Last Seen

Check for Last Seen

If you think that someone has blocked you, go to their chat window and check if you can see their last seen. Also, you will be able to see if they are online at the moment if they haven’t blocked you. In case they have privacy settings turned on where others can’t see the last seen then you would have to rely solely on the “Online” sign at the place of the last seen. If you can’t see the last seen of the person then don’t be discouraged as it may be due to the privacy settings of that contact.

#2. Look for updates on the Contact’s ProfileLook for updates on the Contact’s Profile

If you have been blocked by a contact, go to their profile and check for the information visible over there. If you can see the status of that person, then you aren’t blocked but if it isn’t visible to you then you might be. The privacy settings play a very important role in this as well because if the person wants to hide their status, he/she can obviously do that.

Another thing to look for on the profile is the display picture. If you can see the display picture of the contact then you might not have been blocked but if it isn’t visible then that might be something to note. Again, by using the privacy settings, a person can hide their profile picture so you must remain positive. Also, you should remember that sometimes it might happen that the picture might be visible but doesn’t change for a long period of time, this might be a sign of being blocked as well.How to know if someone blocked you on WhatsApp

#3. Send a Message to the ContactSend a Message to the Contact

It might be possible that you feel like you’re blocked after following the above two steps so you can try doing this in order to gain more surety on the topic. What you need to do is just text the contact. If the texts are sent but don’t get delivered or read for a very long time then it might indicate that you are blocked. This means that if there is just a single tick on your message for a long time then you might be blocked.

One thing you can do to figure out if this is working or not is that you can talk to a mutual friend who might be able to tell that the person has come online or not. If the person has come online and yet your texts haven’t been delivered then it might point straight to the fact that you are blocked.How to know if a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp

#4. Call the Particular ContactCall the Particular Contact

Now, if even texting doesn’t work, then try calling the contact on WhatsApp. If you are blocked then your call won’t even be patched through. This means that you will see “Calling…” on the screen but it won’t turn into “Ringing”. But even if this reflects negatively, remember that it could just be because of a network issue and there might not really be something to be worried about.calling the contact on WhatsApp

#5. Try Creating a WhatsApp Group with that ContactTry Creating a WhatsApp Group with that Contact

Use this step as the last resort if you wish to find out whether you are blocked or not. This will make it crystal clear if you are blocked or not because WhatsApp has a guideline that you cannot add a person to any group if that person has blocked you. So if you try adding that person to a group then you will receive a prompt that will tell you that the action is forbidden. This is how you would be able to know for sure that you are blocked.

I hope I was able to address your query of checking if you are blocked or not. If there are any further doubts on the topic then you may visit WhatsApp’s official website for support or you can drop a comment below. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post.

iPhone Not Connecting To WiFi? Here’s A Quick Resolution!

iPhone Not Connecting To WiFi? Here’s A Quick Resolution!

In today’s fast world, the internet means everything to us. Whether we wish to resolve a query, shop for something we need or want, communicate with our friends and family, or even if we wish to order food. There are plenty more of our needs tide to the internet which is why staying connected in necessary.

But how will we stay connected if our iPhone doesn’t connect to the WiFi? This is what a lot of people have been experiencing nowadays as their iPhones aren’t able to connect to WiFi which impacts our daily lives directly. But that’s not something to worry about. We can simply get this done by first understanding the issue and then troubleshooting it with the utmost precision.

There is more than just one side to this issue which means that it may not be your cellphone’s fault but only depends on your router while in some cases it might just be your cellphone. But over here we will just be discussing the resolution of this issue from your iPhone because the router can be set back to normal functioning just by factory resetting it.

iPhone Won’t Connect To WiFi: SolutioniPhone Won't Connect To WiFi

Before getting into the technicalities of this issue, you must check whether the issue is with a single Wi-Fi or if it isn’t connecting to any Wi-Fi at all. If after doing this you are able to connect to some other network then there might be no hardware defaults which might narrow it down to less disturbing problems.

Now the first thing to try out is to reboot your iPhone as well as your router. This can be done by first switching off your phone and then turning it on again and then switching off your router by pulling the power plug and then putting it back. Then turn it on again and try connecting the iPhone again which works for a lot of people, thus being the simplest way possible to resolve the issue.

When the iPhone connects to other WiFi networks

When this happens it’s definitely a small default in the connection which is not allowing the connection to be formed. In such a case, we can do a very simple thing to surpass it.

Restarting your WiFiRestarting your WiFi

This can be done by simply visiting the settings of your iPhone and then switching the toggle next to Wi-Fi to turn it off and then back on again. By doing this, you provide a fresh chance to your iPhone for establishing a connection and allowing it to be less stressed about it. You can simply connect to your desired network after restarting the Wi-Fi.

Delete all the Recognized Wi-Fi networks from your iPhone

An iPhone or any other device is bound to have a certain limit to which they can connect to other devices. Once they are connected to more devices that they are allowed to remember, the connection process stops. This means that the device won’t be able to connect to any other Wi-Fi networks anymore. So to delete all the Wi-Fi networks, follow the given steps:Recognized Wi-Fi networks from your iPhone

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to general.
  3. Click on reset and select “Reset Network Settings”.

This will disconnect all the network data on your iPhone and you will be able to connect to the networks again but you need to remember the fact that the Wi-Fi networks that are deleted will have to be connected again manually by entering passwords to get them to work again.

Dealing with possible hardware issues

If you dropped your iPhone recently into any sort of a liquid or you smashed your iPhone onto the ground then this might be an indication of hardware damage. But first check completely if it is an issue with the software of your iPhone or a problem with your router, after which you should look into hardware issues.

If you have checked everything thoroughly and you are certain that it is a hardware problem then you can simply take your iPhone to a nearby technician or an Apple store to get it checked because they might be able to assist you in a better way rather than you opening it up yourself.

I hope I was able to help you in understanding the issue with your Wi-Fi and now you are able to connect to it without a single problem. If the problem persists even after taking it to a technician, try contacting Apple Support for additional help. If the content was helpful, please leave a like on the post or drop a comment below.

How to Fix, iPhone “Maybe” Contact

How to Fix, iPhone “Maybe” Contact

Nowadays, smartphones are providing their users with cutting edge features that were definitely beyond people’s thought process. They provide features like “Find My Phone”, which helps us lock or erase our Apple device in case we lose it. One such feature helps the user in case they have a phone number saved on their device’s address book but doesn’t have any name or alias. It tries to guess it. You can also term it as iPhone “maybe:” contact.

How To Stop This From HappeningIt works in a way that if it finds a nameless contact in the address book, it checks your email address for any mail related to a person with that contact number. If it succeeds in finding a link between a contact number and a person, it saves the contact as “Maybe: Name”, where Name is the name of the person linked with the contact.

How To Stop This From Happening

This is a quite brilliant feature but it also creates a nuisance at times because it saves and manipulates contact details of a person, without our consent. But it can easily be stopped using some simple methods.

Turning Off Siri Suggestions

Turning Off Siri Suggestions

Most of the time, on the lock screen of your device, there will be a “Maybe:” beside a contact’s name as a notification. This happens when Siri Suggestion is turned on, on the Lock Screen. In order to stop this from happening, follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Settings and go to Siri and search.
  2. Now, toggle off  Suggestions on Lock Screen.

Signing In and Out of iCloud

Signing In and Out of iCloud

Signing out of your iCloud account and then signing in again might fix the issue with your contacts that have “Maybe:” before them if your iCloud account has your contacts linked to it. In order to sign out of your iCloud account, follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Settings and choose where your name is written on top of all the other options in settings.
  2. Get to the bottom of the screen and click on Sign Out.
  3. Now, enter the password to your Apple ID to disable Find My iPhone Out, because it can’t remain on while signing out of your account.

Now, log back into your account by opening Settings and then selecting Sign in to your iPhone.

Create A New Contact

Create A New Contact

When you receive a message from someone,  your device tries to figure out the name and you might see the name written above that message strip with the prefix “maybe:”. To fix this, you can add the number, from which the message was received, as a contact. You can do this by following the given steps:

  1. Tap on the number in the conversation and click on the information icon which looks like an encircled “i”.
  2. Tap again on the number.
  3. Now, click on Create New Contact.
  4. Enter the person’s details and tap Done.

The new contact is created and now you won’t have to see “Maybe:”, before that contact. [Note: These steps are for iOS 12 and later, which is currently being used and if you are using iOS 11 or older then you might find the “i” button on the top right corner of the conversation.]

Delete The Contact and Recreate it Again

Delete The Contact and recreate it Again

In some cases, the contacts prefix still remains “Maybe:” even after saving its actual name. This can occur due to a syncing error or maybe a minor glitch. This can be fixed if you delete the contact and add it again. This can be carried out using the following steps:

  1. Open the calling app and choose Contacts, which would be located on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Look for the contact to be deleted and click on it.
  3. Click Edit, located on the top right corner of the display, and get to the bottom to click on Delete Contact.

After deleting the contact, create it again.

Update the System Software of Your DeviceUpdate the system software of your device

Updating the software of any device fixes existing issues and mostly makes it better. Although updating your software won’t necessarily fix your issue but you can still try it. To do this, you can follow the given steps:

  1. Visit Settings and go to General.
  2. Click on Software Update.
  3. Click on Download & Install, if any updates are available.

Additionally, if this happens due to an app that you’ve deleted, which primarily had access to your contacts then you may need to install it again or you’ll have to modify these contacts manually.

I hope I could address all your queries and you are able to resolve this issue easily. If you have any further doubts, you can visit support.apple.com or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.