Razer Synapse Not Working!!!! Fix It Right Now Using Simple Methods

Razer Synapse Not Working!!!! Fix It Right Now Using Simple Methods

Getting razer synapse not working continuously??? Try out below methods to get rid of the issue successfully. Before going in detail, what exactly Razer Synapse mean? Considered as a one of effective gaming software, or called as a hardware configuration tool respectively. Supports all the versions of Windows Operating System.

Remember, in order to avoid all the issues or errors if any, choose updated one. This purely works for components like keyboard, mouse, speakers, Chroma, mouse mat and much more with no fail. This tool presently works showing various devices that cause razer synapse won’t open troubleshooting issue.

razer synapse not working

Razer Synapse Not Working!!!! Fix It Right Now

Implement below methods when you get razer synapse not working troubleshooting issue. This tool usually shows razer connected devices available on the dashboard without fail. Let’s go in detail.

  • Troubleshoot the Hardware Issue
  • Uninstall Razer Synapse
  • Reinstall respective drivers
  • Update Razer device drivers
  • Disable antivirus program

Here and now, we go learn all such methods and implement one by one to fix razer synapse not opening issue.

Troubleshoot the Hardware Issue 

First and foremost, check out all the hardware components connected with. If in case, fail to detect by Razer Synapse, troubleshoot them to fix right now. Like USB port. When it is failed to work or detect, go for another USB port.

Or else, try to connect your mouse or the keyboard to your respective PC and check the working status with no second thought. Getting the same, contact the razer support team in order to replace successfully.

Uninstall Razer Synapse

Perform uninstallation on the respective Razer Synapse. Doing so, it perfectly fixes the razer synapse not detecting mouse troubleshooting issue. Use a perfect 100% working mouse or any device for the following process. Let’s start performing all the steps accordingly.

  • Press Windows and R at a time in order to get the run box. Or in other words, go to Windows logo-> enter run in the provided search bar and then press enter. So that you see a window prompting on the screen.


  • Type appwiz.cpl and click ok.


  • So that you can find Razer Synapse available in the form of a list and uninstall it successfully.


  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Razer and delete all such files available in that respective folder.
  • In the next step, go to C:\ProgramData\Razer, and make sure that, various hidden items available which were recently deleted by the user.
  • Delete all and restart your system without any fail.
  • As a result, Reinstall Razer Synapse in order to verify the working status of your mouse respectively.

Reinstall Respective Drivers

At times, the error encounters due to the faulty drivers. This means the issue is all about due to the corrupted or distorted drivers. So don’t forget to uninstall the respective device driver and again reinstall it to fix razer synapse not responding issue without any fail.

  • Firstly, go to the Windows-> tap R simultaneously in order to open the run command prompt. Win +R is considered as a shortcut key to open run command prompt at a time. Or else one can go to Windows-> type run in the search bar for opening the respective window.


  • Type devmgmt.msc and press the enter in order to open the respective device manager.


  • Double click on it and expand with no second thought.
  • Uninstall the respective driver which held responsible for unresponsive mouse or the keyboard.


  • Now restart the system so that the Windows again reinstall the respective driver for the mouse as well other devices. Finally, crosscheck whether it has been worked out or failed to do so.

Update Razer Device Drivers

Updating is very much important for any device in order to make it work successfully. In a similar way, check whether the driver you use is updated accordingly. If not, there are two different ways of updating it.

  1. Manually and
  2. Automatically
  • Most of the users choose automatic update especially when they don’t have much time to spend on updations for a longer time period.
  • Performing this automatically recognize the system and connect all the drivers very well.
  • No worries related to the updations working on your system. Fixes in a perfect way by taking its own time with no fail.
  • Run the driver and scan it successfully. It perfectly scans and detects if any.
  • Tap on next so that automatically download the latest version. Or simply perform a single click on update all.
  • As a result, restart your system and try connecting Razer to check the working status.

Disable Antivirus Program

Remember at times, the anti-virus programme held responsible for preventing the happening of the cause razer synapse not working. When you choose the software like Windows Defender, disable it temporarily and try using the mouse to verify the working status.

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Final Verdict

I hope you are clear enough of all the steps provided one by one. Don’t forget to implement them accordingly. For more information/methods and better solutions can contact us. Drop down in the followed rectangular box for any doubts. Thank you. If you like the razer synapse not working tutorial, share with friends and also on the social networking sites. Stay back with PhoneGnome for more interesting or useful tutorials.

How to Make Google My Homepage For Different Browsers

How to Make Google My Homepage For Different Browsers

While going in detail about how to make google my homepage, let’s start learning about what exactly the home page means and how it is useful. The home page usually delivers a lot of information when you open the specific browser on your device. Browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and much more were helpful in today’s scenario.

All these were set accordingly in the form of default homepage like google.com or at bing.com respectively. In case, if you like to change the browser on a frequent basis, homepage settings can be changed with the respective internet settings options accordingly. Most of the times, it includes navigation or menu bar which simply direct to the information accessed by the user. When you click on home, it will redirect you back successfully.

how to make google my homepage

How to Make Google My Homepage

Various users browse a lot of useful information online. Those tabs can make google my homepage windows 10 without any fail. If you see, various browsers playing an important role. Here and now, let’s start learning how to make google my homepage in different browsers respectively.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

Remember if the user navigating through some website, one can redirect back to the homepage by performing a click on home.

Make Google My Homepage Windows 10 On Microsoft Edge

Usually, Microsoft Edge provides two different options. Follow the below instructions accordingly in order to make google my homepage windows 10 successfully.


  • In the first step, go to the browser-> choose settings.
  • Scroll down in order to open with and select the specific page or pages respectively.
  • Open the list and tap on custom. Thereafter, click on X next to the current homepage without any fail.
  • Finally, enter the URL and type www.google.com. As a result, when you tap enter, it redirects opening the Google homepage.

How to Make Google My Homepage On Chrome

Follow the steps accordingly to make google my homepage windows 10 successfully. This is applicable in Google Chrome.

  • Once you open the browser, can notice the option called more available at the top right corner of the screen.


  • And there in the appearance section, turn on the show home button without any fail.
  • Now choose the second option and then enter www.google.com.
  • Go to More-> Settings-> scroll down and there you select google as your search engine by default.


  • That’s all!!!! Doing so will open the page whenever you prefer without any fail.

Make Google My Homepage On Safari

  • Well, first and foremost, choose Safari-> Preferences-> and then click on general.
  • Now again tap on New windows open with and New tabs open with-> select homepage.
  • There you have to enter www.google.com.
  • That’s all!!!

How to Make Google My Homepage On Firefox

Follow the below steps carefully for how to make google my homepage on firefox respectively. This is the most simpler method compared to others.

  • In the first step, open the respective browser and then go to www.google.com.


  • There, you have to drag the respective tab to the home button and release it successfully.
  • Finally, click on change settings.


  • Choose google among various available in the form of the list.


  • Enjoy the access!!!!

How Do I Make Google My Homepage On Internet Explorer

Follow the below instructions for how to make google my homepage in a better understanding. Let’s start performing step by step.

  • Firstly, go to the menu bar available on the top of the respective browser.
  • There you have to click on tools.
  • Choose general tab-> and then in the home page, enter www.google.com in the corresponding text box.
  • Therefore, click on Ok.
  • As a result, restart the browser successfully with no other doubt.
  • That’s all!!!! As simple as that!!

Google Is Stuck As My Homepage

Google usually will not change the homepage settings without asking the owner permission. Reset the home page and crosscheck the unused programs. If resetting gets fail, it means you have various unused programs known as malware or some viruses that are held responsible in stopping Google site.

Moreover, there is a greater possibility of changing homepages in the future. Be sure as you are not responsible for changing the homepage respectively. Whatever it is, if you get any doubt, can contact us without any fail. So that we reach you in short and explain in detail.

Final Words

I hope you are clear enough of learning how to make google my homepage in detail. As a result, for more doubts, drop a comment in the followed rectangular box. If you like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

How to Restart iPhone 8 [Step-By-Step Process]

How to Restart iPhone 8 [Step-By-Step Process]

How to restart iphone 8??? Performing force restart in our iphone is as simple as that!!!! doing so perfectly fixes the issue if any. You might have undergone the force restart process before in your respective iphone. But let me tell you as you are going to implement force restart on iPhone8. The whole process might no be different but yes, there is a slight difference between iPhone previous version and iPhone 8.

Apple today, if you notice updating faster than any other introducing new and short way of accessing it. Previously there is a spontaneous click on volume up/down and also the side button in order to perform force restart on iphone version. But changes have been done. This is all especially to save the user’s valuable time at the time of fixing certain issues like how to restart iphone 8 perfectly. As a result, go through the points provided below accordingly.

how to restart iphone 8

How to Restart iPhone 8 Using Simple Steps

Follow the below steps accordingly to perform iphone 8 force restart without causing any kind of errors. Doing so help you to fix all type of troubleshooting issues in a very less time period. In turn, there are two different ways, where the user can perform any based on their requirement.

  • Force restart iphone8
  • Perform force restart excluding side and volume up/down buttons respectively.

So let’s study in detail and perform with no fail.

How to Force Restart iPhone 8

Performing this method is very much simple comparatively. Follow all the steps accordingly to perform successfully. Let’s start with it right now. As this help to fix certain issues within several minutes.


  • Press and quickly release the Volume up button.
  • And then press and quickly release the Volume down button.
  • Last but not least, press and hold the side button for 10 seconds till you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • That’s all!!! Doing so help you to fix various issues encountered in your iPhone.

Confused!!!!!! Well, let me explain in detail. In the case of iPhone previous versions like iphone6,7 or 7 plus, the user looks forward to implementing volume up, down and side buttons simultaneously. But here?? Well, I think you are clear enough. Apple has made these changes to fix in a short time.

How to Hard Restart iPhone 8 Without Using Side and Volume Up/Down Buttons

This might be another simple method that helps to perform force restart successfully. Follow all the instructions provided step by step to fix certain issues encountered on the respective iphone.

  • First and foremost, open Settings-> go to general.


  • There you need to click on Accessibility-> and then on AssistiveTouch.



  • Turn it to on-> click on assistive touch button.


  • Click on device-> and then choose more.
  • Finally, click on restart and confirm when you get a prompt appearing on the screen.
  • That’s all!!! doing so also fixes various issues if any.

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Well, how to restart iphone 8???? Hope you are now clear of implementing iphone 8 force restart in two different ways. For any doubts, can drop a comment in the below rectangular section. If you like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more interesting fixes.

[Fixed] iPhone 8 Headphones Not Working

[Fixed] iPhone 8 Headphones Not Working

Failed to fix iphone 8 headphones not working troubleshooting issue? Not a big deal. Redirect here and try out the methods provided below to fix my iphone 8 headphones not working successfully. Usually, the presence of the issue can be noticeable when you play a song through headphones. If you really identify such error, step forward to fix yourselves with no second thought.

Before visiting nearby Apple support center, this is mandatory to check by applying below methodology. Also, don’t forget to clean the respective headphone jack. Because the issue might be caused due to some minute particles stored in the respective headphone jack. Clear it out and test the working status of headphones connected with iPhone8. if you still face the same, implement below methods one by one to fix very well.

iphone 8 headphones not working

iPhone 8 Headphones Not Working!!! Fix It

Here and now, let’s start with some significant methodologies that mainly help to fix iphone 8 headphones not working issue in less time.

  • Perform Soft Reset.
  • Try to adjust or increase the volume on your iPhone.
  • Disable Bluetooth available in your iPhone 8.
  • Reset All settings.
  • Restore iOS through iTunes.

Let’s start of implementing every method without any fail.

Perform Soft Reset

The updated software it has might be the cause at times. Due to this, it affects the mobile functionalities like volume or the audio leading to iphone 8 jack not working issue. Follow the below steps in order to fix the issue very well.


  • First and foremost, press and hold the power button till you see the window showcasing power off button.
  • Drag the slider on the screen to the right in order to make it switch off.
  • While after few seconds, press and hold the power button till you see the apple logo appearing on the screen and then release.
  • Doing so will eliminate such kind of errors and fix without any fail. Make a note as all the personal or confidential data will not have any impact at the time of implementation.

Try to Adjust or Increase the Volume On Your iPhone.

Does iphone 8 have a headphone jack? When you were unable to hear the audio through headphones, it is called as a headphone jack. All the thing you have to do is try to increase or adjust the volume with no other doubt.


Nothing much happens when you face apple iphone 8 headphones not working issue. All this mainly took place at the time of updations. Simple re-adjust it without fail. Follow the below instructions for adjusting or fixing my iphone 8 headphones not working successfully.

  • Press the volume up button available at the left side of the iPhone. This is to increase all its volume.
  • So that one can see the prompt appearing on the screen indicating the level of the volume.
  • Don’t forget to notice the notification as the headphones icon appearing on the corner of the screen.
  • Therefore, this indicates you the working status of the respective headphones jack.
  • Moreover, when you see the volume bar appearing at the below of the screen, it is in mute. And this might not play in headphones you use.
  • When in case, the volume is not shown both volumes up and down options, simply go to the Settings-> sound and haptics-> turn the switch to the next very well.

As a result, after performing all such changes, try to test the headphone whether they were working well or no. If you fail to resolve the issue, try another method shown below.

Disable Bluetooth available in your iPhone 8.

This might be another possible way to verify iphone 8 jack not working issue very well. In order to verify related to Bluetooth, disable it. This is because there will be a greater chance of Bluetooth held responsible behind the cause. Let’s go in detail to fix the iphone 8 headphones not working issue successfully.


  • Firstly, open the control center without any doubt.
  • Press and hold the audio box available on the top right of the control center. And then click on airplay icon.
  • Doing so, if you notice the headphones icon available next to the device, click on it.
  • Simultaneously, the user can disable Bluetooth. This erases the complete Bluetooth devices from the respective iphone and disconnects from the Bluetooth enable devices respectively.
  • Finally, restart the iphone in order to clear all the unused/ cache/ internal memory successfully.

Reset All Settings

This is also another important method that helps to fix the issue in very less time. Settings might have changed at the time of updations carried down. So in order to reset them, perform below steps one by one accordingly to fix with no errors.


  • Go to Settings-> click on general-> Then perform a click on reset option available on the screen.
  • Choose reset all settings-> And there you need to enter the device passcode when it gets prompt on the screen.
  • Click on the respective option to make it confirm.
  • Wait for a while in order to restart iPhone automatically. Now you verify iphone 8 headphones not working issue. If it failed to do so, contact a nearby technician to fix successfully.

Restore iOS through iTunes.

While you fail to fix my iphone 8 headphones not working issue, try out this with no second thought. Perform reboot with the help of itunes to fix all such issues in a perfect way. Don’t forget to copy all your data as this process eliminates with no fail. But however, you can go for the backup option once the whole process is completed successfully.


  • In the first step, try to connect the iphone with your system through the original USB cable.
  • Press and hold the volume up button, volume down button and also the middle one till you see the apple logo appearing on the screen. When you see the logo, it is all in recovery mode. After the whole process gets complete, there is a great chance of fixing such issue.
  • If it gets fails, try to perform a factory reset in DFU mode. In this, you need to see the DFU mode appearing on the screen by tapping volume up, down and the center button without any fail.
  • That’s all!!!!

Performing these methods will definitely fix iphone 8 jack not working issue. If still, you face the same, contact ear by technician available in the Apple support center irrespective of time.

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Final words

Therefore, hope you are cleared enough to fix iphone 8 headphones not working issue. For any doubts or like to get more information, drop down in the following rectangular section. Like the article, can share with friends or social networking sites to help them much faster in fixing the issue. Thank you.  Keep in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting fixes.

Instagram Keeps Stopping!!!!! Fix it Right Now Using Simple Methods

Instagram Keeps Stopping!!!!! Fix it Right Now Using Simple Methods

Instagram is a well-known or most popular app used by various individuals. Today every user love to access instagram that helps in effective communication between any users. In previous, it has been used greatly ut now if you notice, instagram keeps stopping!!!!!

Various users most of the times got stuck with such an error. This is especially caused while the process of upload is going on. Why does instagram keep stopping?? Are there any possibilities for solving such kind of issues? Well, here we go to learn all those in detail without any fail.

instagram keeps stopping

Instagram Keeps Stopping!!!!! Fix it Right Now

Accordingly, there are a number of ways that help responsible for the cause, unfortunately instagram has stopped issue. How can you fix it??? Is there any possibilities. Yes, the methods might be simple but work very quick and effective enough.

  • Reboot the Android Device
  • Wash out All the Unused or Cache Data
  • Revert to the last used version
  • Signout and sign back in
  • Update the Instagram
  • Check the Android Software Update

Reboot the Android Device

Rebooting the android is as simple as that. Doing so will help to resolve various bugs. All the thing you have to do is simply restart by holding the power button for a while till you get options available on the screen.


Click on reboot and then try to open your instagram app. Make sure that you have been resolved instagram keeps stopping successfully. This can be noticeable when you edit multiple photos on your device.

Wash out All the Unused or Cache Data

This is the common method that has been implemented for resolving samsung tablet keyboard not working issue. It is very much important to clear out all the unused data stored in the form of cache.


To do so, go to the Settings-> Apps-> Click on Instagram app-> there you see both caches as well clear data appearing on the screen. Clearout both and implement force restart in order to fix the bug successfully.

Revert to the last used version

One can uninstall the latest version of Instagram and get the previous version without any bugs. This is all identified by the official instagram support. Therefore, reverting back to the previous version and get new once after fixing such kind of issues successfully.


Signout and sign back in

Try to sign out and sign in to get rid of the instagram keeps stopping android issue. But most importantly the job you have to do is, once you sign out and before sign in restart immediately.


Before initiating the process, make sure you have made a cop of your instagram data. This is because there are greater chances of losing it. If still, you face the same, try out below methods followed by various steps.

Update the Instagram

Follow the below instructions carefully in order to get rid of unfortunately instagram has stopped working issue.


  • In the first step, open the play store available on your mobile.
  • Click on more at the upper left of the screen.
  • Choose my apps and games-> Check whether there is an update option.
  • If yes, then click on update button for instagram.
  • As a result, restart your mobile and verify whether the issue is fixed or failed to do so.
  • That’s all!!!!!

Check the Android Software Update

Few of the apps might not be a reason for the cause. It might be related to software update. This is very important to check whether your software is updated or does it not done so far.


  • In order to minimize the bugs that encounter, take appropriate care of updating all the apps and the software without fail.
  • When you are up-to-date with all apps and fail to software update, will face issues like instagram keeps stopping android respectively.
  • As a result, never forget to update all your apps as well the software up-to-date.
  • Go to the Settings-> click on software update if available.
  • Wait till the whole process gets complete.
  • That’s all!!!!!! Doing so eliminates all type of issues in a very short period.

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Final Verdict

As a result, I hope you are cleared enough of implementing all the above simple methods. For instance, if you have any doubts, can drop a comment in the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites to help who actually are in need. Thank you. Therefore, stay connect with PhoneGnome for learning more methodologies for different issues.