File System Check Exit Code Is 8!!!! How to Fix [Step By step Process]

File System Check Exit Code Is 8!!!! How to Fix [Step By step Process]

Won’t you face file system check exit code is 8 anytime? Usually, the Mac OS X is no need to get repair the issues or the disk permissions if any. This is because the Mac is built with various tools and number of functionalities in a perfect scenario. Resulting in a perfect repair in disk, partition and file system errors. Among various, disk utility first aid is mostly preferred by various individuals. Commonly, when you found an exit code 0 will be a good thing. It means no error is found.

But when you see file system exit code is 8, indicating corrupted file system. This is especially found at the time of system check. The error has a great chance to occur at both internal and external hard drive. The cause might be due to the happening of sudden power failure, virus attack, catalog file corruption, invalid volume header and much more. Therefore, try to solve file system check exit code is 8 by implementing below methods successfully.

File System Check Exit Code Is 8!!!! How to Solve In different Ways

Well!!! Solving file system exit code is 8 error is not that difficult comparatively. But there are major chances of losing data while you perform the methods to fix. As it overrides the original data. So it is better to maintain a backup especially when you have undergone through all the process respectively.

Make Use of First Aid in Disk Utility

  • One can implement disk robustness check through disk utility application that includes Mac OS X.
  • Apple has taken major responsibility of refreshing and re-building the respective utility’s interface on the Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.
  • As a result, it might look a bit unique from the older one.
  • In order to introduce it, press Command+Space-> type disk utility-> click on enter. Navigating to the respective application folder is another way to launch it. Double click on utility folder-> and then click on disk utility.

disk-utility-exit-code- 8

  • Now choose the disk or the partition named as Macintosh HD by default. And finally, click on First Aid button.
  • Choosing either is completely depends on which the user picks in the sidebar respectively.


  • Therefore, click on Run-> if in case it found the errors, fixes automatically.
  • If you like to view the information about any errors, click on show details to view in detail.
  • There, if you notice, the messages like Storage system check exit code is 0 and File system check exit code is 0 will appear. When you get an exit code of “0”, that means no errors were found.


Boot into Safe Mode

  • This is the most simple way to solve the file system check exit code is 8 without causing any kind of bugs. Implement by following accordingly.
  • Safe mode at times can be called as Safe boot that check and repair to fix all such issues.
  • Restart the mac and hold shift when the booting process is going on. Sign in by providing the respective password and the Mac without any fail. All this will take a while to complete.
  • After successful login, dis check is perfectly done. All ready to reboot the Mac right now.

Run First Aid in Recovery Mode

While you implement the following steps, the Mac at times will definitely get unable to repair. As Mac run on live mode held responsible for it. Changes cannot be made to the respective system at the time of running. So in order to resolve this, only one solution to perform the system in recovery mode. As a result, now the Mac is able to fix all the type of errors caused successfully. Follow the below steps accordingly to get optimal results in recovery mode.

  • Restart the Mac.
  • Press and hold the commant+R when booting process is going on.
  • Release the keys when you get the progress bar appearing on the screen. This results in the Mac getting successful in recovery mode.
  • Now at OS X Recovery, click on disk utility-> choose the drive or the partition and then click on first aid button. Doing so will fix the issues if any.


  • That’s all!!!!!

Try to Use fsck in Single User Mode

Performing the system in recovery mode fixes most of the times. But if you fail to fix an error like file system check exit code is 8, is there any option to resolve? Yes. when you face such a situation, try to boot the Mac in Single user mode. And then run the fsck command without any fail. Performing so will definitely fix disk utility exit code 8. Simply follow the instructions accordingly.

  • Start the Mac in single user mode. Restart-> Press and keep holding Command+S while the booting process is going on.
  • This usually results in a single user mode that delivers text-mode terminal successfully.
  • Now, enter the following command in the respective terminal-> tap on entering in order to initiate a system file check.


/sbin/fsck -fy



  • So that the command runs in all the phases without fail. Therefore, results by showing a pop-up “volume[name] appear to be ok” once it is done.
  • If any issues have arisen at the time of the process, the user can notice the pop-up like file system was modified indicating fsck command found a lot of errors when it gets repaired.
  • While you notice the fsck command displaying disk is okay, it’s time to enter the following command at the respective terminal-> Press enter.





  • This makes the system reboot and then return back to the login screen successfully. This has to be done only when you encounter a few errors in the respective Mac. If it does well, no need to get into this method.

Final Verdict

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Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID.

Factory Reset iPad Without Apple ID.

Sometimes, the device runs into some issues or even needs some amount of space to resume its functionality. In such cases, resetting the device to its factory settings is a brilliant way to surpass the issue. This is a handy way to fix a couple of issues. Although it can be done using your Apple ID too but doing it without the ID is also a pretty simple task.


This can be done on your Apple devices like iPad, iPod and iPhone. More so than a single time, every Apple user has to wipe out his/her device due to some issue or another. This is pretty useful when it comes to your device running low on space or its performance has dropped a bit and your device isn’t working as fast as it should, instead its performance is getting embarrassingly slow.

Any Apple device needs the Apple user ID and password set up into the device. This sometimes gets difficult as the users tend to forget their password. This is when it gets necessary for the user to perform a reset without using his/her Apple ID. Although it can be done on almost all Apple devices here, we’re going to discuss how the process can be carried out on an iPad. But for assistance on any other device, you can surely leave a comment below.

How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID

There are a few ways to carry out the given task without using your Apple ID. The ones that are going to use are listed here chronologically.

  • Resetting iPad Without using Apple ID
  • Resetting iPad Without using Apple ID by the help of iTunes
  • Restoring iPad to its Factory Settings

Resetting iPad without using Apple ID


When the user enables find my iPhone/iPad, iTunes won’t work anymore. In order to reset, perform restoring iPad in DFU mode respectively. This helps excluding Apple ID or password even though find m iPad is enabled.

  • The very first step, connect the iPad to the system using the original USB cable.
  • Select iOS system recovery and tap on start.
  • Now, when you observe, the software detects the iPad then click on the question mark to get the device into recovery mode.
  • Once it gets entered, click on back and choose the advanced mode and then confirm it to get initiated for downloading firmware. Finally, restore the iPad into factory settings.

Resetting iPad without using Apple ID by the help of iTunes

Resetting iPad without Apple ID is also possible with the help of iTunes although it does require the passcode. Follow the instructions provided step by step and implement accordingly.

  • Go to iTunes and connect the iPad to the system with the help of USB cable. Make sure it is the original cable.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and if you forget the passcode, get help.
  • Choose the device to be connected when it appears in iTunes. Press the sleep/wake and home button till you get the apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • Go to the summary panel to restore iPad on the iTunes. Wait for a while and if you check, the device is restored to factory settings.

Restoring iPad to its factory settings

This is another useful method applicable for how to reset the iPad without apple id password. This is done using an iOS data eraser which is quite simple and effective.

  • The very first thing to be done is, download and install the iOS Data Eraser on system and launch the given program once the installation process gets completed.
  • Connect the iPhone to the system with the help of its original USB cable. [Note: iTunes must and should be available in the system while carrying out this process.]
  • Choose to erase all data which is very much similar to a factory reset method.
  • Select delete to continue and then click on erase now. This will erase all the information stored on your device.
  • Remember to maintain a backup while undergoing this process, as the stored information will be deleted permanently and won’t be reverted.

iphone reset settings

Useful tips

  • Make sure to perform a complete backup of all your data because it might be lost.
  • Ensure that you have the latest version of iTunes that you use to execute the process.
  • Find my phone can also be used to delete all the data in a single blow, given that you have a backup of all your data on iCloud.

I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily reset your iPad without using Apple ID. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.


Is Tinder Free To Message Or How To Use Tinder In A Perfect Way

Is Tinder Free To Message Or How To Use Tinder In A Perfect Way

Is tinder free to use? Yes, this is possible in older version but not the premium one. Premium is known as Tinder Plus. This app is mostly chosen by various individuals who like to prefer their mate perfectly. Just think of your personal available all the time, providing various pending matches respectively. Start getting an upgrade to Tinder plus for more better features. Like unlimited likes, a passport to chat with singles anywhere all over the world, rewind for providing a second chance, free boost available per month.

This is especially to be like a top profile in a specific area for 30 minutes. Super likes for standing out from the crowd with no second thought. Though this is the payable one, all depends mainly on the place you stay and how about you access. Well!!!!What about Tinder Gold? Does it different from Tinder Plus? Both have come up with the same features but the Tinder Plus include little more.  Like monthly boost, profiles control and much more delivering its effectiveness.


What is a Tinder Date

Usually, the tinder is mostly supported by both iOS and Android operating systems. All the daters can just simply swipe right to like the specific profile and left in order to reject it. The two people who show interest in their taste and preferences, who especially like each other were considered as a match. They can initiate to chat or share their opinions with the help of tinder in a more perfect way.


On another side, it includes the option known unmatch and delete users, or report who was not suitable so. In order to access or get a successful join, each and every user must be aged over 18 and maintain a Facebook account. Moreover, recently it has integrated with both Instagram and Spotify to help to provide their images and songs they choose. Today if you notice, tinder is available in various countries all over the world.

Is Tinder Free???? How to Use Tinder??? 

As we discussed before, the tinder is very much useful and free to use. While coming for the usage, follow the below instructions and get the perfect match for yourselves. Before we go, many users have come with a query saying what is tinder free super like? It all means standing out from the crowd.


Also, they have asked whether am I too old for tinder? Not exactly!!!! Few of the dating apps usually instruct to get access only when they were aged 18 or more than that. Tinder is the one lying among them. 7% of the users were usually aged between 13 and 17/ aged 35 to 44 years old respectively. Let’s start to go into detail.

Steps to Access Tinder

  • While you like to sign in, have to provide all your personal information such as name and age considering a minimum requirement.
  • Upload photos and choose the best to provide the main image for your profile.
  • Try to mention a little about you to give a basic opinion for the mate who views or leave it blank.
  • Once you choose the gender, now time to show interest in age, distance, and now all set to swipe.
  • When you click on a person’s main image, delivers the complete profile. And moreover including super likes as the number of like swipes was limited per day.
  • If any person has undergone super likes, will get the notification even though you never come across such a profile in previously. Ultimately, giving a response is up to you.
  • Keeping this aside, if a person likes the other’s profile, when they swipe right, all set as a perfect match and can start chatting to share all your opinions.


  • The app notifies you and the decision will be all yours to make the first move. If you won’t like, swipe left to reject.
  • Avoid asking embarrassing or uncomfortable queries while chatting.
  • Be yourself and natural to make a perfect match.
  • That’s all!!!

How Safe It Is??

Well!!! is tinder free? How safe it is to access? Various have come across such queries. Most of the cases, people think twice to provide their personal information. Well, here are some tips to maintain your profile more safe and secure.

  • First and foremost, consider the things slowly when you decide to meet them. Never rush up and messy things.
  • Very much easy to find out people who were online and provide if they are interested in.
  • When the opposite one is strong enough with their ideas, try to generalize their motives, and step forward.
  • If you are going alone to meet your preferred one, choose a public place, and try to share in detail the future plans, taste and preferences, motives, and much more.

Thinking before when you step forward will help you in taking the right step, right decision accordingly. So start using such a beloved app to choose the perfect one instead of never rush up and messy the things.

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iPhone X Screen Not Responding!!! Try To Fix It Using Simple Methods

iPhone X Screen Not Responding!!! Try To Fix It Using Simple Methods

Does your iphone x screen not responding??? Are there any possibilities to fix by ourselves without contacting apple support? Yes, of course!!!! Try to follow and implement below methods accordingly to fix iphone x screen not responding troubleshooting issue. As we all know Apple never fails to update for the newer one introducing many innovative features.

People love to buy and access the iPhone greatly. So while you coming to the iPhone X, introduced recently inspired various individuals. But while coming to the repair or any issue taking place, they have come into a dilemma whether to use or not to go for it. If this was one of the reason, no need to worry about it. Here and now, we learn how to fix a troubleshooting issue like iphone x touch screen not working step by step.

iPhone X Screen Not Responding!!!! Fix It

Get stuck at iphone x screen not responding issue!!! If yes, how can you solve it? Are there any possibilities? Well, let me tell you. Simply try out below methods which are quite easy and simple to implement.

  • Perform Soft Reset
  • Simulate a Battery Pull
  • Try to Reset All Settings
  • Fix iphone x screen not working through DFU mode
  • Update to the Latest version.
  • Contact Nearby Apple Support.

If you face the same, can contact a nearby technician. But trust me, implementing below methods will automatically solve the issue in very less time.

Perform Soft Reset

Implementing Soft Reset helps in washing out all the bugs or unused data successfully. Restart the system as well the device memory with no fail. Follow the below instructions carefully in order to perform accordingly.


  • First and foremost, press and hold the power button, Volume Up button and Volume down button respectively for several seconds.
  • Release the button at a time. As a result, you get the power off screen appearing on the screen.
  • Slide it to right. Wait till the device get reboot successfully.
  • Once it gets off, press and holds the side button till you see the apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • That’s all!!!!

Simulate a Battery Pull

Usually, the iPhone device will not maintain removable batteries. So at times, when an issue arose due to the battery, apple team or the technician will definitely try to fix without any fail. Implementing battery pull simulation fixes the various bugs when you apply below instructions.

  • Firstly, press and release the volume up button.
  • Press and release the volume down button.
  • Finally, press and hold the power/ side button till you get the apple logo appearing on the screen.

Reset All Settings

This is usually applicable when the user can load the OS as well the system’s app respectively. While you reset all settings, it mainly restores into default successfully. As a result, it involves cellular settings, display settings, sound settings, custom settings and much more. Follow the below instructions in order to fix iphone x screen not working without any fail.


  • In the very first step, go to the respective home screen.
  • Open settings available on the screen-> General-> and therefore click on reset.
  • Now go to reset all settings-> enter the passcode if any-> click on reset all settings to confirm successfully.
  • Wait for several minutes to reset all the settings and then restart your mobile.
  • That’s all!!!!!

Fix iPhone x screen not working through DFU mode

Try to fix iphone x screen protector amazon with the help of DFU mode. DFU is abbreviated as  Device Firmware Update respectively. This greatly works by deleting all the unused data and reload very well. This mainly acts as a communicator by activating iOS or the bootloader. Let’s start following below instructions accordingly.


  • Crosscheck whether you have an original USB cable along with you.
  • Connect the iPhone to your system through the respective cable.
  • Open iTunes-> Press and hold the power/ side button for a while.
  • Simultaneously, press and hold the volume down button. Continue holding the only fraction of seconds. If in case you see the apple logo appearing on the screen, failed to implement DFU mode.
  • So take appropriate care while holding the respective buttons.
  • Therefore, release the side or the power button but not the volume down button. If you noticed plug into iTunes appearing on the screen, results into recovery mode.
  • If in case, the screen remains the blank screen, then you are perfectly succeeded in getting a DFU mode.
  • Finally, it asks whether to restore or not now. Tap on restore and get updated successfully.

Update to the Latest Version

Well, usually, by default the device will automatically get an update. Install if any. If in case, you have changed the settings before, don’t forget to update your device manually. As a result, this fixes the issue greatly.


Contact Nearby Apple Support

While implementing all the above methods, if you failed to fix iphone x screen not responding, contact a nearby technician. As a result, the issue can be fixed perfectly and deliver your device on time.

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I hope you are very much cleared enough of implementing below methods one by one. When you failed to implement, or for any doubts, can contact us. So that we reach you in short and explain the issue in detail. Thank you. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome to learn more interesting tutorials.

Install PS3 Controller On PC [Step By Step]

Install PS3 Controller On PC [Step By Step]

Various play stations like ps3 controller on pc were introduced with the most innovative features. While from previous to now and here, you can see a lot of changes taking place in introducing advanced features. From the kids to the parent, love to play the games irrespective of time. Keeping a side of Xbox controller, PS3 also plays a very important role in playing games. However, connecting PS3 with our system might not be that simple.

But here we help you to understand, implement and connect successfully. The hardware it requires is PS3 controller, USB cable, Bluetooth respectively. Keeping aside, the software requirements all it need were Microsoft .net framework, visual studio, visual C++ runtime, Microsoft DirectX Runtime, Xbox 360 controller and SCP toolkit. Let’s go start with the best method and start to enjoy every minute.

PS3 Controller on PC Connet Using Different Methods

Well, let us try out different methods that can connect ps3 controller windows 10 successfully. Let’s go learn and follow all the instructions accordingly.

  • How to connect ps3 controller to pc.
  • Connect ps3 controller on pc using Bluetooth.

How to Connect PS3 Controller to PC

Check the compatibility and the storage capacity in your system before you start the process. In order to get ps3 controller on pc, follow the below instructions accordingly with no other doubt.

In the first step, the user has to download the above Microsoft packages. In the case of Windows7, don’t forget to get even the driver Xbox 360 controller. Keeping Windows7 aside, the user need not worry about Windows 8 and 10. It already has a built in.

Steps to Connect PS3 Controller to PC

  • Now, plug the dualshock3 to PC with the help of original USB cable. If you like to go for wireless, try Bluetooth available in your system.
  • Download SCP toolkit and start running the installer. Accept all the terms and conditions and go with the on-screen instructions without stepping back. There you see the menu options in order to install but better to choose as default.


  • Make it install and wait for several seconds to complete the whole process. Once after successful installation, you will notice an icon appearing on the screen. Tap on it.


  • Verify all the available drivers and install if needed. Make sure to install Dualshock 3 driver is marked and also choose dualshock3 controllers to install.


  • Now and here, identify the playstation3 controller available in the form of the list. In case, if the user using Windows Vista, need to crosscheck force driver installation and then click on install.
  • Moreover, remember there will be a lot of pop-ups encountering on the screen while you are running SCP toolkit.


  • No need to worry about them. When you scroll down, log on to see Dualshock 3 USB Driver installed successfully on your PC. Finally, click on exit.
  • Look forward in the start menu for SCP toolkit settings manage and change if required.
  • As a result, you can see the SCP toolkit starting up with Windows delivering few effects respectively. And to disable, click sound settings and don’t forget to uncheck enable notification sounds.

Connect PS3 Controller to PC Using Bluetooth

  • When you really like to connect the ps3 controller to pc wireless, prefer Bluetooth. It is one of the easy and best option rather than going for other methods.
  • Make sure you have a working Bluetooth dongle available on your system. Enable it successfully.
  • Remember, the SCP toolkit needs the Bluetooth 2.0 or the higher one that especially supports EDR (EDR is abbreviated as Enhanced Data Rate) respectively.
  • Crosscheck weather SCP toolkit Bluetooth pair utility option, install Bluetooth driver is marked. Moreover, choose next to Bluetooth dongles in order to install and identify the device you connected to the PC.


  • After the successful connection, follow the same you have done in above ps3 controller windows 10 method.

Tunning the Results and Verifying the Working Status

To do so, simply open Bluetooth and other devices-> tap on device and printers. This is applicable in Windows 10. But when you like to verify for windows7, you have to open the control panel. Thereafter go to the device and printers to identify your device. Here and now, you see the PS3 controller which is replaced with an Xbox 360 controller supported by the Windows operating system.

Perform a right click on game controller settings-> properties.  When you get a prompt, click on the controller. That’s all. Doing so, if you get successful, PS3 is all set to play various games that support all the console controllers.

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Hope you are clear enough of getting aware of each and every step. For better understanding, any doubts can drop a comment on the below section. Like the article share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. However, once after a successful installation, you can share your experience how exactly this helped you. Therefore, don’t forget to stay back with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.