How To Add Custom Fonts To Google Docs? Adding Up For You.

How To Add Custom Fonts To Google Docs? Adding Up For You.

Irrespective of any brand or model or even device, everyone’s first choice for document writing, review and edit in Google Docs. This service from Google is served all around the world and being loved by each and every user equally. As the population is increasing, the love for the google docs is increasing too.

Fun fact: An average of 9 articles from 10 is manufactured on a google doc. Nothing to wonder about. This has been the most simple yet powerful software program which comforts its users to the extent that no other service in document writing ever can.

Even this article you are reading this moment is written on google docs platform and I can bet on this, if you are a daily reader and follow our troubleshooting articles, you must have copied the steps in your google docs only, to follow and resolve your tech-related issues.

Why Custom Fonts Are Allowed? : Explained.

Aren’t the already provided fonts enough for you to work in google docs? Well, this is not a sober question to ask anyone. It sounds more like a taunt to me. But seriously, why anyone would need a custom font within this platform?

Custom fonts are generally used by companies both multinational and domestic. Their appearance in the market matters the most to them and obviously to us also. So to keep things more into their control, companies opt for a custom font.

Not only companies and brands use custom fonts, nowadays the professionals of the creative world use these fresh styled custom fonts to give their work a unique look. Obviously, these custom fonts are sometimes used to impact the subconscious part of the human brain so, that the content shown is by default get saved in it without even acknowledging us.

These customized and privately designed fonts impart a new freshness to the content. The human brain is designed to read, these customized fonts surely draw an impact on it and give an idea of the content shown.

For example, if a brand that sells Halloween products uses a font that looks spooky on the first look itself. Now the content whats written will get read later but the visibility of the font will definitely give you an idea of what the product could be.

Procedure To Add Custom Fonts To Google Docs.

how to add custom fonts to google docs

Let’s understand the procedure of Adding Custom Fonts To Google Docs in a step wise way.

 Step 1: Open Google Docs in your device.

Step 2: Add / Paste or write some content in order to check the upcoming font designs.

Step 3: Now click on the Add ons button given in the taskbar.

Step 4: Here you will find some more options. Select Get Add Ons.

Step 5: This will redirect you to another pop-up window of G Suite Marketplace.

Step 6: Click on the search bar and write “Extensis Fonts”, click the search command button.

Step 7: Download and install the plugin shown in the pop-up window.

Step 8: Give Gmail authority access to the plugin which is been asked. Click Continue.

Step 9: Complete the installation process by clicking Next and Done.

Step 10: Select all the content already present on the google doc.

Step 11: Click the Add ons tab and here you will now find an extra option named extensive fonts.

Step 12: Select this Extensive font and this will pop up a new taskbar window.

Step 13: Here you will find a whole new range of different fonts that were never present on the google docs platform ever before. Click on the font style whichever you like, in order to change the selected content font.

Step 14: Now ask you can see the font style of the content is now changes, save the file through the standard procedure and don’t forget to name it.

Following the above steps, you can add custom fonts in google docs and give your content a new fresh look. Make your work more interesting than ever and get famous within or beyond your working group.

This procedure is applicable on every device irrespective of its brand or model, as far as the Google Docs is there, this method will work for you without fail.

To satisfy your further queries related to this topic however, all things are explained in detail in this article. You can still visit

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How To Add Custom Fonts To Google Docs issue. If you have any further doubts, you can contact google via addresses given on their official website or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else?

How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else?

A Take On Facebook

In today’s world, if you are living and breathing then either you are on Facebook, if not then you must consider making an account before the netizens declare you never existed.

Facebook is the world’s biggest social networking platform with over 2.4 billion users. Do you realize how big this 2.4 billion figure is? There are 7 billion people present on earth, and from them, 2.4 billion are present on a single networking platform. That means they can connect with each other anytime they want without giving it a second thought that where they are from, who they are and what category they belong to.

Facebook is a beautiful concept, it connects strangers to turn them into friends overnight. The potential of this social networking site is unlimited. Even the giant companies are considering Facebook to endorse their products. Where would you find 2.4 billion people all together in the same place other than Facebook?

But being on Facebook and having an account there means the rest of the world is also noticing you, of course, according to the preference of yours and your decision that how much they can see about you on Facebook.

Isn’t this a pressure issue too? Maybe the pic you just uploaded wouldn’t get on for the public view the way you wanted it to be? How is the rest of the users are watching your profile? How does your account look to others?

These are some questions that definitely would have to strike your mind at least once in your lifetime. Well, as you are our beloved reader, we won’t leave you to let grilling on these question fires anymore. This post will settle this issue of your once and for all. Bring it on.

How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else!


There is a dedicated option on Facebook for you to satisfy yourself if you are concerned about what do the public view on my account or timeline. Amazing, right? Yeah..we know it’s cool and we are proud of it. Give someone a cookie to that lean boy Mark Zuckerberg.

Well, jokes apart, it depends on the type of your account you are having. The procedure is different if you are having a normal personal account & the approach is totally different if the account is a public page made by you to self endorse yourself or company or product.

Below is the methods are written for the separate types of account in a step wise manner. Read the article till the end.

# For A Page

For A Page

As discussed above, this particular brand/business page is managed by users too. These pages work almost on the same theme but different features and options. To view the page according to someone else’s perspective is pretty easy. Steps are written below.

Step 1: Open your browser and visit

Step 2: Enter your id & password in the required fields respectively and press login.

Step 3: Now you are logged in to your personal standard account on Facebook. Click on the arrow down like button present last on the top blue options bar.

Step 4: Select your page as the name would be written there.

Step 5: Now as you have moved into the desired page. Click on the 3 dots menu lying right below your timeline photo.

Step 6: Select the option View As Public Visitor.

Now you will be redirected to a view that is present on the screen of the general public when they visit your page.

# For A Standard Personal Account

In standard accounts, it is a bit more effort taking to view your own profile as a public visitor as compares to the brand page we just discussed. But still, anything for the public image, never forget that.

Closely follow the steps written down below.

For A Standard Personal Account

Step 1: Open your browser and visit

Step 2: Enter your id & password in the required fields respectively and press login.

Step 3: Now you are logged in to your personal standard account on Facebook. Click on your own photo in the top corner in order to visit your timeline.

Step 4: Click on the gear looking icon, present on the top right corner on the screen.

Step 5: Select the Privacy Settings option.

Step 6: Now on this page, navigate to Timeline and Taggings.

Step 7: Now you will see a View As tool present in the center screen. Click on it.

Step 8: You will be directed to your timeline but right now what you are seeing is the public view.

Step 9: You can also change your view and check how your own friends on Facebook views your profile. So, to do the click the Public option on the view tool.

Step 10: Now write the friend’s name from whose point of view you would like to see your own Facebook profile. As you write the name, you will see their option coming in the suggestion down below, click on that.

Now the view is according to that particular friend you just chose, would be seeing if they visit your profile. 

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How to view your Facebook profile as someone else issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

Which Is The Best Web Browser For Mac? List Is On The Way For You.

Which Is The Best Web Browser For Mac? List Is On The Way For You.

Everyone knows the fact that internet data transfer speed is generally faster in Macbooks than the others. So, this calls for a better performing web browser than the others, right?

Safari comes pre-installed with the Macbooks and we believe that safari is obviously the best web browser capable of serving all web-related purposes. It successfully takes care of data privacy and maintains high-speed performance.

However, we have not included the Safari browser on our list. The reason is quite simple that it comes already with the Macbook so what’s the point to rank with. Apple guys are smart enough to analyze which web browser is both safe and fast performing on their machines.

They chose safari and developed it exclusively for the Macbooks. Hence, expecting the below-listed browser to perform better than safari in every aspect, would be too much. But yes, if you use this browser wisely and accordingly, you may fetch results better than that of safari.

5 Best Web Browser For Mac, With Reasons Explained.

The ranking is given only on the basis of the performance of this browser which had parameters like speed, connectivity, and accessibility under the eye. Although we do understand that there are other markups too to judge the performance of different browsers but not everything could be conducted in one test. 

These rankings are done exclusively keeping the performance of these web browsers on the Macbook machines only.

#5 Opera


Your eyes say that you are reading this name after a very long time. Yes, folks, the great Opera is successful in securing a rank inside our top 5 web browser. And it should be no wonder at all. C’mon, we all at some point of time downloaded this browser on our systems and enjoyed it.

Later this browser started giving trouble to us and hence took an exit from our systems but this is not the case anymore. The new updates and fresh look Opera is none left like the previous version, its promising like never before and fits nicely in the browser search for Macbooks.

However, there are certainly more browsers performing still better than Opera but that’s the reason this web browser is lagging in 5th position.


Opera has a built-in messenger available for the users to interact more easily and hence makes the browser more accessible.

The adblocker of this web browser works quite well. Who likes ads? Nobody! So here is the solution, just put the adblocker status on and leave everything on Opera.

 Free VPN service has been a sale point for this browser for quite some users. The hassle-free operation of a VPN is smooth like it glides. However, using the VPN service is not recommended because it actually does a proxy job than actually changing your VPN and to the top of that, the speed goes very slow.

Opera is an undisputed most beautiful looking web browser among all, so if you’re into vibrant colors and ever excited for new skins every day, this web browser is all set to blow your mind.

#4 Brave


Looks like you never heard of this name or, did you? If an orange lion is coming in front of your subconscious sight after listening to this name Yes, you got it right. This is the browser. Brave was founded in the year 2015 but it’s iOS compatible version is released in the year 2020.

Now imagine how much of time the creators took to furnish this already good performing browser into an iOS-compatible version. The answer is quite simple, they were keen on the fact that no matter what, this web browser should never fail to project as the best web browser available on the whole internet for Macbooks. Although, after doing such great in their capacities, the browser still can not stand in front of a few class apart browsers.

Well, Brave is now on iOS, and we are sure that by the end of this year, Brave will climb up some ranks up for sure.


This is personally my favorite because this browser prioritizes privacy & security as their first concern.

Brave serves ad blockers which are working great in every condition. It also encrypts communications with the servers we browse on our Macbook. Which makes it probably the safest browser.

It also has a brave shield that can be used to see how much of the ads have been blocked by the browser and even more options to make your browsing experience more countable.

#3 Google Chrome

Google Chrome

We know ranking chrome at no. 3 is gonna offend many of you netizens, after all, Google Chrome is the world’s most favorite web browser. But we are not here to follow the cliche and serve you what’s not true. Let the truth be bitter to any extent, we will tell you that and hence, pals your loving browser is good but there are other browsers too which happens to be better than chrome.

No doubt that no one can match the sale point of chrome, its a Google’s baby after all. This fact makes the browser a very nice option to stay and surf on it. Plugins are endless and it is super fun to share the same browser with the world, or is it boring? Well, we consider nothing can get boring on the internet ever.


Is there even any need to tell you guys to reason why google chrome is on the list? If yes, then listen. Google chrome has the most plugins available on the never-ending list of web browsers.

This particular feature is enough to explain that browsing here is why I loved so much. Having this browser on the Macbook machine makes it forget the safari browser for some time.

However, nowadays google chrome has been observed to use our search data and leaks it to third parties, which later shows us their ads according to the search we made on chrome. A drawback and reason to be 2 ranks behind the top position.

#2 Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Looks like we are giving you too many reasons to feel nostalgic in a single article today. Trust us, we are experts in it. Mozilla Firefox was once the world’s most loved web browser with a peak of 32.21% reach in the world’s computers, which means an average of every third computer in the world was browsing on Firefox.

Later Google launched its Chrome and things got worse for Firefox. But Mozilla surely learned a lot from the defeat and today, their iOS-compatible version is ranked a position above Google Chrome. That’s why they say, revenge is best served cold.

There are numerous reasons to put Firefox on no. 2 here apart from the love we all still have in some corner of our hearts for Mozilla.


Firefox has been in the market for quite a few years now and they understand the need of the user pretty nicely. The security and privacy are for sure better than google chrome here without failing in the speed data transfer in the Macbooks.

I personally like the feature of the screenshot in this browser. This particular feature makes it so beautiful that you just can’t resist it. Everyone knows how important this screenshot thing is for us nowadays.

Basically, the Mozilla Firefox is equivalent in performance with chrome but it surely wins when we talk about security & privacy. Ranked just above the chrome, now makes sense.

#1 Vivaldi


Those who know this name, you guys are the real badass of the internet world. And those who are still wondering and even struggling in pronouncing the name, don’t worry, not everyone can top the tech heap.

Vivaldi has been serving its technically inclined performance to about 1.2 million monthly active users. It was launched in 2016 and since then, this web browser just shook up things a little for the big names too. However, the count on users isn’t that big as it should be but this doesn’t seem like any concern to the Vivaldi Technologies anyway.

This browser is surely topping the list and defeating all its rival web browser pretty easily. Of course, this event calls for the reason behind it, not to worry netizens, the reasons are endless & one better than the other. So just pull your sleeves up and continue reading this.


This web browser is certainly the top-performing browsing platform for Mac this 2020. Vivaldi is the perfect blend of both mainstream web browsing and options of customization with the skins.

It takes care of your personal sensitive privacy and never lets you down on the speed data transfer part. Browsing on this particular is fast, secure and involves no third party in any case.

So, the final verdict for Vivaldi is that this browser has all the great features already present in the above-named platforms in one, minus their demerits. Hence, Vivaldi is our best web browser for the Macbooks.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the Which Is The Best Web Browser For Mac issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To Fix Service Error In Google Play Store? We’re on it.

How To Fix Service Error In Google Play Store? We’re on it.

We understand how tragic is it to see your daily need app store “Google Play Store” showing the error “Google Play Services Has Stopped”.

You are trying hard to avoid this error as if nothing has happened but you keep on failing. Clicking, again and again, the “Open App Again” option is fetching you nothing but disheartening ridicule from the software as it leaves you with a blank screen.

Here it is advised to check other google owned apps i.e. Google Mail, Google Chrome, YouTube, etc if these are giving you the same error too? If yes, then you are going through a hard phase of service failure.

Every google supported app is giving you service error message one different from another but with the same reward of not able to use it. Disappointed? Keep reading the article and leave everything on us.

Google Play Services Error

Why This Error Came In Your Phone? : Explained.

Don’t you agree that we are using our phone approximately double the hours than we sleep nowadays? Maybe our global connectivity and ever-growing internet amenities have made us include and accept this pattern as our new lifestyle. That’s why we are less likely to be citizens and more netizens in this 21st century. 

This scenario is tensioning for the human race and also ever-increasing the load on the apps and software too. Apps are not programmed to show the level of fatigue on them but they do fall into distress trap and hence show us “services has stopped” error.

The huge number of hours spent on the apps use a thick amount of internet data. In android devices, all the certified apps are downloaded directly through Google Play Store. And this pressurizes the google services handling the app store and other supported apps.

Continuous use of these apps supported by google services saves temporary or trash files into the service storage making them lag or slow. And when the pile of trash files go beyond the limit of dedicated RAM for the google services specifically then these services starts troubling you.

Google service handles the app store so, troubled google service will stop executing Google Play store into action. Without troubleshooting this issue in google service, expecting the execution of Play store is next to impossible.

Let’s Kill This Unfortunate Google Play Services Error

It’s easy to diagnose why the error is occurring on your phone and so is troubleshooting it. All this mess came in existence because of the pile of temporary/ trash files and this pile will keep heaping as you just can not leave using these apps in this fast pace world. We understand.

So, if we get rid of this pile of junk files our apps will start running smoothly again. Absolutely right! Let’s not waste any more time and come let’s kick the junk files and make our google service go free as it is kept hostage from a very long time now.

There are basically two methods to make the error go away, both are having an accuracy rate of 100% but must be applied one by one. Sometimes the junk files are piled in multiple places which makes it use the second method too. Below are the method, go through them.

  • Eliminating the extra service:

Step 1: Open the “settings” menu on your android phone.

Step 2: In the options down below you will find “Apps” open it.

Step 3: Here you will find a plugin with the name “Google Play Service for Instant Apps”.

Step 4: Click on this service and uninstall it straight away.

This “Google play service for instant apps” is nothing but a pseudo service that serves us the failure we are experiencing. Try using the play store again and it will work for your device now.

  • Clearing Whole Junk:

Step 1: Open the “settings” menu on your android phone.

Step 2: In the options down below you will find “Apps” open it.

Step 3: Tap the plugin “Google Play Service”.

Step 4: Here you will find an option “Storage” tap on it and clear the data.

Step 5: Go back and pick “Google Play Store” and open it.

Step 6: Delete whole data from here too along with cache.

Here you have cleared all the junk files and nothing can disturb you in enjoying google play store services now.

 It is highly recommended to give your phone a restart after trying any or both of the above-mentioned procedures. These troubleshoot methods works for any android device regardless of its brand and model. For further information, you can visit

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How To Fix Service Error In Google Play Store. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

Why Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Googling For It.

Why Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Googling For It.

Hey Google..take me to Clark’s house. Hey some music. No, I’m not asking Google to read these instructions and work on it, I don’t even know Clark. These are some tasks you give to your virtual assistant daily.

Even imagining phones, tablets, computers and of course life without google would require google to make the correct guess. Google launched its browser in September 2008 with the name “Chrome” and the world loved it, we love it even more today.

Google Chrome by far has been the world’s no. 1 web browser with a whooping plus 50% of world web wide traffic on it. Awesome, isn’t it? A lot of people would agree with me if I say that in 2008 when chrome came in existence, it was such a relief for the netizens from that plain slow buggy Internet Explorer or Edge.

What Makes Chrome Keeps Crashing? : Explained.

As said earlier the chrome is attracting more than 50% of the world’s web traffic, this factor pushes new challenges every day every minute to Google Corp. We are lucky enough to have google as a most competent brand with many genius brains working for the world.

Now the ever raising load on the web is weighted the max on chrome, problems do occur. Attracting traffic attracts new virus and bugs which are capable to any extent. While the filters in chrome keep on detecting and saving itself from malware but it’s not accurate to 100% for both minor or major bugs.

There are many reasons too apart from the said but all this is completely manageable and nothing to panic about.

Let’s Turn “Aw Snap!” To “AweSome”.

Chrome Keeps Crashing

How can we leave our beloved chrome in trouble like this? Okay, let’s get it straight and accept the fact that one whose in trouble is you and we will get you out of this. C’mon, we all know how important that app is for us. Safari is undoubtedly a very nice browser but nothing fits more handy than chrome.

The good news for us this time is that let our device be any model of any brand, the procedure to troubleshoot this crashing issue is exactly the same.

Below are some methods by which you can diagnose and treat this chrome crashing problem in a perfect manner.

  • Clear cache

A very basic method but here is a catch for you guys. If you think you will erase the history along with all cookies and cache directly from the chrome options while keeping the browser running, you are gonna fail it! That’s the reason articles are meant to read till the end.

Don’t just minimize chrome, end its running operation and move to the main icon of chrome. Keep pressing it until it gives you an “App Info” option. Click that and now clear the cache. This is how you clear unwanted data properly to make the issue resolved.

  • Restart the chrome

Same protocol, keep pressing the icon until the “App Info” option pops up. Open the info and click the “Disable” tab, now a warning notification saying “Disabling chrome may cause other apps to stop working correctly” but don’t get scared of it just press the “Ok” button and let it uninstall some files.

After this, click the “Enable” button and restart chrome. Chrome may ask you to log in again in google, do what’s needful and hopefully you won’t see the error for a pretty long time now.

  • Check for the permissions to chrome

This method is the least thought by anybody as everyone considers that chrome itself will ask for permission if it requires any. Not always dear netizens. Chrome generally asks us for 5-6 permissions at the time of installation and generally, we allow all of them.

Check if any of the permission got off without your proper conscience. If that’s the case, turn the permission on and try loading chrome again and see the issue getting resolved for you.

  • Re-install the chrome

There is a fine chance that even after this standard troubleshoots the chrome still misbehaves and keeps crashing as before. Now is the time to uninstall chrome. Keep pressing the chrome icon till uninstall option appears, click OK and let it sink.

Open the App Store and start downloading chrome again. After the installation and giving all permissions along with google login, browse to an uninterrupted experience.

  • Quick Boot the device.

Try this step well before re-installation of chrome. Chances are there that the problem exists in your phone and not related to google chrome app anywhere.

Restart your phone, this will refresh your phone and make all the apps go force close. This makes the RAM free and if the crashing was your phone’s fault, this will go away and you can use your beloved browser.

  • Turn off the antivirus.

Google chrome generally works well with any antivirus you name it. But this is still debatable that antivirus behave varies with usage of the device. Hence refraining chrome from doing its operation is quite understandable being the antivirus.

If this is the case, go to your antivirus and put it “off” for a while. Now try browsing on the chrome app. If it works then you know what to do with your antivirus. A simple antivirus update would be enough to resolve the issue for now.

  • Check for corrupt software.

This is the worst case ever can happen to you but yes there is a possibility that your software is affected by some bug/virus corrupting it and disabling you to enjoy browsing on chrome.

If all the above methods are not working for you, you have no option but to consider this point and go for a software check. And for this, you have to visit your phone’s concerned store.

For more info, you can visit This link will direct you to Google’s questionnaire section.

 I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the Why Google Chrome Keeps Crashing. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.