How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code Issue? Read To Know.

How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code Issue? Read To Know.

You just dialed a code to check how much data is left in your phone account today but, despite showing the service message your phone is displaying some error text saying “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”. Wait..this isn’t even close to what you asked for!

These service errors are irritating sometimes so is this invalid MMI code issue. In this ongoing corona pandemic lockdown, the only way to keep ourselves entertained is the internet. The service provider gives a fixed amount of internet to us so, it’s never a good idea to use the data anywhere or everywhere and get exhausted on the limit before the day ends.

These service errors surely are a pain in the brain. Does that mean you are not going to know how much your data is left in the account? Well no! Until we are here to resolve all your issues.

Why Such Errors Occur & What Is MMI Code? : Explained!

Connection problem or invalid MMI Code

To understand why such errors occur, we need to first understand what exactly the “MMI Code” is & what purpose does it serve to us?

MMI stands for Man-Made Interface which is a software program designed by service providers for their customers so that they can perform small tasks without specifically calling on the helpdesk engaging someone for a while however if any customer still desires to call and get their task done by the service representative, they can.

This interface has different service options so to pick the specific service, one needs a different code dedicated to the exclusive service. Here is where the code comes handy. Every task or service like balance check, left data check, last call details, etc can be performed by just putting the right dedicated code on the phone.

Generally, these codes consist of ” * ” and “#” in them. These special characters make the dialer perform an on-screen display of services instead of starting a voice call. This enables you to perform more operations by exploring the options available.


Now the issue of “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” raises generally if the entered code is wrong or invalid. However, if this is not the case then your own dialer is responsible for the error.

Dialer or Phone app is the least taken care of by the user as we consider this app very basic and consider that it has nothing to do with the internet, which is not true. The phone app uses both the internet and data from the contacts and recent lists.

Like every other app using the internet collects cache and cookies, exactly the same way the Phone app does it too. These trash files in the form of cache sometimes hinder the performance of dialer and hence these error occurs.

Let’s Start The Rescue Mission.

To bring you out of the “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” issue we have different methods and you have no choice but to apply these procedures one by one and check what fits your purpose.

Below are some 100% working methods each for different reasons for the error.

  • Enter The Correct MMI Code:

There is a possibility that the code you are putting in the dialer is wrong or maybe not in active working status.

Sometimes service providers do change the MMI codes for security reasons and maybe this is the case you are stuck in to. Check for the new/correct code on the internet or call your service helpline.

  • Check If The Network Is Working Properly:  

After receiving the error and ensuring that the code was correct, the next step is to check the network on your phone. A weak strength or no network will definitely drag you to this “invalid MMI code” issue.

Try to catch a better strength of network on your phone and again put the correct code, click the “calling” button and hopefully you will find the solution and continue your operations.

  • Restart The Sim Card:

Seems like nothing above is working for you, don’t worry we won’t leave you until this error places itself in the trash bin probably for a long time now.

Go straight into the settings option in your phone and select the “sim card manager”. Now pick the sim with which you are experiencing the issue, deactivate the sim by putting the bar off and keep it off for 30 secs. After this duration again put the sim on activated mode and now try the correct code to enjoy the Man-Made Interface services.

  • Clear The Cache & Trash Files:

Failed To resolve the issue with all the above-explained solutions, then the problem is not anywhere related to the service provider’s side or your typing/ wrong code mistake.

This move will definitely bring you the “Connection problem or invalid MMI code ” issue. Tap the “settings” option in the menu and click on the “installed apps” tab. Entering here find the “dialer app” or “phone app” (depending on the version of android you are using the name of the app changes).

Clear the data inside the “phone app”, this will take less than 5 secs. This method clears the trash files and allows you to access MMI services seamlessly.

This MMI code error doesn’t affect your call operations and internet streaming services at all. You still can access your general services the way you always do but yes, keeping an eye on the data, balance, and validity left is always recommended to ensure uninterrupted service of your mobile communication account.

For an online solution, you can visit the website of your service provider. Below listed are the company’s official website, use whichever fits your requirements if needed. 


I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How To Fix Connection Problem Or Invalid MMI Code Issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

Why Does My Apple Watch Battery Die So Fast? The Doctor Is Here.

Why Does My Apple Watch Battery Die So Fast? The Doctor Is Here.

Who doesn’t like Apple watches? Surely everyone does, no matter how much they rant on the high price issue over apple products every now and then.

From the never-ending range of digital watches only apple watches hold the right and the audacity to set the benchmark of supremacy & class. No other brand can ever beat the true serendipity of the sight having this masterpiece in hand.

Features are endless in the watch with of course the ever shining and sober iOS blends a perfect combination. This gadget is meant to wear once and for all because not only this device will help you track your body routine but also keep you updated without having any need to bring your phone out of pocket.

Did I just mention body routine? It surely does a great job. You can track your daily steps, distance covered, calories burnt, sleeping time and heartbeat too. However, the list is endless but what attracts everyone is the heartbeat tracker.

This smartwatch is definitely making you smarter both globally and internally. It’s obviously a must-have a product but the privilege isn’t meant for everyone, right?

Why Does My Apple Watch Battery Die So Fast : Explained.

So your beloved apple smartwatch is giving you trouble and just unable to end it’s a day even before your day gets over. Don’t worry, we won’t let your expensive gadget die so early anymore. See that’s why articles are important in everyone’s life.

Don’t lose hopes guys, we know you Apple fans are super protective about your gadgets. The reason behind your watch giving you this battery trouble is quite simple, the unattended background running apps.

But the system is strong enough to give you the same optimum performance even when you don’t close the background apps, at least that’s what Apple claims! Of course sir, but did they ever claimed that this extra comfort of performance would not take an extra amount of battery? Now you are getting it.

All the apps running in the background are designed to go on hibernation till we select them again when needed but sometimes the apps get stuck in the loop and continue consuming the juice.

Well, there are many other factors too which may cause this battery draining issue. Let’s discuss them one by one with their solution so that you follow them and make your tiny companion flaunt all day long in your hand.

Factors Resulting The Drainage & Their Solutions.

  • Background Apps

As it is already been discussed above in detail, let’s just skip to the steps and solve this damn issue, in particular, this case.


Step 1: Press and hold the side button until a slider appears on the screen to ask you for “switch off” the watch.

Step 2: Drag the slider to the right and switch off the device.

Step 3: Again press and hold the side button to switch on your watch.

This simple restart will resolve your issue of battery drainage. Just make sure to close the app properly when done working with it the next time and you will be good to go.

  • The Screen Brightness 

That screen is the first and the biggest consumer of your battery inside the watch. And the rest is nothing but mathematics. More the brighter screen, the lesser the battery backup timing. Follow this solve it by yourself.

Step 1: Run the “settings” on your watch.

Step 2: Choose “display and brightness” and look for the brightness bar.

Step 3: There are 3 levels of brightness suiting your type. Pick the dimmest one to maximize your battery running time. 

After this brightness adjustment, you will notice the difference and find your battery performing much better than ever before. This is how we resolved your issue.

  • Main Watch Face Background Color

This may sound a little too much to you but there are science and obviously technology behind this point. Let’s first do our job and then discuss the reason.

Step 1: Touch and keep holding the watch face until it gives you the option to customize. Click it.

Step 2: Roll the watch crown to find yourself a watch face which is more black on the background.

Step 3: Press the crown to exit to the main screen

Apple uses all black pixels in all the watches. Making the pixels showing less the color will save more juice for your gadget. Simple science!

  • Cut The Notification Number

Notification is directly connected to display turning on. Lesser the notification, fewer times the display will show. See how it’s done.

Step 1: Open the apple watch dedicated app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Go the notification option and scroll down to find the apps.

Step 3: Turn off the app notifications for that app which you don’t generally use or not important to you much.


Following this method will save battery a lot as the watch won’t need to connect again and again to the iPhone for notification purposes.

  • No Auto Refresh For The Apps

Turning off the auto-refresh for the apps will definitely save a good amount of juice and data as well, now the watch doesn’t need to connect with the internet every now and then to follow the notification. The procedure goes as below.

Step 1: Click the crown button and pick the settings open.

Step 2: Here you will find “Background app refresh” turn it off.

Step 3: Again click the crown button to get back on the main screen.

You don’t need to stop auto-refresh for every app if you don’t want to. There is an option to select a few for which the refresh will still work. Obviously lowering the number of apps will make you watch stay up for some long hours.

  • No More Raise To Wake Up

Why Does My Apple Watch Battery Die So Fast

Isn’t this too much? I mean, asking you folks to just not use the salient features of raise to wake up, just to save some battery is criminal. We are left with no option, so just go through the steps and decide yourself.

Step 1: Again press the crown button and enter into settings.

Step 2: Enter the “General” option.

Step 3: Scroll down and click “wake screen”

Step 4: Turn off the wake up on raise wrist option and get back to the main screen by clicking the crown button again.

This is disheartening for me too. I personally won’t do this to my watch until the battery is performing damn too low.

  • Reinstallation

This is the last option available if nothing works then try this method. This is like leaving no stone unturned in saving your watch battery for the day. Follow the steps carefully down below.

Step 1: Open the apple watch app on your iPhone and unpair the watch.

Step 2: Press and hold the side button in your watch and turn it on.

Step 3: Hold your watch close to your iPhone until a watch logo appears on your iPhone screen.

Step 4: Tap the “continue” option and see your camera turn on.

Step 5: A pattern will appear in your watch. Just put this pattern in front of your iPhone’s camera to pair both up.

Step 6: Start the set up all over again as a new watch. Sign in and set the passcodes.

This method needs full attention while performing and should be taken in use when all rest of the above-mentioned ways fail to save your battery from early drainage.

It is highly recommended to try not to overcharge your expensive apple watch even when you know there is an auto cut off. After using apps, do clear the pile by forcing them. Keep your watch clean and take proper care. For more assistance in setup of your device, you can visit

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the Why Does My Apple Watch Battery Die So Fast issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To Record Calls In iPhone? Let’s Find Out.

How To Record Calls In iPhone? Let’s Find Out.

  iPhones are simply brilliant masterpiece by apple, we all agree with that but, nobody knows why the tech giant company is not giving their millions of using a simple option to record a call?

Call recording is not a premium service meant to be used by the elite class only nowadays. People do use it in their daily lives for various reasons. Stenographer uses it for listening and typing the records, lawyers use it to understand the case better and listen multiple times for their smart defense.

Imagine, you are getting threat calls from a stranger and you want to report it, in that case, having a call recording would work in your favor or maybe you are a merchant navy officer and you are having a pretty romantic conversation with your girlfriend & you know you will be out of network for the coming few weeks as your ship will be sailing only in the water to reach the other equator.

Now you want to record this conversation so, that you keep it saved and listen to it later to buck yourself up in the depressing ocean waters. But your iPhone is not cooperating, nothing new about it, iPhones never understood the simple concept of call recording for some alien reasons.

When asked why apple denied adding the call recording feature in the coming future even. According to them, to record a call is a security & privacy concern. People may use it with a malign intention. Recording a call without the consent of the other party is a privacy offence.

Moreover, Apple avoids all the possible reasons which may affect their company’s image in the market. If they start giving the option to record calls, there are chances that someone someday accuses Apple of saving and using their personal calls as the company itself has allowed recording and saving options.

Such an incident has happened with Facebook for using data of its users and selling it to third parties. So, this case even threatens all other companies to not to ask for user’s personal data without their consent and better to stay away from it as much as they can.

Why Do You Need To Record Calls? : Explained.

Looks like you don’t have a girlfriend or your existing girlfriend doesn’t talk in any romantic way with you these days. No problem, we have other examples too to explain to you why you need to record calls at times.

In today’s world, most of the new generation is likely to move out of their houses and leave their parents either for work reasons or privacy reasons. Now, sometimes they miss the special dish their parent used to make for them. Receiving the recipe in a text format is both times consuming & efforts taking, maybe your parent doesn’t like typing on the phone’s keyboard. Missing call recording, don’t you?

Someone is threatening you, you are in danger. You call 911 and tell them that someone you know or you don’t, called you up on your phone and threatened you for life consequences. Those cops receive hundreds of these complaints on a daily basis, more than half of those are fake.

Only evidence can give weight to your case now. Do you have the call recording? If this will be asked by the cops, you would be feeling shame on having an iPhone now as there is no option to record calls.

Don’t worry peeps, we will solve this issue for you, just keep reading the article and solve this tiny issue of your once and for all.

Ways To Record Calls In iPhone.

There are several ways to record calls on the iPhone. People even put their phone’s on speaker mode and start recording the calls through a separate recorder. But will this be counted as a legitimate record? No.

So, here are the three ways through which you can record your calls without fear of missing out the legitimacy.

# Recording Calls Through An App.

This is the simplest method to solve your call recording purpose. Go to App Store and download a recording app for yourself, that’s it.

No folks, the story doesn’t end here. Apple is smart enough to rule out the apps which are not trusting through their system only. More than 60% of the call recording apps on the App Store doesn’t work properly on the iPhone system.

Back to square one? Certainly not. Always read the reviews of the app before downloading, that’s the basic protocol you must follow before downloading and installing any app, after all, it’s your phone, not some junkyard.

Use the paid apps. Generally, it is observed that the apps which take money from you against their services tend to be more serious about their job. These apps are more likely to have a clear quality of voice recording and guarantee you to not to save it or sell it to any third party in any case. Privacy will stay intact, no matter what.

We recommend you to try the three apps written down below.

  • TapeACall Pro

This app has great reviews on the App Store and on the internet.

It costs around $9.99. Which is obviously lower than the external recording device.

This app allows you to record unlimited both incoming and outgoing calls. It also gives you the option to share the recorded file.

  • Call Recorder Plus

This app is available at a cheaper price of $3.99 than the above one with almost the same features.

It allows you to record calls at a certain limit and to use above that limit, you will have to buy credits from the app purchase option.

Both incoming and outgoing calls are recorded.

  • No-Notes

This app comes for free to download.

It not only records your call but also transcript it into a written format, which you can use later as notes or send someone.

Only 20 mins/month is free to record on this app. To use it above this limit, you will have to buy credits from the app options.

# Recording With An External Device.

This is a very professional way to record a call. Buy yourself an external high-quality call recording device, which must come around $40. Yes, this way is a bit expensive but what else we can do if your iPhone isn’t ready to cooperate with the call recording concept.

# Using Your Own Voicemail.

This is a bit tricky method to record calls. Make sure you take consent of the party you are going to record the call of.

Understand this procedure in steps given below.

Step 1: Call the person by dialling their number or using the already saved contact.

Step 2: Press the Add Call + button after the call is received.

Step 3: Call yourself so that you reach the voicemail of your own number.

Step 4: Press the Call Merge button and now your call is being recorded by your own voicemail service box.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Recording The Calls.
  •  Make sure you take proper consent from the other party before making the call and start recording. It is a privacy offence to record anyone’s voice without their knowledge.
  • In order to receive a high quality of voice recording, make sure your background is as quiet as possible.
  • There should be enough space in your iPhone to save the file. Otherwise even after recording the call, you will lose the file because of not having proper storage space.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve the How to record calls on iPhone issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

Why GPS Is Not Working On My iPhone? Read To Fix.

Why GPS Is Not Working On My iPhone? Read To Fix.

Imagine, your girlfriend invited you for dinner and make her parents meet you for the first time but, you just know the address, not known to the location as they just shifted to a new place about a week ago. You pull out your iPhone and discover that your GPS isn’t working. Irritating, right?

Not just irritating, this issue can turn into a curse in the time of emergency. 

Global Positioning System aka GPS has changed our lives to a larger extent. Nobody’s seen bothering others asking for addresses so often nowadays. Because people just use GPS on their phones and reach their destination directly. No more wrong path pranks for the bad boys around the street corners.

A non-working GPS is just not an issue, its an inconvenience resulting in repercussions ranging from a getting late to reach to missing your important flight. 

Why Did Such Failure happen? : Explained.

There are multiple reasons resulting in this GPS failure. iPhones may be heard to face these GPS failure issues quite often but, iPhones are all filled with many features expected to work seamlessly and this extremely satisfying performance asks for more data and operational efforts from the iOS.

This format attracts more and more temporary/ trash files which may form a glitch hindering your GPS to launch normally.

Sometimes the background running apps entangle with the RAM and turns into a hurdle for apps like GPS in their operation. However, the iPhones are designed to never get stuck or hang but, operational failures are entity beyond permanent solution.

Also, glitches may come into existence by the system itself. The connection services are the first and most in dealing with internet & foreign data. Hence making them a soft spot for the malware to attack and stop working.

Methods To Troubleshoot The Issue.

There are many ways to resolve this issue for your iPhone. Actually, GPS failure is so common that there is almost Nil chance that you have not encountered one yet.

So, many people tried their own method to troubleshoot and some of them also secured success 

Below are listed that method which is commonly used and foolproof. Read and apply to troubleshoot the GPS issue in your iPhone, skip to the next method if the current one isn’t working for you.

  • Restart The Device

This is the most common one. Just restart and refresh your device and expect everything to be working as it was never into trouble. Smart!

Step 1 – Press and keep holding the power key in your iPhone until a slider appears.

Step 2 – Slide it to the right and see your phone turning off.

Step 3 – Wait for a few secs, now again press and hold the power button again till apple’s logo appears on the screen.

Step 4 – Enter your passcode as your face id or biometric encryption would not work for this particular time right after the restart.

Step 4 – Get back to the home screen and check if the GPS has started working now.

  • Refresh The Network
GPS Is Not Working On My iPhone

This procedure clears the small glitches which are refraining you to execute the GPS service in your iPhone. This refreshes the location services which clears the normal glitches without doing much.

Step 1 – Launch the Settings from the home screen.

Step 2 – Scroll down and click the Privacy in the menu.

Step 3 – Find for Location Services and press on the tab.

Step 4 – Slide the toggle on the left to switch the location services off. Wait for 30 secs.

Step 5 – Again slide the toggle, now to the right in order to turn the location services back on.

Step 6 – Get back to the home screen and check if the GPS has started working on your iPhone.

  • Force Close All Network Services

If you think you are closing or turning off the network setting right from your service window you always slide down from the top of the screen, then you are certainly wrong. You are just hibernating the service, not actually closing it.

Now if you are having much of the network-related services on or hibernating in your iPhone then what else you can expect from it than a GPS failure? Follow the steps down below.

Step 1 – Go straight into the Settings.

Step 2 – Click on WiFi to enter it.

Step 3 – Slide the toggle to the left and turn the wifi off.

Step 4 – Get on to the settings page back.

Step 5 – Pick Bluetooth and enter it.

Step 6 – Turn the toggle off.

Step 7 – Get back to the Settings again.

Step 8 – Select the Cellular Data and turn it off too as we did for the first two.

Step 9 – Scroll down to the Privacy section.

Step 10 – Enter into the Location Services and turn it off.

Step 11 – Now restart your phone and now connect to the internet. Check for the issue if it got resolved.

  • Reinforcement, Offline Map Data

This method is the smartest of all. Not only this method will resolve the issue and run GPS all over again but will definitely speed up the searches.

It’s a must-try procedure. Even if you are not encountering any issue. Follow the drill.

Step 1 – Open Maps from your home screen.

Step 2 – Click on the three-bar lines option tray on the top left in the maps section.

Step 3 – Select the Offline Maps option.

Step 4 – Download the local maps available according to your location.

Step 5 – Get back to the home screen and clear the Maps from the running apps bar by force cleaning it.

Step 6 – Launch Maps again and check the GPS as working fine for your iPhone.

  • Turn Location Permissions On

GPS services are purely based on location and location services. If the system is not allowed to access to the location services, expecting from the GPS to still work fine is like expecting a long drive with Emma Watson in Area 51.

Check by applying the steps written below before anyone comes to know this.

Step 1 – Get into the Settings.

Step 2 – Sneak in the Privacy tab.

Step 3 – Click on the Location Services option.

Step 4 – Slide the toggle to the right in order to turn the location services find your location.

Step 5 – Get back to the home screen and look for the working GPS now.

  • Reset The Network Settings

This must be the last option to apply for resolving this GPS failure problem. I highly recommend you to go through the above-written procedures if you haven’t or left anyone to try.

This option may turn into an inconvenience for a while as you will have to retype passwords for all the wifi you use in your iPhone.

Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1 – Get into the Settings.

Step 2 – Enter in the General option.

Step 3 – Scroll down to the Reset option at the end of the page. Click it.

Step 4 – Select the option Reset The Network.

Step 5 – Enter your passcode and touch OK.

This will reset the network setting along with restoring every network-based service to their default settings for your iPhone. After applying this method, you will definitely end your problem of GPS failure and won’t notice it happening again in the near future.

For more information, you can visit

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve Why GPS Is Not Working On My iPhone issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.

How To Share Private Videos On YouTube? Read And Learn.

How To Share Private Videos On YouTube? Read And Learn.

Janet Jackson was performing with Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl in the year 2004. Right after the song when the performance was about to end, Justin unintentionally snatched a piece out of Janet’s dress, making her fall into a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

This incident secured a whole lot of attention from all around the world but very few had videos with them, certainly not enough to make a count of 100 even. Hence this incident was just covered verbally at that time.

Three friends Steve, Chad & Jawed came to know about this malfunction rumor so, Jawed started searching for the video but failed to find anything related to this incident. This scenario made all three of them discuss the idea of today’s YouTube. Bizarre, right?

YouTube was intended to serve the world as a video sharing platform and even today if you search about YouTube, you will end up seeing it categorized in the category of “video-sharing platform” only. However, we all know that now YouTube is more like a search engine not very different from Google.

Talking about Google, YouTube comes under the subsidiary of Google Inc. An entertainment-based platform now turned into a giant platform covering all the categories of videos. Imagining today’s scenario without YouTube is next to impossible.

Sharing videos on YouTube is easy, just make a video and upload it on YouTube and let the world know about your work. But sometimes we make videos which are made to be seen only by the people we choose to allow watching. For this, just drop the video in the “private video” category.

Why Do You Need Such Option? : Explained.

That’s easy to understand. Those videos which you want to showcase on YouTube but don’t want everyone to see it, only those who are allowed by you must watch it, this can be done only with the help of the “private video” option. Didn’t get it? This section is called the “explanation paragraph” for a reason.

Consider, you are having a YouTube channel(if you already have one then great) with 500 subscribers and you upload videos every week for them and secure views about 3k for every video in a month.

Now you want to interact with some top fans of yours. You have 15 followers who were probably your first 15 and they were present with you when no one did. They gave Thumbs UP to your material on YouTube, encouraging you to make more of such videos. They shared your videos to make your channel reach the audience.

You think this is the right time to thank them but just saying thanks to them doesn’t satisfy you from inside. What else will excite them? Of course something exclusively for them! How about a video? Bingo!

Now you have started making a special video for those 15 subscribers only and ready to upload it. You know if you will upload the video as published or everyone, the rest of the subscribers and random people will also watch the video and they may take offenses that you are being partial to them. 

In this situation, you need this “private video” option so, that only those people who are chosen by you are able to see the video and come to know what you feel for them.

Not only this. You can also use this video to impress your girlfriend, just call her up and tell her that you are finally proposing here on YouTube and letting the world know about the two of you. Drop her in the allowed section and private the video. She will definitely go crazy for you.

Just beware that she isn’t surrounded by her friends because if they opened your channel and didn’t found the video, this trick may backfire. *Silence*

A Common Myth.

How To Share Private Videos On YouTube

It has been observed that the internet is flooded by wrong methods which may seem like solving your purpose of sharing the private video on YouTube but that’s not true. It’s actually a myth between the users that unlisting the video is equivalent to privatizing the video.

“Unlisted video” is no way relatable with “Private video”. It’s a whole different category of videos, unlisted category separates your particular video from the commonly available videos for public view.

Unlisting a video means hiding the link for the video from everyone but not the video. Still, that particular video will be present in the All videos section and can get shared by the general people even if they aren’t your subscribers.

And there is no point to drop a video in Un listed video category if you want it not to be seen or get shared by everyone & must get accessed by people chosen by you. Here is where Private Video comes in for serving the purpose.

Ways To Share The Private YouTube Video.

There are multiple approaches to share a private video on YouTube with anyone in the world, but here, the most simple 2 are presented to keep it as basic as possible.

#1 Nothing Fancy

This method is exclusively for those videos which are being uploaded by you on the channel directly now.

Step A – Open in your browser and sign in.

Step B – You will find a dedicated “Upload” button on the top middle right side of your channel. Click it.

Step C – A separate window will pop up for you. Here you will notice a “Private” tab right in the middle down. Click it.

Step D – Now pick the Private as your setting.

Step E – Right below the Privacy tab, there is Share to option plate. Write down the e-mails or click to the profiles you want to share this video with.

Step F – Click in the middle of the window, that’s a big button which enables you to upload your video.

Step G – You will be redirected to your video on your device, just select the video by clicking it.

Step H – A new window appears and your video is uploading. You can see add or remove the people you just chose to allow for the private video here. After uploading gets over, click on the “share” button.

That’s it, you are good to go. This video will be watched by the people you chose & nobody else apart from these guys will get any notifications about it.

#2 Sober Approach

This method is applicable to the videos you have already uploaded on your channel.

Step A – Open in your browser and sign in.

Step B – You will find an Avatar or your display photo on the top right corner. Click it.

Step C – Select the “Creator Studio” option.

Step D – Click on the “Video Manager” option on this new window. It’s on the extreme left in the screen.

Step E – Now all your already uploaded videos will line up on the screen. Click on the “Edit” tan of the video, you want to make private.

Step F – Here you will find a category tab, change it to “Private”.

Step G – A new “share to” option will appear. Add people here to whom you wanna share this video with.

Step H – Hit the “share” button and this will send notification exclusively to those people only which has been chosen by you to see the video.

I hope I could address all your queries and now you can easily resolve How To Share Private Videos On YouTube issue. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact your service provider or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful. And do tell me about your experience in fixing this issue, in the comment box.