How to Fix iPhone Water Damage- Complete Guide

How to Fix iPhone Water Damage- Complete Guide

Dropped your iPhone in the water? Maybe in the bathtub, Lake, Sea, or maybe in your toilet seat? Don’t panic! iPhone’s seem to drop and get damaged all the time. And cracked Screen is the most common amongst these but the second most common is iPhone water damage!

But worry not! If you take some smart steps, your phone might survive this dive and get dunked some other time, as iPhones are not totally waterproof, they’re Water Resistant and the Next Generation iPhone’s might be totally Waterproof, so you can take them for a dive without any worries.

iPhone water damage

Water Proof Vs Water Resistant

People have a lot of confusion between water Proof & Water Resistant. Well, both of these are very different from each other. There’s nothing that can be truly considered as Waterproof as no manufacturer can absolutely guarantee that. And anything which can withstand a little bit of moisture is called Water-Resistant. 

The Water-Resistant Products are given IP Ratings ( Ingress Protection Ratings) which guides consumers to determine the level of water resistance. This IP rating has 2 digits. Digit one from 1 to 7 and Digit two from 1 to 9. The first digit refers to intrusion protection which means protection from dust and the second one refers to moisture protection

So now you know the Difference between Water-Resistant and Waterproof now, so let’s take a look at the fix!

Wipe the ExterioriPhone water damage repair

First, get your iPhone out of that H2O right away if you haven’t already and wipe the exterior carefully with a tissue or cloth. And don’t even try to turn on your device because it might be wet from inside which can cause internal shoe-circuits which may cause permanent or long-term damage to your device.

If you have some case on your device, remove it and clean the device from the back. After all external wiping, Open the Sim Tray and remove the SIM card. And if you are geek enough to remove the iPhone’s Battery all by yourself, then remove the battery too but it will void your iPhone;s warranty.

Also, clear all the ports and Grills on your device by giving it a gentle shake because it’s not water which damages the device, its Short-Circuits which causes damage.

Switch the Device Offshould i repair my iphone or buy a new one?

 After wiping your device externally, you might be curious to check whether it’s still working or no but don’t! Because it may cause damage to the circuits permanently damaging some parts or sensors and you definitely don’t want that to happen right? If the device is switched off, leave it and dry out the liquid first.

In case if you spill some drink on your mobile while it’s turned off or in sleep mode, then all you have is 2 options, either to leave it off or if it’s in sleep mode, pray that no notifications show up. And if you receive any notification, it’ll turn on the screen, which may get damaged due to the moisture present inside the device which can lead to a short circuit that can permanently damage your screen.

Dry it out with Silica GelDry it out with Silica Gel

Remember those White Un-edible small packets which come inside of any electronic device especially when it’s shipped from a humid climate. Well, Those Silica Gel Packets are usually used by manufacturers to keep their product moisture free and fresh for their buyers.

These small packets reduce the moisture content in the environment and a handful of these will be used to dry out your iPhone. You can get these from any Art & Craft shop nearby. You just need to cover your iPhone with these packets and leave it for 48 hours for it to work efficiently and dry out all the liquid inside.

Don’t try to dry out your Phone with a hairdryer because it may heat up the components of the device to an unbearable temperature which can cause permanent damage to the component. You can use a hairdryer only if it has a cool breeze mode.

No Silica? Try Rice!No Silica? Try Rice!

If Silica Gel packets are not available near you, we got an alternative for you which can be found easily in every household. Uncooked Rice! You heard it right! All you need to do is take a bowl full of Uncooked Rice, Keep your Damp iPhone on it and cover it with more rice. Be Careful! Those small rice grains might end up being stuck inside your speaker grills or other ports or the Rice Flour Dust might get into it. So better option is Silica Gel Packets but in case if it’s not available, you can go for uncooked rice, it works fairly well.

That stuff in the bowl will suck all the moisture from your device if you keep it buried inside Uncooked rice for 48 hours.

Unscrew the Device YourselfUnscrew the Device Yourself

 If you’re really confident about dismantling your iPhone to dry it out yourself, then this one’s for you. You need to Unscrew the Screws on the bottom side of the device right next to the speaker grills. You might need some special kind of screw-driver to unscrew these which can easily be found online sold by Some unofficial 3rd party manufacturers who make these Apple Repair Kits. 

After you Unscrew it, clean up the back cover of the iPhone from inside with a soft cloth. Then try to remove the battery first to avoid any shortcircuits. Now take clean soft cotton or micro-fiber cloth and clean the inside of the iPhone very carefully because a little mistake can damage some delicate part permanently.

Now plug that battery back on and Fix then back cover the main body with the screw. This is the only way to clean the moisture from inside as the warranty of the device is already voided due to water damage.

How to Check if Liquid Damage of iPhone is Still There?

All the iPhone’s manufactured or launched after 2006 comes with a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) which instantly turns red when it comes in contact with liquid and stays red unless it’s dried out. Once the liquid is dried out, the LCI Strip changes its color back to normal which is Silver or white.

Here’s a list showing you how to check LCI Strip in iPhones

How to Check if Liquid Damage of iPhone is Still There?

When Should You Turn Your Device On?

Never turn on your device right after the Liquid Damage Incident as it may cause short circuits. After you’ve followed all the above steps carefully, check whether the LCI Strip is still red. If The LCI is still red, do not turn your device on. Instead, take it to your nearest Apple Store. And if the LCI is in its normal color, i.e Silver or white, then you can try turning the device on as all the liquid content is not there anymore.

Precautions To Take So This Doesn’t Repeat!

Accident’s Happen when they’re least expected, So its better safe than sorry.

Follow these simple precautions to keep your device safe from water damage :

Precautions To Take So This Doesn’t Repeat!

  1. Never take your Electronic Device near Swimming Pools, Beaches, Toilets, or anywhere where they might come in contact with liquid.
  2. If you want to still take it near water bodies, then get a good Waterproof case for your device and apply. Now you can use your iPhone near water without any worries.
  3. Keep an Emergency Damp Device kit with you always which should contain cotton, tissue papers, silica gel, uncooked rice, etc which will help you in drying out water instantly.

I hope this article would’ve helped you in saving your iPhone from water damage. If you have any queries you can ask me in the comment’s down below for a faster reply. Or you can always visit

iPhone Battery Draining Fast | The Fix!

iPhone Battery Draining Fast | The Fix!

iPhone Battery Drains Fast | The Fix!

Well, you must’ve been very excited about iOS 13 Update like me! But as you know, new iOS update means new iPhone Battery Drains Fastbattery Draining issues and guess what came with this update, ‘ANOTHER BATTERY DRAINING ISSUE’.iPhone’s Battery Draining issues are by far one of the most common issues experienced by the users.

My iPhone X normally lasts up to 15-16 hours on a normal day usage and lasts up to 9-10 hours if I use it heavily, like watching movies, playing games, etc. But I recently updated my device to the latest iOS 13 update and now my phone’s battery lasts up to just 9-10 hours on a Normal Use! Sure the new iOS update brings a lot more features, better user experience, makes it more secure, etc, but these new features also consume a lot more battery and would drain out your iPhone much faster. And most of the new iOS updates are optimized for their latest devices (like iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max) which ends up messing with their older device’s (like iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 6, etc) performance and battery.

And if you haven’t updated your iPhone to the latest iOS version and still you’re having battery draining issues, then you’re at the right place! I’ll be giving the exact reasons why your iPhone’s battery is draining so fast with tried & tested methods which will surely help you save up a lot of battery. 

So first, let’s begin with Exactly why your iPhone’s battery is draining so fast!

Reason’s why your iPhone’s Battery Doesn’t Last Long!

  1. Unnecessary Location Services: Location Services are one of the main causes of battery drainage on your Reason’s why your iPhone’s Battery Doesn’t Last Long!iPhone. Did you know your iPhone tracks you everywhere? Think about how much battery this must be consuming. Also, a lot of Applications use your location for several reasons, and most of them don’t even require your location when you aren’t using them but still, they are granted location services that are battery consuming and a privacy breach for you! You might want to leave your location services on for say Maps, but most of the other apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc don’t need your location services all the time. And you can always change these permissions for each app according to your convenience to Only While using the app, Always on, Never or Ask Next time. To change these permissions,
  • Open Settings App
  • Scroll Down to Privacy
  • Go to Location Services
  • Now scroll down amongst the apps and permit location access to only those app that require location services to function.

    2. Push Email Services: When Push Email Services are enabled, your iPhone stays in a constant connection with email servers and as you receive an email, it instantly notifies you about the Email! Cool and Convenient isn’t it?

This is how Apple’s Push Email Service Works when it’s enabled, it constantly maintains a connection between your iPhone and Email Servers constantly Asking the servers ‘ any mails yet? Any mails yet? Any Mails yet?’ And this flow of dada consumes a hell lot of battery. Well, you can always tweak some settings and save a lot of battery!

  • Go to setting’s App
  • Open Account’s and Passwords
  • Open Fetch New Data
  • Turn off push and enable fetch in every 15 minutes.
  • Now tap on each email account logged in to the device and change it to fetch.

   3. Turn Off Widgets: These widgets are like ‘Small Apps’ which continuously run in the background and keepsTurn Off Widgets refreshing in the background which consumes a lot of battery if you use multiple of them. So it’s better to turn off all the unnecessary widgets like stocks, dual clock, etc which you don’t use often. It’ll add up in saving you a lot of battery!

Here’s how you disable unnecessary widgets:

  • Tap on the Home Button or Swipe Up (in iPhone X and above) to go to your iPhone’s Home Page.
  • Now Swipe from Left to Right unless you get widgets.
  • Now Scroll down and tap on the Edit Button.
  • Now a List of widgets will show up and you add or remove widgets according to your convenience.
  • Tap on the Red (-) Button to remove the widget.

4. Close Unnecessary Background Apps: Stop the high processing Demanding Apps like Social Media Apps, Close Unnecessary Background AppsGames, Safari ( With multiple tabs), etc which are using over 60% of your CPU Processing. You can check this in Activity Manager which could be found in Battery>View Activity Data or simply search for Activity in the settings. Limiting the Background Processes and Reducing Unnecessary Start on Startup apps might help you keep your processing low which would result in a longer battery backup!

You should also close all your apps once in every 2 days. Just Pressing the home button or Swping up doesn’t close the app, instead, that app gets stored in the RAM and keeps rinning in the background so that when you open the app again, you can liftoff from where you stopped. To close the app, you need to Double-tap the Home Button which will open the App Switcher from where you can see all the apps running in the background. So to close the app from the background, swipe-up and knock the app off the screen and the app will be closed.

5. Keep your Device Cool: Apple officials suggest keeping your iPhone under normal temperatures i.e between 1 Degree to 40 degrees. Exposing your iPhone for a long time in extreme heating conditions or extremely cold conditions, your battery may get damaged temporarily or permanently. For example, don’t leave your iPhone in your car or some bench at the park on an extremely hot day for an extremely prolonged period.

6. Reset Your iPhone:  After trying everything, you’re still facing a battery draining issue, then your iPhone might be having a software issue that can only be resolved by resetting your iPhone to factory settings. 

While resetting your iPhone, you will lose all your data, including images, documents, contact, etc. So it’s better to back all your important data to iCloud and you can restore it once your device has completed its reset process.

After everything is back to normal, then you can download all your important apps back  ( avoid installing unnecessary apps). It’s just a little work, but it’s totally worth it!

Follow these steps to reset your iPhone :

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Go to General Tab.
  • Tap on Reset
  • Select Erase all Settings And Content. Verify your identity and confirm.

7. Nothing Working?:  Well if nothing is working on your iPhone’s Battery Draining issue? Then you probably have to get your battery replaced. I would suggest you get an apple plus subscription (PS ADD MY PREVIOUS ARTICLE’s LINK ABOUT APPLE PLUS). If you have an Apple Plus Subscription, then the Apple Experts will visit your place and will get your battery replaced within 30mins.

Your battery might have worn out because of excessive use, Charging your device with a third party Charger, Using your device in extreme conditions, etc. It’s better to get your battery replaced as your old battery might cause some performance issues.

Some Battery Saving Tips?

Here are some bonus battery saving tips which will help you save a lot more battery:

Some Battery Saving Tips?

  • Adjust Screen Brightness:  Keeping your Screen Brightness on auto might consume a lot more battery as it keeps the Proximity Sensor Running in the background which consumes a lot more battery. You can always set your iPhone’s Brightness manually according to your convenience. 
  • Turn Off Raise to Wake: Raise to Wake was introduced with iOS 13 update where when you pick your mobile, the screen automatically wakes up and tries to recognize your face to unlock such that you don’t have to press the lock key to unlock your device.\

But sometimes, this can be annoying! If you’re walking with your iPhone in hands, the walking action makes the iPhone screen unlock and this goes on and on resulting in high battery consumption.

  • Enable Low Power Mode: The Low Power Mode on iPhone when turned on, reduces battery consumption by almost 60%. L.P.M reduces battery consumption by reducing background processes like Siri, Background App Refreshing, Email Sync, and more. These are the main processes that keep running in the background continuously and consume a hell lot of your battery! LMP id automatically turned on when your iPhone’s battery reaches 20%. Don’ know for what reason, but LPU is only available on iPhones, not iPads.

Know more about Low Power Mode From here!

  • Enable Airplane mode: As you know, iPhone’s suck a lot of battery in searching for SIM Networks. To reduce this battery consumption, you can enable Airplane mode in areas where there are no or Low Network Coverage.
  • Disable Location Service: Location Services are one of the main causes of battery drainage on your iPhone. Manty Apps and your iPhone itself keep a track of your location and this consumes a lot of battery. This is how you Disable Location Services:
  1. Open Settings App
  2. Scroll Down to Privacy
  3. Go to Location Services
  4. Now scroll down amongst the apps and permit location access to only those app that require location services to function.

I hope this article would’ve helped you fix your Battery Draining issue on your iPhone. Please let us know in the comments if you have any queries related to this topic or some ideas for the future. You can also visit for more info!

Is apple trade-in the best way to sell my iPhone?

Is apple trade-in the best way to sell my iPhone?

With the new Apple devices in the market, many Apple fans are planning to upgrade to the new-gen devices which comes with more advanced features, more reliable security, and a much user-friendly interface. But you must’ve invested a lot already in your old device right? Well, there are many ways to get rid of that old device for a fair price. You can Recycle, Auction, Resell or  Trade-In your Old iPhone for a new one!

You can also sell it directly at Online Or Offline Auctions or Some marketplaces, Sell it locally on sites like Flipsy, Cashify, Olx, etc, Exchange it on Online Shopping Sites like Amazon where they buy your old device and give store credits for the same or you can just give it away to one of your family member who needs to upgrade or needs a secondary device.

One of the most popular trade-in ways Apple’s own Apple Trade In program — but is it the best way to trade in your old phone?

Apple Trade in

So, Is Apple Trade In The Best Way To Sell My iPhone?


Apple’s own Trade-in program is one of the best ways to trade in your old iPhone for store credit or Make it easy for you to buy a new one. It removes all middleman and because it apple’s own Trade-In program, it makes it more trustworthy than most. Even though the Trade-in is done by Program Partners, But sure it’s backed up by one of the world’s largest company Apple, which is very loyal to its buyers.

Apple assures Hassle-Free Trade-in for your old device and would guide you through correctly even if you made a mistake. Apple is known to provide fair rates for its old device, neither too high nor too low, but things might go a bit different in some cases!

Apple Also Assures to keep all your data safe as when you go to the store to trade-in your device, They help you in backing-up all your device’s data and wipe it from your device before you hand it over to them.

If you want to upgrade your Old iPhone X for the latest iPhone 11, then you might have just got the deal! Apple would trade in your old iPhone X and would give Store credits which can later be used in buying your all-new iPhone 11!

For Example, If you want to buy iPhone 11 Or iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max. Apple offers around 300$ for an iPhone X in good condition where the new iPhone X comes for 450$! Where you can give your old iPhone X to Apple store plus 150$ more and you can get your brand new iPhone 11 for just 150$ extra! Great isn’t it? 

Estimated Trade-In prices by

Device Estimated $
iPhone XS Max Appx. 500$
iPhone XS Appx. 410$
iPhone XR Appx. 300$
iPhone X Appx. 320$
iPhone 8 Plus Appx. 250$
iPhone 8 Appx. 170$
iPhone 7 Plus Appx. 150$
iPhone 7 Appx. 120$
iPhone 6 Plus Appx. 100$
iPhone 6 Appx. 80$

But just like every other thing, Apple’s Trade-in also has a downside which we’ll discuss now!


The biggest downside with Apple’s Trade-in Program is that you can’t buy anything else with the money you get by trading your old device but only any other Apple Product. If you’re trading your old device and buying a  new one instantly or if you have an active order on, then you’ll get the trade values of your old device directly on your Card, but if you’re just trading in your old device for some $$ then you’ll be stuck with stupid Apple Store gift card which you may or may not want.

Apple’s Trade In program

Also, Apple’s Trade In program does offer some good and fair prices but as you know they’re not always the best. That’s why most people prefer 3rd Party Sites or Sources which may provide a better deal and would pay in cash so you’re not forced for buying another Apple Product.

And on comparing with other 3rd party sites like Amazon or eBay, you don’t have much control over Apple’s Trade-In program. For instance, I traded my old iPhone 7 Plus when I was buying the new iPhone XS Max and it took almost 45 Days for the Trade-in values to appear in my bank account where Amazon and eBay do the same within 6 working days. So it’s better to go for some other ways of selling your iPhone if you can’t give up your control over the Trade.

Other Ways of Selling your iPhone

Other Ways of Selling your iPhone

  1. You can go to any apple store and get your device trade-in for a fair deal if you’re upgrading to their latest flagships eg, iPhone 11 Or iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max. Apple offers around 300$ for an iPhone X in good condition where the new iPhone X comes for 450$! Not a bad deal right? 
  2. You can sell your device to a third party seller like Cashify, Olx, etc where they pay you on the basis of the condition of your device. Sometimes the prices are better than Apple-Trade-In sometimes is lower.
  3. You can always sell your old Device to some local Electronic shops for instant cash or you can trade-in your old device and get a discount of the trading value on the new one.
  4. You can also exchange your old device while buying a new one on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, etc where they buy your old device for a discount on your new device. Where they refurbished your old device and sell it on their sites or sell it back to the brand they belong to.
  5. If you’re not getting a good price for your device, then you can always use this old device as your secondary phone or work phone or just give to it one of your family members who need to upgrade their device.

So as a conclusion, if you want to sell your iPhone and buy the latest iPhone or some other Apple product, you can Trade-in your old iPhone with Apple Trade-in, And if you want to sell your iPhone for cash, then you can sell it to some third-party Website such as Cashify, Amazon, etc or you can simply choose the one who provides the best price!

I hope this blog helped you in selling your old iPhone. If you have any other queries related to this topic or some other topic, then you can always comment down below for faster solutions or just visit

What is Family Sharing On iPhone?

What is Family Sharing On iPhone?

Sharing all your Music, Photos, Movies, Storage, and more with your family members who use Apple Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPods, etc sounds beautiful and why wouldn’t one like to have this option for their family? Well, Apple introduced Family Sharing Feature with iOS 8 Update in 2014 which was designed to make sharing your content with your family members more convenient. You can share all your purchased Apps, Games, Movies, Music, etc with a family of 6 without purchasing it again or sharing your Apple ID with Your Family Members. 

Before Family Sharing was introduced, you had to share your Passwords and Apple Id both which is both insecure and inconvenient. But now, Family Sharing has bought up sharing Apple Music & Cloud Storage Subscriptions without buying it again and again for your family members saving you a lot of money to buy another iPhone xD. 

How the Family Sharing Works?

family sharing on iphone

Family Sharing makes it easy for a family of 6 to share all their iTunes, App Store, Movie, TV, Books, etc Purchases with each other and also allows you to share your Apple Subscriptions like Apple Music Family Subscription, Apple News + Subscription, Apple iCloud Subscription, And An Apple TV + Subscription amongst your family without sharing each other’s Apple ID’s & Passwords.

Family Sharing on Apple Also allows you to set up your Kid’s Apple ID, Enable Parental Controls For Kids and set Screen Time Permissions Remotely, Review Or Approve Purchases on Kids Device, Share Locations and Locate Lost Device And many more other Parental Control Features which allows you to keep a check on your kids always!

With Family Sharing Enabled, you can also share Pictures, Videos, Audio Files, Reminders, Notes, and even calendars amongst your family members, without sharing your Private Data! Great Isn’t it? 

Family Sharing Requirements!

Family Sharing In Apple Sure has Some Requirements and Limitations which makes it The Best amongst all!

  1.  All the Devices in the family must be running on iOS 8 or higher or OS X Yosemite or Higher in MAC’s.
  2. Maximum 6 Members can join an Apple Family.
  3. If Purchase Sharing is enabled, then the family organizer’s Payment Method will be used in all devices for purchases,
  4. You can’t enable Purchase Sharing for An Adult Family Member ( Any member above 18) and it is automatically enabled Purchase Restrictions for kids ( Under 13).
  5. The Family Organizer can only create and Delete 2 Family Groups Per Calendar Year, i.e, If you Make and Delete a Family group, then you can repeat the same one more them. After that you’ll have to wait for a Calendar year to make or Delete Family Groups.
  6. Each Family Member can be in One Family Group at a time.
  7. Obviously! You’ll need an Apple ID and an iCloud Account to enable Family Sharing

How To Set Up Family Sharing on iPhones & Mac’s?

On iPhone, iPad, iPod: 

  1. Go-to Settings App on your Device, Tap open your Name. If Using iOS 10 or older, Go-to Settings App, then tap on iCloud.
  2. Choose Setup Family Sharing, then click on Get Started and follow the instructions on the screen to set up and invite your family members.
  3. If you’re using iOS 11 or later, then go-to the first feature you’d like to share with your family members and then continue following the on-screen instructions to invite your family members.

On Mac: 

  1. Tap on the Apple menu icon, then go to System Preferences, then choose family Sharing & If you’re using macOS Mojave or earlier, then go to the Apple Menu, then select System Preference and then click iCloud.
  2. Now enter and confirm the Apple ID which you want to use for Family Sharing and enable Share My Purchase.
  3. And now follow the On-Screen Instructions.

How to Invite People to Your Family?

How To Set Up Family Sharing Feature on iPhones

On iPhone, iPad, iPod: 

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device, now click on your name then go-to Family Sharing. If you’re using iOS 10.2 or earlier, go to Settings, iCloud, and then Family. 
  2. Tap Add Family Member. Enter your family member’s email address or name and follow the onscreen instructions.
  3.  If you’re using iOS 11 or later, choose how you’d like to send an invitation via Message or to invite them in person and then follow the instructions on the screen. 

On Mac: 

If you’re using macOS Catalina:

  1.  Open the Apple menu, then System Preferences. 
  2. Click Family Sharing
  3. Click Add Family Member,  and then follow the onscreen instructions. 

If you’re using macOS Mojave or earlier: 

  1. Choose Apple menu, open System Preferences, then click iCloud. 
  2. Click Manage Family. 
  3. Click on the add family member button (+), then follow the onscreen instructions.

Now if you want to check that the family member has accepted your invite or not, then open the Manage Family Page on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Your Mac and then select the person’s name and check from there whether the invitation is accepted or not.

How to Join a Family?

If someone invites you to their family, you instantly receive an iMessage or an email from where you can directly Accept or Decline the invite. But what if you don’t receive any email or Message? So in that case, you can follow these steps to Check Invitation sent to you: 

On iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

  1. Open the Settings app. Click on your Name and then goto Invitations.
  2. If you’re using iOS 1.2 or older, then go to Settings, then open iCloud and then click on invitations.

On Mac: 

  1. Open Apple Menu, Click on System Preferences then click on Family Sharing.
  2. If you’re using macOS Mojave or older, then open Apple Menu, Click open System Preferences, then iCloud and then Click on Manage Family.

Now follow the on-Screen instructions to accept the invitation. Keep in mind you can only join one family at a time and switch family once per the calendar year.

What is Purchase Sharing?

What is Purchase Sharing

When any family member makes any purchase on Apps Store, iTunes, etc, or makes a payment for any subscription like Apple Music, Apple TV, etc, it’s billed to the Family Organizers Account. And once the Family organizer pays for it, its added to the family members’ account, and the transaction receipt is directly sent to the Organizer. 

And in case a family member leaves the group the Family Group is deleted, then each member gets to keep their purchases, even though they were paid by the Family Organizer.

How to enable Or Disable Purchase Sharing?

  1. Open Settings App, Tap on your name
  2. Open Family Sharing 
  3. Select Purchase Sharing Option
  4. Now Toggle ‘ Share My Purchases’ off

What is Ask-To-Buy?

Purchase sharing also gives an Additional feature called Ask-to-Buy which is by default enabled for Kids under 13 and can be manually enabled for kids Under 18. Ask-to-Buy feature cannot be used on Adults or Any Member above 18. 

When Ask-To-Buy is enabled, Kids cannot directly make any purchase, they first have to send request permission to the family organizer where the organizer gets a notification on their device and then they can see what the kid wants to buy and can accept or decline the purchase. 

The organizer must give permission to the kid before he can buy anything from iTunes, App Store, Movie, etc. 

If you turn off Ask-To-Buy Feature for a family member who turned 18, then it cannot be enabled again.

How to enable Ask to Buy on iPhone, iPad, iPod: 

  1. Open Settings App, Tap on your name
  2. Open Family Sharing 
  3. Select A Family Member’s Name
  4. Now enable Ask-To-Buy

How to enable Ask to Buy on Mac: 

  1. Open Apple Menu, Click on System Preferences then click on Family Sharing.
  2. If you’re using macOS Mojave or older, then open Apple Menu, Click open System Preferences, then iCloud, and then Click on Manage Family.
  3. Select A Family Member’s Name
  4. Now enable Ask-To-Buy

I hope that I could explain Apple’s Family Sharing to you. For more information, queries, etc, you can Comment Down below or Visit

Iphone X Over-heating Issue Solved!

Iphone X Over-heating Issue Solved!

With each new iOS Updates, the previous devices face many issues like Overheating, performance issues, battery backup issues, etc. This even happened to Apple’s last year’s flagship iPhone X and its other variants. There are mainly 2 reasons for the Overheating & Performance Drainage issues, External & Internal Issues. we’re gonna discuss both of these issues with its cause & Remedy!

External Issues for Overheating: These issues are generally caused due to external usage such as Over Charging your Device, using your device in extreme or harsh conditions, etc. Generally, when you charge your device, it feels a little warm which is normal but if it gives a burning sensation to your hands, then something’s wrong!
1. Thick Case: If you’re using a 3rd party Thick Case for your device, it may cause heating issues to the device as it doesn’t let the heat produced from charging the device out causing Overheating of the device which can result in lesser battery backup.
2. Charging Adapter: if you’re using a 3rd Part Charger which doesn’t come inside the box can cause heating issues and can also affect the battery performance of your device. This happens because of the difference in power consumption as normally iPhones need 5W to 18W of power and these 3rd party chargers might not fulfill that.
3. OverCharging: It is one of the most obvious reasons for overheating and lesser battery performance. If one keeps the device for charge even after the battery is 100% then it affects the battery which causes overheating and other battery & performance issues.
4. Harsh Temperature: If you’re using the device in harsh temperature such as in direct sunlight or keeping it in your pocket for too long in a hot sunny day can heat up your device.
Internal issues For Overheating: These are Software-based issues that cause performance and overheating issues in the device. these can be caused due to some bug in the latest OS update or by Excessive load on the device’s hardware.
1. OS Update: As you know apple releases it’s new flagship device every year with a new OS Update which is optimized for the latest flagship device. But when the same OS Update comes to the older gen devices, it causes performance and overheating issues as the latest update is not optimized for older chipsets such as the A11 Bionic Chip in the iPhone 10 causing Slower Processing, heating issues and frequent hang’s in the device.
2. Installing too many apps: installing too many apps is also one of the main reasons for overheating of the devices as all the unnecessary apps which you’re not using are still running in the background and consuming CPU’s free space which causes heating issues in CPU and performance lags in the device.
3. High Screen-On time: If you’re using your device for a long time to watch some Movie or if your screen is on for a long time, then it can cause overheating issues in your device as the screen is manufactured from glass and the device’s body is made up of steel or other metals and this causes less heat transfer from the device and produces higher heat.
4. Excessive games or Graphical performance: If an HD game is being played for a long time continuously on the device then it might cause overheating issues as the game takes up a high amount of all CPU, GPU, nd battery usage.

How to Fix Overheating Issues your iPhone?

iphone x overheating

1: Close all background apps: If your device has several apps running in the background then you should close them all right now as it will decrease the power usage and CPU Usage on the device which will reduce the temperature gradually.
2. Deleting Power Consuming apps: If your device has some high power consuming, background processing apps then you must uninstall them right now as they are opened in the ground even when you are not using them which causes overheating and performance issues.
3. Update Your iOS: if you’re using an extremely old version of iOS then you should update your OS to the latest version now.
4. Background App Refresh: Turning odd background app refresh can help you a lot with performance and battery backup as it stops the background apps like facebook, Instagram, etc to refresh each time the device gets unlocked which saves battery and improves performance.
5. Disable Bluetooth, GPS, Airdrop, Etc: Disabling these settings on your device will turn these sensors off which will save a lot of battery and will slightly increase the performance,
6. Stop using your phone while charging: Using it while charging is one of the main reasons for overheating because the device usually gets warm while charging and if some processing is being done on it then it starts to overheat.

Among these solutions, you can choose the one probably suitable for your iPhone X, or just try them one by one. Any other questions, please leave us a comment below. If still, our device is overheating then please Consider going to the nearest apple store as your battery might have some defect.