iPhone Home Button Not Working- Solution Is Here…!

iPhone Home Button Not Working- Solution Is Here…!

Recently, multiple iPhone users complained about their Home Button not working or getting unresponsive. It’s one of the most common issues faced by old gen iPhone (iPhone 7 or older) users. This can happen due to a hard drop on the floor or a bang on the walls, water damage or clogging of dust (which is very rare). Well if your iPhone’s Home button is not working because of some Water Damage, then we have a separate article for you.

When the iPhone’s home button stops working, the popup error message shows up and an On-Screen Home Button has turned on automatically to keep the device in working condition and avoid any inconvenience to the user.

But what if your iPhone is unable to detect the error with your Home button? Well in such a case, you’ll have to manually enable the On-Screen home button or What iPhone Calls it ‘ Assistive Touch’ from the settings. Goto Settings > General > Accessibility > Enable Assistive Touch. If not, then you can also give the command to Siri to enable Assistive Touch.

The iPhone’s home button does break from time to time and it’s mostly after your 1 Year Warranty is over. And you know how expensive it can be to get it repaired from Apple’s Service Center. So worry not because we have multiple solutions that can save a lot of your money which you can spend upon an entirely new device. So let’s get going!

iPhone Home Button Not Working

Hardware Look Around

Lets first discuss the Hardware aspect of your iPhone. If the Home Button on your iPhone is not working because of some hardware issue, then its really difficult to repair it yourself. If you try to break open your iPhone without any professional experience, then you may end up damaging a Delicate part of your iPhone permanently and your warranty will be voided.

So if your iPhone is still under warranty, then rush to your nearest Apple Service Center because if the home button stopped working due to manufacturing Defect, then your iPhone will be repaired for free, without any extra charges. But if you accidentally dropped your iPhone in water or On floor after which the home button on your iPhone stopped working then your iPhone’s Warranty is set to be invalid.

Let’s look at what happened when the iPhone 5 was launched. When iPhone 5 was launched in the market, 70% of users complained about a defect in their power Button which made it unresponsive just after 2-3 months of purchase. So iPhone started a Free Repair Programme for the Faulty power button on iPhone 5, 5S & 5C where they would repair the Unresponsive power Button without any charges even if their warranty is over as it was a mass-defect in manufacturing of Power button on iPhone.

But sadly, even after a lot of complaints about the unresponsive Home button on iPhones, Apple has not set a Free Repair Programme for this and is really unlikely to see one in the future. And by my personal experience, iPhone’s Home buttons are quite reliable unless its a manufacturing error. And if it’s a manufacturing error, then there’s nothing to worry about because your iPhone’s warranty will cover it. 

Software Look Around

If your iPhone’s Home Screen Button is not working because of some Software Glitch or bug, then that’s easy to work with as it wouldn’t void any warranty and doesn’t require any professional skillset, just follow the steps and you’ll be good to go. Sometimes, some internal glitches or bugs may un-calibrate the home button which might become unresponsive. So if your iPhone’s Home Button is not working because of some software glitch, then you’ll have to calibrate your home screen button to fix this.

1. Calibrate Home Screen Button: To calibrate your home screen button, you need to open the Stock app (Like the Clock App) and follow these steps:

  • Click and hold the Sleep Button until ‘Slide To Power Off’ Shows Up
  • After that, tap and hold the Home button down for 10 seconds after which the application will close.
  • Check your Home Button

If your Home Screen Button is now working, then celebrate as this saved you from a big hit on Your Wallet!

2. Cleaning the Home Button: Sometimes, your home screen button might stop working due to dust clogging from dust & Dirt at the bottom of your purse or pocket, Due to spillage of liquids like cold Drinks, oil from food, etc, Or due to using your phone with your dirty hands while eating food, etc. If your Home Screen Button is not working due to such reasons, then its time that you clean your iPhone’s home screen button. Things Required in cleaning: Narrow Blunt Object, Cotton Swab/Eye Dropper, Tissue paper & 99-98 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol. Now follow these steps clearly and carefully:

  • Turn Off your Mobile before applying the solution.
  • Clean your Home button externally with a tissue paper and wipe out all the dust from the surface.
  • Take a Cotton Swab and dip it in 99-98 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol or take a dropper and fill it with 99-98 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Now very Carefully, With the help of the Cotton swab, apply the Alcohol on the Home Screen button or Apply 2-3 Drops of Alcohol If you’re using a Dropper.
  • Now with the help of Narrow blunt object (Pencil, Scale, etc) tap the home screen button slowly but continuously so that the Alcohol flows in. 
  • With the help of tissue, carefully clean the extra alcohol on the button and wait for 10-15 mins.
  • Now after 15 mins, check whether the Home Button is working or not.

Note*: a) Turn Off your iPhone before applying the liquid because, as the name says ‘99-98 Percent Isopropyl Alcohol’ contains a high amount of alcohol which is highly inflammable

b) If you perform step 2  ‘Cleaning the Home Button’ improperly and it damages your iPhone, then we don’t take responsibility.

3. Enable On-Screen Home Button: Well, if nothing works, then you can enable the On-Screen home button temporarily. When the iPhone’s home button stops working, a popup error message shows up and an On-Screen Home Button gets turned on automatically to keep the device in working condition and avoid any inconvenience to the user. But what if your iPhone couldn’t detect the error? Well in such case, you can enable it manually from the settings:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Select General
  • Goto Accessibility
  • Now enable Assistive Touch. 

Or you can also simply ask Siri to ‘enable Assistive Touch’

4. Get it Repaired: If nothing is working for you, then you can temporarily use the on-screen home button. But you should get your Home screen button repaired from an apple service center if your device is under warranty. If your warranty has expired or your Home button stopped working due to some external or physical damage, then it’ll cost you some big bucks as you know how much apple charges for repairs. Or if you can use the On-Screen Home button on a daily basis, then you can save a lot of money and use it in buying a new iPhone.

I hope this article helped you with the ‘iPhone Home Button Not Working’ issue. If yes, then do let us know which one of these methods worked for you in the comments section. If you have queries related to this or any other related topic, then do let me know in the comments down below. Visit Support.apple.com for more info.

Best Ways to Fix “iPhone keeps Restarting” Issue

Best Ways to Fix “iPhone keeps Restarting” Issue

iPhones are meant to be reliable but there are some times when they malfunction and it can be because of many reasons! Recently I came across an ‘iPhone Restarting Issue’ on my iPhone XS Max, where the iPhone gets stuck in a restarting Loop or Gets stuck on the Apple Logo Screen while booting.

Well, this can be annoying at times as you totally depend on your iPhone for everyday tasks and when your iPhone malfunctions like this, then you are stuck with just a Restarting Product which does nothing! Been there, I’ve done a lot of research to fix my issue and I’ll be sharing everything with you!

So, iPhone Restarting issues can be of two types,

  1. When your iPhone Keeps Restarting: In this, your iPhone gets stuck in a Restarting Loop where the Apple logo keeps appearing and disappearing over and over again. This issue makes your iPhone totally unstable and you cannot use your iPhone till it gets fixed.
  2. When your iPhone Restarts while in Use: In this, when you boot your iPhone, it works fine for some time but then suddenly it restarts. If your iPhone is facing this issue, then as you boot your iPhone, immediately goto Settings and Backup all your Data because you never know if there’s a hardware or software issue that can destroy or corrupt all your data.
iPhone keeps Restarting

Possible Reasons

Before I start with the solutions, lets first look at the possible reasons for your iPhone’s Restarting Issue!

  • If you have signed in for Beta Updates for your iPhone and an Unstable Beta Update got installed.
  • If your iPhone is infected with malware.
  • If your iPhone Storage is corrupted
  • If Your iPhone’s Battery is damaged.
  • If your iPhone’s firmware is corrupted or gets a corrupted update.
  • If the bootloader gets Corrupted
  • If your iPhone is Physically Damaged
  • If your iPhone is damaged by a liquid
  • If you’re using your iPhone in extremely harsh weather conditions.

These can be some possible reasons why your iPhone is stuck in a restarting loop and before we move ahead with the main solutions, let’s look at some simple ones which can fix your issue easily. Firstly, try cleaning your SIM Tray and charging port. This may fix the issue caused by the particles settled on the SIM Tray & Charging Port Surface. Secondly, try Manually restarting your iPhone.

Well if none of these worked for you, then worry not! Just keep reading!

Update the iOS

  1. As you know, sometimes apple rolls out some buggy update which leads to issue like Restarting Loop on your device and in some time, Apple Rolls out an update to fix the bugs from its previous update. So updating your iOS version to the latest version can help your fix the issue. Here’s how you update your iOS Version:
  1. Open Settings App
  2. Goto General Tab
  3. Then click on Software Update

And if any update is available, install it. If your iPhone is restarting continuously and interrupting the installation of the update, then you can also use iTunes on your PC or MAC to install the update.

Find if a Particular App is causing the error

There are more than 1 Million Apps on the App Store and not all of them are Perfect! It’s very rare for an app to cause restart Problems on your iPhone but just in case, an app is causing a problem to your iPhone, then here’s how you find it:

  1. If you recently installed an App after which your iPhone started facing restarting issues, then uninstall it right away and check if it solves the problem or no.
  2. If the problem isn’t fixed, then here’s another way to find out the error
  • Open Settings App
  • Goto Privacy Menu
  • Open Analytics Tab
  • Click on Analytic Data

And now look for an app name that appears multiple times in the list. Some times it is normal for some apps to appear in the list multiple times, but what we are looking for is an app that appears over and over in the list. Once you find the root of the problem, uninstall it or update the app! This might fix your issue.

Update all Apps

As I told Apple Sometimes rolls out some buggy iOS update, the same way, some app developers might also roll out some buggy update which crashes the application again and again in the background which can cause this restarting issue in your iPhone. But as Updating iOS to the latest version fixes the issue, Updating All apps might also fix your issue. And here’s how you update all your Apps:

  • Open App Store on your iPhone
  • Tap on the Update tab on the bottom left corner
  • And click on update all apps or update one app at a time as per your convenience

If your iPhone keeps restarting while updating apps, you can update all your apps from iTunes without any interruptions.

Restore All Settings to Default

Restoring all settings to default isn’t much effective but still, it’s worth a shot and can fix multiple software issues. Here’s how you can restore all settings to default:

  • Open Settings App
  • Go to General tab
  • Click on Reset
  • And a prompt will come saying Reset all settings? Click on it

None of your App or Media Data will be erased, just all your Settings will come back to default.

Hard Reset

Well if none of the software Solutions work, then Resetting your iPhone is the last option you have. And as I said previously to backup all your data before trying anything, well, that will help you recover all your data after reset.  

Heres how you perform a Hard Reset:

  • For iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Older Devices: Press and hold the Power Button and the Center Home Button at the same time unless the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.
  • For iPhone 7 & 7Plus: Press and hold the Power Button and the Volume Down Button at the same time unless the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.
  • For iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max: Press and Leave the volume up button, the volume down button, then press and hold the side button unless the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears.

Checking For a Hardware Problem

If none of the above solutions work for you, then try checking for Hardware problems. First, try to clean the SIM port and Secondly the charging port with a soft Unused brush. Some particles might get stuck under there causing short-circuit leading to restarting loop.

If none of this works, then there must be some internal short-circuit or some issue with your battery. If you have experience in repairing your iPhone, then you can check and repair it yourself if not, then go to your nearest Apple Store and get it repaired. I hope you have an Apple Care Plus Subscription with you because that will save you a lot of $$

I hope this article helped you in fixing the Restarting Loop Error with your iPhone. Please let everyone know in the comments down below, what was the problem with your iPhone and which of these steps helped you fix the issue you have any doubts or queries related to iPhone, then you can feel free to ask in the comments down below! Have a Great Day!

How to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone?

How to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone?

Life’s totally Unpredictable and you never know what happens to you, and when you’d require urgent care from someone in your family or friends (Medically or Otherwise). So for situations like these, Apple Released Emergency SOS Feature in iOS 11 which once triggered would send instant alerts to Your Local Emergency Services and would Send SMS with your current location to your emergency contacts. This feature that allows you to Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone would really be helpful in a Real-Life Emergency.

Add Emergency Contacts On iPhone


Emergency SOS is the best for people who are Seriously prone to Seizures, Suffering from Heart Diseases, Allergies, Respiratory Diseases, Implanted Machines, etc which could create an emergency situation anytime. People with such medical complications often wear some bracelets, Rings, Pendants, etc to let the emergency team know about the patient’s medical complications, Blood Type, Allergies, People to Contact in such emergency case, etc so that it becomes easy for the Emergency team to start the treatment.

So with iPhones Emergency SOS Feature, Emergency Teams can access all these details just from your iPhone’s Lock Screen which is a lot more convenient for emergency Teams in an emergency situation than a Bracelet.

How to Add Emergency Contacts on Apple Devices?

On an iPhone, we can add A lot of information like Contact Information, Medical Informations, etc available on your Lockscreen very easily, and here’s how you do it:

How to Add Emergency Contacts:


  1. Open Health App which is preinstalled on all Apple devices and can’t be uninstalled.
  2. Now click on your profile picture.
  3. Now Open the Medical ID Tab.
  4. Click on Edit, and Scroll Down to Emergency Contacts.
  5. Now Click on the add button to add an emergency contact.
  6. Select a contact, then add their relationship. 
  7. Click on  Done to save your changes.

Note* You can’t Set Emergency Services like 911 as your Emergency Contact.

How to Remove Emergency Contacts:

  1. Open the Health app on your device. 
  2. Tap open your profile picture  
  3. Tap on Medical ID. 
  4. Tap on Edit, then scroll down to Emergency Contacts. 
  5. Tap on the delete button next to a contact which you want to remove, then tap Delete. 
  6. Tap on Done to save your changes.


How to call Emergency Services:

Here’s how you call emergency services from your iPhone 8 or Later:


  1. Press and long hold the Lock button on the side and one of the Volume buttons on your Apple Device until the Emergency SOS slider appears. 
  2. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to the right to call emergency services. If you keep holding the Lock button and Volume button, instead of Sliding the slider, a countdown begins with an alert sound. If you hold down the two buttons until the countdown ends, your iPhone will automatically call emergency services.

 Here’s how to call Emergency Services on an iPhone 7 or older: 

  1. Rapidly press the Lick button (On Side or On top) five times. The Emergency SOS slider will Pop Up. In India, you only have to press the Lock Button 3 Times in order to activate the SOS Slider.
  2. Drag the Emergency SOS slider to the right to call emergency services.

 After the SOS call ends, your iPhone Automatically sends your Emergency contacts an iMessage or text message with your current Device location, unless you Tap on cancel. In case your Location Services are off, They’ll automatically be turned on temporarily to send your location. And if your location changes then your Emergency Contacts will get notified with your new current location.

How to Stop Sharing Location

When your device is sharing Location, you’ll receive a notification every Four Hours for the next 24 hours. So in order to stop sharing Your Current Device location With your emergency contacts, Open the status bar on your Device and select ‘ Stop Sharing Emergency Location’.

 How to Turn Auto-Call On or Off


When Auto-call is enabled, and you enable Emergency SOS Mode, your device starts a countdown with a sound alert and then  automatically Calls The emergency services, and here’s how you disable it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap Open Emergency SOS 
  3. And then Turn Auto Call On or Off according to your preference.

So this was how to Add Emergency Contacts on your iOS Device. I hope this article will help you in case of some emergency. If you have any queries related to Emergency SOS on iPhone, feel free to ask in the comments down below for Quick resolution or visit support.apple.com for more info. 

Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments below!


How to Hide WhatsApp Media from Your Android’s Gallery

How to Hide WhatsApp Media from Your Android’s Gallery

By default, WhatsApp Auto-saves all the downloaded images & Video Files to Your Android’s gallery, Where all the Images including those cliche Good Morning and Good Night Wishes from your family groups clatter and make it difficult to find what you want to. So here’s how you can disable Whatsapp’s images From appearing in your Android’s Gallery:

Open Your Whatsapp Application And Click on the 3-Dot Menu Hide WhatsApp Media from Your Android's Gallery

Now in the 3-Dot Menu, Click on Settings.

Now in the Settings, Click on Chats.

In Chats, Click on Media Visibility and disable it.

Now no WhatsApp images will ve appearing in your Android’s Gallery.

NOTE: The files downloaded would only be hidden in the gallery and can be accessed from any file manager.

How To Disable Media Auto-Downloading In Whatsapp?

Whatsapp comes with Media Auto-Download by default which downloads media automatically as soon as it’s received. And this downloads all the useless Pictures, Videos, etc automatically which you don’t want in your Gallery, where Sometimes there are some important images there in your Whatsapp gallery, like Family Photos, Videos, etc which you want to appear in your Android’s Gallery. So here, what you can do is, you can disable this auto-downloading feature and Manually download those Important pictures which you want in your gallery. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open your Whatsapp and Open the 3-Dot Menu
  2. Now in the 3-Dot Menu, Click on Settings.
  3. Now in the Settings Menu, Click on Data & Storage Usage.
  4. Now in the Media Auto-Download, Uncheck all the file types, While using Mobile Data, Wi-Fi & when in roaming ( If you want to Auto-Download only a certain kind of file, then you can keep it checked)

This option will be really helpful for you if you receive a lot of Images or other files on your WhatsApp by now downloading them automatically. This will be helpful for your pocket if you’re on a limited data plan. Also, you cannot disable Voice Messages Auto downloading as per WhatsApp because it reduces the communication experience. 

I hope this article helped you keep your Whatsapp downloads managed. Please let us know in the comments if you have any queries about anything.

How To Get Best Apple Watch Faces?

How To Get Best Apple Watch Faces?

After the Smartphone rage, its era of Smart Watches! With the growth in the tech industry, these watches offer’s you so many features that you’ll almost forget that it’s a watch! And Apple being the leader in this smartwatches genre, provides a ton of features and new watch faces where each of these faces can be customized according to the user’s need, called ‘ Complications’. This takes watch faces and smartwatches to a whole new level.

best apple watch faces

How to change watch faces on your Apple Watch:

  1.  From your watch face, swipe left or right from edge to edge
  2. Stop when you get the watch face you want to use.

 How To Get Best Apple Watch Faces: Customization

  1. Tap and hold on your watch face
  2. Swipe left to right to select your watch face
  3. Tap on customize
  4. Swipe left and right to change the feature and scroll the crown to change it
  5. Press the digital crown to finish editing
  6. Once done, tap on the watch face to apply it

How to delete a watch face from your Apple Watch:

  1. Go to your current watch face, then tap and hold on the display. 
  2. Swipe left or right to the watch face that you want to remove. 
  3. Swipe up and tap Remove. 
  4. If you want to, you can create the watch face again later.

How to Add Faces to Your Collection:

Many watch faces can be added with any number of customizations to your collection for faster access. You can always change the face according to the occasion, dress, usage, etc. By adding faces to your collection, you can change it anytime just by swiping left to right and choosing the right face for yourself!

  1. Open the watch face and tap and tap & hold the display.
  2. Swipe all the way to the right and tap the plus (+) icon. 
  3. Swipe up and down or use the slider to browse the faces and tap the one you wish to add. 
  4. Customize the face to your preferences. 

How to hide Now Playing on your Apple Watch

Playing on your Apple Watch

 When you play music, Now Playing automatically opens. Here’s how to change the setting

  1.  Open the Settings app on your watch. 
  2. Tap General 
  3. Goto Wake Screen. 
  4. Turn off Auto-Launch Audio Apps

Its that simple!

I hope this blog cleared all your doubts related to changing, removing, adding and customizing apple watch faces according to your needs. If you have any other queries, feel free to comment down below and we’ll try to help you with it.