How to Make Mac Faster – Easy Tips to Speed Up [Simple Methods]

How to Make Mac Faster – Easy Tips to Speed Up [Simple Methods]

How to Speed Up Your Mac

How to make mac faster? Tried enough to speed up your Mac? Are you facing trouble to speed up? Usually, all the Mac begin to slow down when they were used for a long time. So how can you get out of it? Is there any perfect solution to fix? Yes, as we all know every problem has a perfect solution, in the same way here are some fixes. Just have a look and try it out.

So, therefore, I have come with different possible solutions and simple guidelines to fix. Have a look, read and perform according to that. All these methods will definitely work and especially it is based on your Mac. Why not we try right now? If yes here we go. You can also fix Fix Macbook Pro Keyboard Not Working Issue when you unable to work with it.

how to make mac faster

How to Make Mac Faster Using Simple Methods

Let me tell you, below I have showcased simple methods where anyone can try it out and will perfectly fix if the issue is related to one of them.


  • Hard drive is getting full
  • Outdated Mac OS
  • A startup is slowing you completely down
  • A lot of applications are running background
  • Got old hardware
  • Cluttered desktop
  • The browser is filled with junk
  • Numerous outdated cache files
  • Fix Mac Running Slow[Simple tip]

By trying out these, still, if you face any trouble, simply contact us by dropping a comment in the below box. We reach you with more perfect solutions/methods that help you to fix very well. However, if your Macbook Air Keyboard And Trackpad Not Working can see here with no hesitation.

The Hard Drive is Getting Full

Usually, most of all save a lot of files to their respective hard drive. If it got full, automatically slows down and lead to this particular cause. Well, how can you fix it? In order to speed up, clean your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files. This might not easy as it looks like. But cleaning up the things will make your Mac work faster.


So to make it clean in a simple and accurately, you can use the CleanMyMac3 tool. In turn, using this helps to remove entire stuff and also the hard one. Remember you no need to instruct where to clean and what to do. It automatically does removing caches, logs, language packs which simply helps to speed your Mac in a better way.

Outdated macOS

The best and new you use delivers outstanding performance. Am I right? Unable to get? Let me tell you. If you use the outdated version instead of new, how it supports all platforms? Ultimately performance and speed go down. So this is why Apple releases a new OS Xs irrespective of year. So you have to update on time to avoid this kind of troubleshooting issues.


For instance, move to the Mac App store, search for macOS Sierra. Install it so that can see the best performance boot. Still, for some reason, mac is running slow, this is all due to the disk permissions getting broken. So download the app, move to maintenance tab and then click on Repair Disk Permissions.

A startup is slowing you completely down

Does the startup screen notify as full? Or busy in executing background applications? And is this the reason behind mac getting slow day by day? So in order to make macs run faster, clean start and make OS run more faster. In other words, if your Startup Disk Is Almost Full, can go through here to fix more fastly. So move a step forward by deleting all unused files/ unnecessary things. To do so:


  • Go to System Preferences-> Users and Groups-> perform a click on the respective username.
  • Tap on login items-> click on the name of the application-> symbol located below the list appeared to the left.

Doing so will remove all the applications from the list. Make a note, the fewer applications, better. In turn, helps to speed your Mac very well.

A lot of Applications Running Background

This is the most common thing that ever happens irrespective of time. When you run many applications at a time/ when the system running a lot of apps in the background, you can see this cause. So for making mac run faster, you are going to fix end processes with the respective Activity Monitor. Usually, it shows all the processes using the system resources. So open your app folder-> Utilities-> Activity Monitor-> Open it. You can check out the list of apps and processes happening on Mac in real-time.


Now here you can see what exactly the cause behind it. So tap on memory-> memory filter-> that completely sorts all the programs by the amount of space on the Mac RAM. Higher the number more will be the speed. If required, stop the app from operating by tapping on the lists and click on gray X icon available at the top-left corner of the window.

Got old hardware

When you use old hardware on your mac, it automatically makes your device slow. In order to get rid of this, upgrade your hardware. Few can be done and few beyond help. Doing this might take much time or costs a little, but trust me, after performing this, you make mac faster without any fail.


Cluttered Desktop

Well, if you are using your desktop as a file dump, it is high time to clean up. No one is aware of this. But yes every desktop icon has a little active window that allows your mac to render and process very well. If suppose, you have noticed there are myriads of icons, then no wonder your mac going slow.


In order to get rid of this, looking forward to make my mac fast, organize files into separate folders respectively. Now you a right to move from here to other location. Make a note as you should never worry or moving to a second thought when you send trash thing which is not used so far. Just simply remember cleaning the desktop properly means making macbook pro faster ever and ever.

The browser is filled with junk

how to make mac faster? Most of all use the Mac online. It means 90% of the day work on Mac, your system automatically gets slow. Remember even the fastest machine can be dragged down by hundreds of opened tabs and also the extensions. So the simple thing is to remove extensions which are not required. And this ultimately make macs run faster.


Also, when you download something, and if you get the pop-ups/ torrents of advertisements on your screen, slows down your system. Remember, every extension weighs your Mac’s speed. This may collect your data too. In that time, how to make your mac run faster? Follow the below steps for how to make mac faster.

  • Launch the Chrome browser.
  • Click on three-dot icon available in the right corner.
  • And now again click on more Tools-> Extensions.

Then now you have a chance to disable extensions/ delete them completely. As such it is preferable especially when you not able to recognize what exactly it is. For instance, how can you remove safari extensions manually? Is there any process for how to make mac faster? Yes, here you go.

  • Launch the Safari.
  • Now click on Safari-> Preferences available in the upper menu.
  • Choose the extensions tab.
  • And then finally remove the extensions which you no more require.

However, in order to make macs run faster especially in the browser, minimize the number of opened tabs with no second thought. Usually, various IT consultants recommend not to open more than 9 opened tabs at a time. This is the simple thing which you have to remember and this avoids the cause and title for each tab become invisible.

Numerous Outdated Cache Files

Even this is the common factor that you have to keep in mind forever and ever. Wash out the cache and then make your mac run with more accurate speed. In order to do0 so, follow the below points.


  • Open Finder-> Tap Go to Folder available in the Go menu.


  • Type in ~/Library/Caches and then click on Enter.


  • Locate the cache folder tree.
  • Go to each respective folder and clear cache without any fail.
  • Also, empty the trash bin in a perfect way.

After doing so, its time to delete system caches. The path will be going to be same but you should type as:

/Library/Caches (without a ~ tilde sign).

  • All the process for how to make mac faster is going to be same.

Trick For how to Make My Mac Run Faster

Follow this simple tip for how to make mac faster. Download the CleanMyMac, click on maintenance tab and then tick run maintenance scripts option. Running in this way polish up the whole performance of all the deep level system services.

Wrapping Content

I hope you are cleared of all the details provided here. For instance, if you have any doubts, comment on the below section. Also, like the article how to make mac faster, share with friends or also on social networking sites with no hesitation. Thank you. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome for more latest information.

How to Open Task Manager on Mac!

How to Open Task Manager on Mac!

Task Manager on MAC

Unable to open task manager for mac? Are you new coming from windows to Mac OS X? And looking forward to opening the task manager on your Mac? Well, do not worry as I am going to help you. Also, the current write up helps you to open and end the task very well. Mac usually consists of its own task manager called by Activity Monitor. This functions similar to the windows.

I mean to say as you can view, manage, end tasks, applications running background without any fail. However, most of the Mac switches continue to verify the utility as a name of windows task manager. Is there a task manager for mac? Never go to a conclusion as the Mac do not have a task manager. Come to the real time!!!! As in the Mac, task manager is known as Activity monitor where every user needs to recognize for using forward.

how to open task manager on mac

How to Open Task Manager on Mac in Simple Steps

Follow the below instructions to open the task manager on mac very well. As I said before, the task manager is equivalent to the name of Activity Monitor, provides complete information. This is all related to CPU, memory and much more. There are two methods where you can open and end tasks successfully. Let us go and learn these simple steps.


  • Open Activity Monitor and End task.
  • Connect Activity Monitor to Dock on Your Mac
  • Access the Activity Monitor

How to Get Task Manager on Mac

Well, this is the simple and easy process. But when you not like to go such a long-lasting step, directly connect to the dock which is shown in the next method. If you see for the direct and simple steps, follow the below instructions straightforward and end all the respective tasks.

  • In the first step, tap on the finder icon, available on the left corner of the doc on Mac.


  • Now simply click on the applications showcased in the form of a list.
  • Now in the application folder, click on utilities and open it.


  • There again, tap on Activity monitor available in the form of a list.


  • Finally, you will be able to see all the details and the information regarding CPU being used by all the different apps and service running on the Mac.

Connect Activity Monitor to Dock on Your Mac

This is one more process that helps you to end tasks in a very short notice period. This is all to avoid of opening Activity Monitor in a long way. So simply pin the doc to the Activity monitor and follow steps.

  • Firstly, open the Activity Monitor which is visible in the dock.
  • Right click on it and launch the menu without any fail.
  • Go to options available in the form of a list and then click on dock option appeared in the side menu bar by simply tapping on its icon.


  • That’s all. Finally, you can see the Activity monitor through the dock and able to end the tasks very well.

Access the Activity Monitor

As I said in method one of how to open task manager on mac process, in the same way to open Activity monitor. Now we are going to learn how to access Activity Monitor in a simple way. Well, you can use Spotlight as a keyboard shortcut for quick and easy access.

  • Click on Command+Spacebar to bring the Spotlight search bar without any fail.
  • Now there you have to type Activity Monitor.
  • Simply go tap on return key when the task manager in the spotlight result.
  • Finally, can manage and manipulate all the tasks without any fail.
  • This can be sorted with the help of CPU or else sort by name, memory usage, process Id and also can use search box available in the right corner of the window. All this can able to locate all the files that match your typed name or else characters.

I can tell you this as more powerful because, it shows all the applications running the active user and displays the system level tasks, kernel tasks, daemons, processes and much more will be shown to you. If it is running somewhere in the background, can see on this Activity monitor without any fail.

Killing the respective Task through Activity Monitor


Within the Activity Monitor, simply click on the respective task that you likely to end and then click on Quit Process available in the window. So that can see a warning prompting as shown below.

Assuming you have selected the process/application you want to end, click on the “Quit” button.
Hence, If the app is not responding,  then simply click on the “Force Quit” button instead killing immediately the whole process how to open task manager on mac and stop the application running with no warnings.

Get System Stats, CPU, Memory Usage, Network, and Disk Information from Activity Monitor Successfully:


Looking forward, how can you get the System Stats, CPU, Memory Usage, Disk related information and much more? Well, by seeing at the bottom of the Activity Monitor, can get the information without any fail. You need to click on the tabs to see the data relating to CPU, system memory, Disk Activity, Disk Usage, Network Activity and its usage.

Like to see live on screen, then minimize the current Activity Monitor, right click on the dock and this enable various tasks right in the respective dock which shows live graphics instead of a standard icon. You will have a chance to set them specific to CPU, network, disk activity and also the RAM usage.

Hence, These are the things you can do with the Activity Monitor available in your Mac OS X. So never worry about how to pull up task manager on mac or any other. Because simply follow all the above steps and end the task to enhance speed in a more accurate way.

Simple Tip: Till you get the grip of using a spotlight in apple task manager, never go for how to open task manager on mac process because at times, might go wrong. So, therefore, take an appropriate action before stepping forward.

Wrapping Content

As a result, I hope you are clear about how to open task manager on mac and if you get any doubts, contact us. We reach you in a very short time period. Also, like the how to bring up task manager on mac article,  share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Therefore, Come back to PhoneGnome for more information.

How to Clear History on Mac in Simple Steps

How to Clear History on Mac in Simple Steps

Ways to clear History on MAC

How to clear history on mac? Well, if you like to make your browsing status faster, simply start clearing out the previous tabs or history successfully. Never get panic while you clear the whole browsing history. This is why it takes a while to clear the whole. Make a note as this is not too hard to delete manually. Here I am going to show how to safely remove browsing history from your Mac in a quick overview. Also, there is a faster way to remove it.

Like to know how? None other than using cleanmymac3. Simple download and clear in seconds. Through this, you can also clear junk files from large to old, broken downloads, system cache and much more in less time period. Well before going to steps, let me tell you what exactly it is? When you start surf something, your browser remembers each and every single page that you visit. Whatever you choose an incognito mode or private browsing, does the job very well.

how to clear history on mac

About MAC

Websites you visit will now show through autofill Google search forms whenever you look at them. Usually, you can identify them as they are highlighted in violet at search results. Why browsing history plays a role? Well when you like to get back to the most important site that you recently visited, can get back to it in seconds without any fail.  Well, if in this case, why to remove? As it could relate to privacy, business confidentiality, or simply like to clean all things at regular intervals. So now we are going to learn how to clear history on mac in simple steps.

How to Clear History on Mac?

Cleaning browsing history and other information stored will be pretty simple and very much easy.  All the thing you have to do is have a look on below and choose one of them which you frequently deal with it. As a result, follow the steps one by one for how to clear history on mac carefully.

  • Steps to clear all history on Safari.
  • How to delete history on mac chrome.
  • Delete all data on Firefox successfully.
  • Using CleanMyMac3 which is a simple method.

How to delete history in Safari?

These are quite simple. You have to simply go through the below steps for how to clear history on mac and follow according to it with no second thought. So are you ready to clear browsing history on your mac? Well, let’s go right now and deal with the process how to delete history on mac.


  • The very first, simply launch the Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Click on history tab available in the top menu.
  • There you are requested to choose clear history and website data with no doubt.
  • And choose the time range either you are looking forward to deleting all history or today’s or a few days history, can go for it.
  • Finally, click on clear history and you are successfully done.

All these steps help you to clear all your history, third party data which is unnecessarily stored on your Mac in the simple and quick method. So are you clear about it? Got some idea? Well go for it and wash out very well.

Now we have seen the steps how to clear history on mac when you browse through Safari. Now let us go and learn about different browsers like how to clear history on chrome in simple steps by making a quick overview.

How to delete browsing history when you use Chrome?

You can try out this when you use chrome with no second thought. Simply attempt these steps one by one to clear out all the data in a very short period of time. So here we go.


  • Firstly, open the Chrome browser on your Mac.
  • Perform a single click on the icon showcased on the top right corner of the page.
  • Select history from the list.
  • And also choose History on the pop-up menu with no other doubt.
  • Tap clear browsing Data by selecting the time range as you like to delete for today or all days from the start day or only certain days.
  • Perform a checkmark in the browsing history as well.
  • Now finally as I said click on clear browsing data successfully.

That’s all. You are done!!!! Not able to believe. Well, these simple steps help you for how to delete history on google chrome in seconds. Now let us learn the simple steps for other browsers in clear and understandable format.

How to clear Firefox history manually?

Do you use Firefox? Or unable to learn steps to clear history on Firefox? Well, if in that case how to delete google history? I am going to help you in a most simple and quick overview. Have a look, follow them one by one and clear the history very well.


  • The first step, open the Firefox on your Mac with no other doubt.
  • And now open the history tab available in the form of the menu bar.
  • Tap on clear recent history without any fail.
  • And don’t forget to choose time range as it might be an hour/ certain days/ all browsing data.
  • Cross-check all the details and click on it before stepping to clear the whole thing.
  • Thereafter, select browsing and download history.
  • Uncheck the rest if you think they are very much important to you or if they get used anytime in your day to day life.
  • Finally, tap on clear now and that’s all. You are successfully done with it.

Hope you are cleared of the concept how to clear history on mac showcased here in a simple way. Never go a step back to read all these steps as it helps you a lot and help yo delete in more fast and easy way.

Till now we have seen how to clear out through simple steps manually on the respective browser in your Mac. Now we go and learn to delete history using CleanMyMac3 in seconds without any fail.

Use CleanMyMac3 to Delete Browsing Data

Here we go with a quick and simple guide to follow up on for how to clear history on mac and remove all the browsing data in seconds. The simple thing is you have a chance to choose the fastest way.

  • Get the CeanMyMac3 for free.
  • Go to its privacy module, choose the browser you use/ messenger if required.
  • And clean whole history with a single click.
  • As doing this saves your time whenever you like to clean up.

This is for browsing history. But make a note as your internet activity will be stored on your Mac like in the form of caches/ logs/ downloads and files you stored a long time. So do you notice them and like to clear all? This safe and fastest cleaning app help you to wash out all the junk. So as a result, maintain by cleaning all the junk files in regular time intervals, make your Mac work faster when you browse with no second thought.

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Final Verdict

Hope you are well understood of all the steps showcased here. As a result, follow them and clear out very well. If you like the article google browsing history, can share upon with friends or also on social networking sites. As this help them to clear history in short time. Therefore, for any comments, drop a comment on below section. Also stay back with PhoneGnome for more perfect fixes in short time. Thank you.

How to Defrag A Mac in Simple Steps?

How to Defrag A Mac in Simple Steps?

How to defragment a mac

Today, we are going to learn a new concept called Defraging A Mac. Well, but how to defrag a mac? Is there any process to do? Better if you don’t panic and rust to the steps given below. Before going to these steps, have a look at what exactly defrag mean. Then I am not going to stop you. This process how to defrag a mac is done if in case, your mac does not run efficiently.

To seed up the Operating system, may require defragging. Am I right? But usually, Apply never included the defragging software as windows include. But doing so, there are a lot of benefits. The Apple has embedded all its inbuilt safeguards which purely prevent the fragmentation. However, at the time of getting update/upgrade/any, you have to perform defragmentation once in a year.

how to defrag a mac

About Defragmentation

Well, how to defrag a mac? The mac defrag is actually a reverse process. All the files on respective hard disk will recognize in such a way, all the parts of the single large file will be stored side by side. In other words, you can say as defragmentation removes all the gaps between the recorded parts, collecting them into one unit. So, therefore, it allows to speed up the system removing additional and cache files successfully.


Why Do We, Defrag Mac?

Typically, at the first stage when you buy the Mac OS X, the system might be very fast. But day to day, when you go on add the files and keep on storing, the drive gets full even with the temporary cache files. this, in turn, slows the system. New data is generally written on outside the hard drive, slowly working its way till you add the other data too.


By the continuous storage, it never gets lost, all the holes start developing numerous reads and writes. So simply by defragging the drive moves all files back in a specific order and fills the respective holes that have been encountered at the time of its usage.

How to Defrag a Mac in Simple Methods

Here I am going to explain the whole process how to defrag a mac in two different methods. Simply follow all the instructions given here and speed up your OS without any fail.

  • how to defrag a mac in simple steps.
  • Defragment a mac through third-party tools.

How to Defrag a Mac in Simple Steps

So in order to defragment mac, follow these instructions carefully and do step by step. If any single step goes wrong, the disk and system might get damaged. So take an appropriate care by doing the boot-up process.


  • The first step, make your boot drive lighter by reducing all the files like games, movies, songs, and other confidential files without any fail. You need to reduce at least 50%, this is why as the first half of the drive will be fast than the second large number of sectors available there.
  • This might not necessarily bring up free space to 50%. But make a note of doing so increases its performance drastically. And if in case, the boot drive is filled to completely 80%, will never work. But yes, can reduce the files through Activity Monitor. Also, reboot the drive after completing the whole process.
  • In this step, you need to arrange black fresh external drive and clone of the whole Mac OS X. And in order to clone, can use the Mac backup software called Carbon Copy Cleaner.
  • Simply press and hold alt key/option to start rebooting process. Finally, you are ready to clone through startup manager. Wait for sometime verifying clone works or not. If any problem can report undoubtedly.
  • While doing this, erase the internal boot partition with the help of disk utility if boot camp partition is ready. This set all the bits to “0”.
  • If you suppose, found bad sectors, map it off. Doing this worthwhile because takes a while to read from bad sectors. Make sure, as you have not moved the hard drive while the process going on.
  • Once you are done, clone the external partition to the internal. Execute Disk Utility and Repair Permissions on both partitions will be used to clean all the cache and rebuild them respectively.

What Exactly Disk Defragmenter Mac Does After Performing Above Steps:

Well, as a result, now the user is capable to solve the following lists in a single batch.

  • Issues related to Bad Sectors.
  • Problems due to caches.
  • Defragmentation issues.
  • Boot camp partition problem

We feel great having such a bootable backup. If you find the speed is reducing after updates/ upgrades/ reinstalling the respective software, can perform clone or reverse it for solving this particular issue.

For instance, if you perform these steps and face the same, then this might cause due to the following reasons.

  • Insufficient space in RAM.
  • Hard drive failure.
  • Your OS X version not updated for a long time.

And this is all to remove the fragmentation from the respective Mac hard drive.

How to Defragment a Mac Using Third-party tools

Usually, the Mac Os does not provide the tool as windows offer. The only thing they recommend is to take a complete backup of all your files, format the hard drive and reinstall OS to recover all files as I said above in simple steps. If it still needs the optimization, you have a chance to use third-party utilities designed to defragment mac hard disk. There are several apps, can have a look at the following.


  • iDefrag: most powerful app.
  • Drive Genius: This is also powerful program, allows to perform the full range of all the preventive actions working with HD partitions and then restore the complete data.
  • TechTool Pro 5: This is one of the universal tool meant for mac performance optimization, has an option to defrag mac through this tool in a perfect way.

Make a note as all these are the third party tools and therefore, we usually not get the support from Apple team. And never use these on mac with SSD. Otherwise, it might damage the disk and also the system. So better to take an appropriate care and preventive measures.

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As a result, I hope you are clear of all the concept how to defrag a mac. And now ready to start the process on your Mac. If you get any doubts, can simply contact us by dropping a comment in the below box. So that we reach you in short and guide you. Like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay back to PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

How to Reset Macbook in Different Ways Updated Right Now

How to Reset Macbook in Different Ways Updated Right Now

How to Factory Reset Macbook

Let’s go to learn the process how to reset macbook in simple steps. Well, you have an option to restore macbook to factory settings without facing any issue. This is done by erasing your Mac and reinstalling it with the help of built-in recovery disk.

So Make a note as before you erase the data, back up all the essential files. And when you like to install on your portable system, be sure as you are connected with an adapter. Also, crosscheck whether the internet is ON. if not, you may fail to0 reinstall. So take appropriate measures while doing the whole how to reset macbook process.

how to reset macbook

How to reset macbook Using Different Methods

Finally, I am going to guide all the steps related to the factory reset macbook process. So why do we late now? Learn all the steps, understand and follow according to the instructions given below.

  • Resetting NVRAM
  • Crosscheck battery status.
  • Restore mac to factory settings.

Resetting NVRAM

The Non-Volatile Random Access Memory, in short, called as NVRAM stores all the settings like speaker volume, default display, and others with no doubt. Doing this might fix a lot of minute issues very well. In some Mac’s NVRAM is replaced by PRAM that is fundamentally same as in NVRAM. You have to simply follow the below instructions carefully to reset macbook successfully.


  • Open the Apple Menu-> click on it so that you get the drop-down menu.
  • And then click on Shut down available in the form of a list.
  • Again, tap on shutdown whenever you get the prompt message.
  • There you need to find the NVRAM keys, simply hold down ⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, P, and R Keys altogether for at least 15 seconds.
  • Turn on your Mac and click on the power button to prompt the Mac.
  • Now simply press and hold the NVRAM reset keys. This must be done by pressing your Mac’s power button and then all the 4 keys[⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, P, and R Keys] altogether before you get the Apple logo on your Mac.
  • If the logo appears before you press the keys, need to shut down and try again without any hesitation.
  • Continue the process till the Mac finish its startup process.
  • Has a chance of rebooting your Mac at the time of the on-going process.
  • Once you see the user selection screen, release the keys and sign in to your account.
  • Reset all the preferences and crosscheck whether the problem got resolved completely or no.
  • If you notice any issue, then simply perform a factory reset without any doubt.

Crosscheck the Battery’s Status

how to reset macbook? In order to reset your Battery, remember that you have to do SMC, a small chip controls all the things like Mac’s external lights, responses, battery management and much more. Resetting the SMC might improve by reducing all the issues encountered. Also, with the help of this, can fix overheating issues too without any fail.


Well, how can you notice as this is the time to apply SMC? There are various possibilities to know as this is the time. Like if your cooling fan goes loud running at high speed/ MacBook does not get respond/ system shutdowns itself/ battery might not get charge properly and much more.

In order to resolve this, follow the instructions carefully and perform so that this fix all the issues in a more successful way.

  • Open the Apple Menu-> Click on Apple logo available at the left corner of the screen.
  • And now, you get the prompt window where you need to click on shut down. So that it goes shut down.
  • Do attach your Macbook to the plug in the charger on the right side.
  • Simply find the SMC reset keys. Perform SMC reset by tapping on ⌘ Command, ⌥ Option, power button and ⇧ Shift keys together.

Keep holding the keys for 10 seconds. Once it is done, release all the keys. Click on the Power button and turn on your Mac to begin a restart. After the successful restart, all the issues must be resolved.  Crosscheck as the issue must be resolved. If you still notice some issue then how to reset macbook, while this is the time to go for factory settings.

Restore mac to Factory Settings

Before starting the process, back up all the data. Because doing factory settings completely wash out all the data and in turn fixing issues to the greater extent. Follow the below instructions for resetting macbook pro successfully.


  • Open the Apple menu by clicking on its logo appeared on the top left of the window. So that you can see a drop-down menu.
  • Select restart and wait till it successfully restarts the system.
  • Now hold down ⌘ Command and R keys altogether and you have to perform this immediately when you click Restart.
  • Release the keys once you see the Apple logo. So that your MacBook begin booting in the recovery mode. All the process takes several minutes to complete.
  • Choose Disk utility available in the middle of the recovery window. Click on continue.
  • Select Mac’s hard drive which is named as Macintosh HD if you did not rename it. And also click on erase tab available in the top disk utility window. So that gets the new window.
  • Click on Format-> Mac OS Extended-> erase. This might take few hours so make sure that you have plugged in with charger.
  • Tap on done whenever it get prompted. As it is fully cleaned.
  • Tap on disk utility-> Go back to recovery window-> Reinstall Mac OS-> Click on continue.
  • Make sure you have an excellent internet connection. As such follow all the on-screen instructions and install the whole setup on your Mac successfully.

Doing in this way, fix all the minute issues and others too very well. However, once it gets fixed, again won’t trouble you. But before starting the process, take appropriate measures and perform carefully.

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Wrapping Content

Well, as a result, I hope you are clear of all the steps provided here. For instance, if you have any doubts on how to reset macbook, simply drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more updates.