Activate iPhone 6 Without Sim – How to Fix [Perfect Solutions]

Activate iPhone 6 Without Sim – How to Fix [Perfect Solutions]

How to activate iPhone 6 without sim

Today we are going to learn the different ways of activating iphone 6 with no sim. Isn’t it interesting? Yes of course!!! Because all these methods are bit simple and quick process that helps to activate iphone 6 without sim very well. Doing so is one of the most significant processes before you initiate to use iPhone. However, all the time performing such methods to activate iphone 6 without sim and to make iPhone work very much smoothly. And at times, you might get an error message popping up as activation is not possible or activation failed.

Once if you notice such kind of errors, you need to make sure your device is updated with latest OS including the 100% working sim card. For suppose, when you see that concerned handset gets locked with any of the particular networks, then all that means you are using the same network. While getting back to here, never forget to make a note as activation through your mobile operator is the most significant part. Doing so, you can simply use your iPhone like a normal phone instead of using it as iPad at wireless network.

activate iphone 6 without sim

How to Activate iPhone 6 Without Sim

So are you ready to activate iphone 6 without sim right now? Well if yes here I am going to explain the different possible ways that help to activate your iPhone easily with no hurdles. For suppose, if you failed to activate iphone 6 without sim, then simply walk in to the nearby Apple support and sort all your issue in a perfect way.

  • How to activate iphone 6 without sim using iTunes.
  • Activate iPhone6 using R-sim/x-sim.
  • Unlock the iPhone to By-Pass the activation process.

How to Activate iPhone6 Without sim using iTunes

Well, before going to this, crosscheck whether the phone is locked to a network or not. If yes, you can try this out with no second thought. The only require things are unlocked iPhone and also PC that runs iTunes without any fail.


  • First and foremost, you are requested to check whether the iTunes available in your system is up-to-date.
  • If not update first. Once the whole process gets completed, connect your iPhone to PC.
  • So that there you get a small message popping as there is no sim card inserted in iPhone you are attempting to activate.
  • This, in turn, notifies all your phone is connected to a particular carrier.
  • Most of the cases you won’t face such situations. It means the phone is not locked with any carrier.
  • And now, you notice a message popping onscreen at iTunes determining to fill all the required details. Hence, you can activate your phone.
  • As a result, once the iPhone gets activated successfully, can use the iphone on WiFi which is very much similar to your ipad/ ipod respectively.

Activate your iPhone using R-sim/ x-sim

This is the second interesting method where you use either R-Sim/x-sim. When you were not having an original sim, simply choose R-Sim/ x-sim. Follow all the simple instructions provided step by step with no doubt.


  • In the first step, you have to insert the respective R-Sim/ x-sim into respective card holder at your iPhone.
  • Now select the respective carrier and confirm to start all the process.
  • Next, press and hold the power button to restart your mobile successfully.
  • When you are rebooting the phone, it starts to search for the carrier and the whole activation process is done well. That’s all!!!!!!

Unlock the iPhone 6 No Sim to By-Pass the activation process.

This is the final possible way to activate your iPhone in a very short period of time. The process usually gets complete through the site called official iPhone unlock. However, provides with the service iCloud Activation lock. This might take several minutes or attempts when you start the process respectively.


  • Firstly, you have to enter the official iPhone unlock site and choose iCloud unlock option available in the form of a list.
  • And now you are required to fill all the details relating to iPhone likewise model number, IMEI number and much more.
  • Doing so, your iPhone gets activated within 2-3 days. So wait for a while till the whole get complete and enjoy all the experience very well.

What if you get errors while the Activation Process is Going On

Even though you found this as an easy task, at times, you get a lot of error messages at the time of activation like no sim card installed iPhone6. But never worry about such things. This is because I am going to guide and discuss some tips that help to solve in a more successful way.

  • In the first step, restart your mobile. After the successful restart, you must and should do the whole activation process again without any fail.
  • The second thing you need to make sure as you connected with stable or strong WiFi network. As it does not cause any kind of disturbance/ hurdle/ error in the middle.
  • Don’t forget to cross-check whether the iTunes available in your system is up-to-date. Ensure as you installed the latest version of your system and initiate the Activation process.
  • Also, sign in with your Apple ID in order to activate the device successfully.

These are the points to be concerned before you go with the activation process. Doing so, it never pops up any kind of error message and simply activate the respective iPhone successfully.

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(FIXED) Android Is Starting Optimizing App- Error

(FIXED) Android Is Starting Optimizing App- Error

Stuck at Android is starting optimizing app Fix it from here

Do you feel very much happy seeing a new update on your Android mobile? And doing so did you never faced on your mobile showcasing android is starting optimizing app? Like to fix such issue right now? Well for all these queries, if your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. As I am going to help with perfect fixes to solve android optimizing apps issue. First and foremost, most of all the users were unable to know what exactly Android is starting error mean? All this will be encountered when you initiate updating your mobile.

As such this type of updations brings most of the new features and optimizations making your mobile much better. So due to this, at times it shows the android is upgrading optimizing app for every reboot.  Initially, they never faced such issue but it has started from Android 5.0. The users started claiming as they get for every restart. Therefore, here we are going to see a few methods to fix android is starting optimizing app. As per now, the issue raised only when you upgrade the phone. If it is due to some reason, simply go to another approach.

android is starting optimizing app

How to Fix Android is Starting Optimizing App

After doing a lot of background work, I am going to provide certain fixes. Go through one by one and fix android is upgrading optimizing app right now. Here we go.

  • How to Start Your Phone in Recovery Mode?
  • Steps to Fix Android is starting optimizing app.
  • Remove SD Card and Reinsert it.
  • Factory reset.

How to Start Your Phone in Recovery Mode?

In order to fix android is starting optimizing app, simply go through all the steps below carefully and fix right now in a very less time.


  • Firstly, hold both powers as well the volume down button on your mobile.
  • Once you see the logo appearing on the screen, release the power button.
  • And when you notice both the icons, release the volume down button.
  • Now simply highlight the left icon and boot into the recovery mode.
  • As a result, use volume up and volume down buttons to move through the menu.
  • Choose the power button in order to select. And there go to the wipe cache partition then start rebooting your mobile successfully.
  • Even though you face the same, then opt factory reset and apply all the steps provided below to fix the current error.

Steps to Fix Android is Starting Optimizing App

These are the steps to be followed by Motorola users to fix on their Android in a very short period of time. Here we go.


  • First and foremost, you need to ensure as your device is powered off and unplugged too.
  • Now simply press and hold the volume down button and power button for at least 3 seconds and then release at a time.
  • There from the boot mode selection menu, simply select recovery.
  • From the no command screen, press and hold the power button and then release volume up button to display all your menu options.
  • Choose wipe cache partition and then reboot the system now.
  • That’s all!!!! In this way, you can simply get rid of the issue very well.

Remove SD Card and Reinsert it

Well, when the above methods do not work and still you face the same, then get back here with no doubt. And get rid of receiving android is starting optimizing app again and again.


Usually, it is highly recommended a few apps will be stored on your SD card. Am I right? All this help and push the apps optimizing and allows the phone to complete the whole process successfully. After doing so, the phone gets rebooted successfully. Finally, insert the SD card and move all the apps installed on it to your phone’s internal memory. And therefore, you will stop noticing android is upgrading optimizing app error undoubtedly.

Perform Factory Reset

This was the last but not least. As applying this method is very important when you failed on working all the above methods. Follow the below instructions carefully and you can get rid of it in a more successful way. So are you ready? Well, get back here with all the steps, apply them and solve it today itself.


  • Initially, hold and press both power button and volume down button till you see the logo appearing on your Android screen.
  • Now simply, use the volume button and then choose wipe data/ factory reset option successfully.
  • Confirm on moving to factory reset option.
  • Wait for several minutes and then delete the entire content with no doubt.
  • Press the power button and at last, wait till your Android mobile reboots completely where exactly you see the setup screen.
  • That’s all!!!!!!

Hope you are well applied all these methods get rid of the issue android is starting optimizing app 1 of 1. If not? Drop a comment on the below section as we help you by guiding in detail and help to fix right now.

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Hope you are clear of all the steps showcased here one by one. For any doubts, simply go comment in the below provided rectangular box to help and guide you. Also, like the article, can share with your friends or also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay back with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials and best fixes.

How to Go Incognito On Windows/ iPhone/ iPad/ Mac

How to Go Incognito On Windows/ iPhone/ iPad/ Mac

How to go incognito on mac, windows with chrome

How to go incognito: Usually, when you look forward to some sites surfing all the information you need, sensitive data will be automatically get stored on your respective hard drive. If I like to go through private browser how to go incognito? All the data is used to enhance your browsing experience going forward. However, data files are used on your system based on different variables and purposes. And moreover, you all are aware of some sites, in which, they are responsible for not leaving traces like cookies, on your system itself.

You must take care and close your window. Once you close or shut all the windows, open these particular incognito windows. Through this, any data you surf, or any files you download or the bookmarks you create will automatically get preserved. Make a note as going through incognito; it never affects the behavior of other servers/ the software.

how to go incognito

About how to browse incognito

How to go incognito? Just all the people have to be aware of the sites that collect or share the information about you. Another most important note you have to keep in mind is, internet service providers or employees might have a chance to track the pages you visit. Take care as the malicious software at the background might track all the keystrokes in exchange of free smileys or some other free services.

Also, there might be surveillance by all the secret agents. And moreover, people who might stand behind you at times are responsible.  So by keeping all these points, and as the Chrome does not control how the extensions handle all your personal data, these get disabled for incognito windows. Also, you can re-enable them one by one in the respective extension manager. As you go with the private browser, incognito, when you delete all your browsing data, ensures as no one has been come crossed your sites under the Chrome’s history manager.

How to Go Incognito in Simple Steps

With the help of all these incognito windows, you can follow the web with tension not. The entire information gets stored in your system itself with greater security. So can go ahead through this on anytime especially when you are in need of surfing something confidential. So if you are the one, follow the steps one by one showcased below in a clear and better understandable format.

How to go incognito on chrome

Let us now go and learn simple steps in order to open single or multiple tabs on chrome. Here we go.

  • In the first step, you have to open the respective incognito window available in the top right corner of the screen.


  • Click the new incognito window and start browsing. As alternatively, the incognito mode shortcut, press Ctrl+ Shift+ N in order to bring new incognito window very fast entering towards Chrome settings menu.


  • As we discussed above, the chrome will never keep a record of all the sites visited while you use this respective incognito window.
  • But yes downloaded files, bookmarks will be automatically gets saved safely and securely.
  • That’s all!!!!!! You can keep on go and start browsing through this incognito with tension not.

Steps to Stop Private Browsing

As we all know, the incognito runs separately from normal windows, how can you come back to normal windows? Is there any possibility? Well, if you like to get back from this private browsing, follow the below significant points showcased below.


  • Firstly, go to the respective incognito window in your system and simply close the window.
  • How to open an incognito tab on chrome? Well as if it windows, simply at the top right, click on X.
  • If you use Mac, then at the top left, close X with no second thought.
  • That’s all!!!!

As you browse privately, make a note as:

  • Chrome never saves your browsing history, cookies, site data or any other information entered in forms.
  • The files you downloaded and bookmark you create will remain same.
  • All your activity is hidden from the site you visit as they might be your good wisher/ employee/ any internet service provider.

And hope you are ready to go with this absolutely perfect private browsing with tension not. For any doubts regarding how to open incognito on chrome, you can simply reach us by typing in the comment section to help and guide in a more understandable format.

Till now as we have seen the usage of incognito at your respective system, we now learn for other devices in step by step.

How to open incognito in Android

Follow the simple steps provided here to begin or initiate browsing through incognito on our Android mobile itself. So are you ready to learn this new process in the simple and short way?  Get back here.


  • First and foremost, open the chrome on your Android mobile/ tablet.
  • To the right of the respective address bar, click on more-> new incognito tab.
  • As of now, you can see the new window appearing on the screen. And at the top left, check for the incognito icon.

For instance, if you get the message prompting like “ Taking screenshots isn’t allowed by the respective app/ organization” open the respective web page on normal Chrome windows with no doubt.

Stop Private Browsing Through Android

As the incognito runs in a separate window from your normal chrome tabs, simply close all of them as shown here.

  • Open your respective Chrome app. And at the top right, you observe some switch tabs. Am I right? And also there, you see your opened incognito tabs.
  • Now, at last, you see at the top right of incognito, a symbol in the form of X. Click on it.

This is for Android. But when you go for iPhone and iPad, how to open an incognito tab? Is there any process? Well, is quite different. Simple go through here to use and stop private browsing in simple and better way. So let’s start here.

How to open incognito on iPhone/ iPad/ How to go incognito on Mac?

Well, if you are iphone or ipad user, tension not. This is because I am going to help and guide very well. So here we go.


  • Open the Chrome app on your device without any fail.
  • Click on more-> new incognito mode at the top and then click on the respective address bar.


  • You usually look left on these devices compare to Android.

Stop Private Browsing on Mac/ iPhone/ iPad

The Process is going to same on iPhone/ iPad/ Mac. Here we go with a simple process and learn more fastly to get back to our normal windows.

  • Open the Chrome app-> tap on switch tabs-> and at the right, you observe all the open incognito tabs.
  • And then finally, click on X to close right now.

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Duplicate File Finder Mac: How to Get Rid Of It In iTunes

Duplicate File Finder Mac: How to Get Rid Of It In iTunes

Duplicate file finder free

Duplicate file finder mac: When you notice as your hard drive space is almost full, you will try to free up space. Am I right? Well, I guess, therefore, every individual thinks the same and try to clean up all type of junk files. But unfortunately cleaning all type of junk/ cache files may not help you in freeing up your hard drive space. So in that case, what can you do? Do you have any chance to remove all the unnecessary duplicate file finder mac files and free up your hard drive?

In that situation, the only thing is to identify and deal with duplicate files. Am I not right? This is why all the duplicate files occupy a significant space on the respective Mac system. But remember as the process of finding and removing all the duplicate photos, documents, music or video files is not that simple and pretty fast. Listening to this, don’t get panic!!!! This is only when you decide to do without third party software programme. Let’s finally focus on how to find and get rid of all these duplicate file finder Mac files.


The process of Deleting Duplicate File Finder Mac

Never depress when you are unaware of Deleting duplicate file finder free. As here I am going to guide in simple words. However, let us follow step by step and free up our Mac hard drive in less time.

  • Way to find duplicate files, Mac.
  • How to get rid of duplicates with duplicate file remover pro.
  • How to get rid of duplicates in iTunes.

Hence, These are the three major ways essential to free up your Macs hard drive in short notice period. So are you not ready to learn and perform for freeing up your hard drive from unnecessary files? Well if yes, go through the following step by step carefully to get rid of duplicate file finder mac files.

Way to Identify Duplicates in Mac

Follow the below steps carefully and find out all such duplicate photos finder Mac/ files right now. This is one if the way to sort all the files by size with the help of smart folders available in the finder. Why make delay in doing so? Here we are.

  • In the first step, open the respective finder window with no second thought.
  • Go to Apple menu-> file-> new smart folder respectively.
  • Now tap on plus button available in the top right corner and click on search parameters without any fail.


  • Make a note the Parameters like kind, date, name, file type, and others.
  • Click on others to identify more parameters which help you to search and sort all the files.


Therefore all the list will finally appear in the form of window focusing on size, name and so on. This will help you a little.

The process to Get Rid of Duplicates Using Duplicate File Remover Pro

The Duplicate file remover pro usually allows to select and help to delete duplicate files, videos, music, archives, complete duplicate folders and others successfully. So follow the steps carefully and get rid of all the files in a very short period of time.

  • Firstly, you are requested to download duplicate file remover pro app from the app store with no doubt.
  • Launch the app and drop all the folders to scan right now.


  • View all the files and start removing clones well.


  • You have a chance to select from which folder say destination folder, removing files with the help of context menu.


  • Alternatively, you can use the cleanup hints to get rid of unnecessary files in a more quick way.
  • That’s all!!! You are done finally.

So till now, we have seen how to remove duplicates via a third-party app. As a result, now let us focus how to delete a file on mac through iTunes without causing any kind of failure.

How to Get Rid of Duplicates in iTunes

Well as the technology improvises day by day, let me tell you iTunes start got updated day by day. Am I wrong? No right!!! Yes as I said due to the newer versions lot has changed. Similarly, a lot has become not that simple. Confused!!!!! Let me say you, even in the iTunes latest version, identifying duplicates not that easy. But tension not as I am going to help you. Follow the below steps carefully and free up your Macs hard drive right now successfully.

  • The first step, open iTunes app respectively.
  • Click on file-> my library-> show duplicates.


  • Tap on all to view the duplicate track listing, click the same album to show all the duplicate songs from a particular album.
  • Well, it is a good idea to arrange iTunes music column. As such will get the chance to view with the help of control key.
  • Make sure as album and artist gave a tick mark beside to it.
  • So finally, click on the name column iTunes and this, in turn, ensure to display all the duplicate files next to each other.

duplicate file finder mac

Therefore go through all the tracks and remove duplicate which file finder mac which you do not feel important. Once you select and finished click done available on the right corner to return your normal iTunes mode. That’s all!!!! This ensures you as can able to see the entire iTunes library free from duplicate files.

These are the three ways where you can clear out all the unnecessary duplicates and free up your Macs hard drive successfully.

Alternatives to free Duplicate File Finder Apps for Mac

Usually, when your Mac is running slow on disk space, it begins to unusual/ slows down/ lock up completely. It is very much important to delete all the Duplicates using third-party apps. As doing so will be pretty easy and fast in an accurate way. Here, therefore, you can go through all the list items which will make finding and deleting duplicates on your Mac in simplest and easiest way.

  • Disk Drill.
  • MacClean.
  • DupeGuru.
  • Easy duplicate finder
  • Duplicate File Finder

Using these apps can easily get rid of Mac find a duplicate file with no other doubt. Hope you are clear of the concept how to determine a file on mac in different ways. If not can contact us as we finally reach you and guide in a short period of time.

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How to Factory Reset Mac [Step-by-Step]

How to Factory Reset Mac [Step-by-Step]

How to Factory reset macbook

How to factory reset mac? Are you looking/ stepping forward to sell your Mac? Or is it essential to wipe and restore your Mac to factory settings? Doing all this help to start fresh and also protect your personal information with an appropriate care. In order to perform this, nowhere you need to move around Apple technician or any. Simply follow the instructions carefully and perform successfully. Here is the simple and official step by step guide.

Make a note as for when you reset the Mac, all the information stored will be wiped off. So this is very much essential to create a backup to save all the important information and data. Well, also you can manually back up all the data by copying everything to an external drive or icloud. However to faster and more secure thing is to back up your Mac is none other than time machine which is considered as a Mac built-in software.

how to factory reset mac

About MAC

Before going to different ways/ using time machine, make a note as you need to wipe up your Mac. Well, this can be done by using CleanMyMac3 with no second doubt. As it helps you to remove all the files like from larger to old very well. Once you are done with how to factory reset mac, can enable time machine without any fail.

The outlet which you must and should cross-check before resetting your Mac to factory reset mac shown below.

  • Deauthorize the iTunes.
  • Turn off the FileVault.
  • Disable iCloud.
  • Sign out of iMessage.
  • Erase touch bar data.

How to factory reset mac in Simple Steps

As a result, once you are done doing backup all your data, give a fresh start using methods. Follow the steps carefully showcased for how to factory reset mac in pretty simple and easy way.

  • Restart your Mac to recovery mode.
  • Erase Mac hard drive perfectly.
  • Reinstall your Mac operating system.

These three simple methods help you to work on how to wipe a macbook pro in a better way and help to reset without causing any kind of error.

Restart your Mac in Recovery Mode

Follow the simple steps for how to factory reset mac provided below in clear and understandable format. So here we go without any fail. Why delay? Have a look right now.

  • Go to the Apple menu available in the top corner of the screen.
  • There you need to choose restart.
  • After doing so you have to hold command and R keys at a time.
  • So that you will notice a recovery mode window.

Hope you are done by performing all the above steps one by one carefully. Now let we go with some more methods factory reset the computer in a successful way.

Clear out your Mac Hard Drive

How to reset the computer to factory settings? Follow the below steps carefully in order to clear out all the hard drive successfully. Here we go.


  • The first step, choose the disk utility available in the utility window with no doubt.
  • Tap on the continue button.
  • And now you are asked to choose your startup disk.
  • There you need to click on erase from the buttons available at the top of the disk utility window.
  • Finally, perform a click on erase with no second thought.

Once the whole process gets complete, go to the disk utility menu available in the top left corner of the window. As a result, select quit disk utility successfully for how to wipe a mac process.

Reinstall your Mac Operating System

Well, done with all the steps shown above, then it’s the time to reinstall your Mac successfully. Perform a single click on reinstall Mac os or reinstall it with no doubt. Please confirm as you really in need to reinstall. Follow all the step by step online instructions shown on the screen.


However, if you are not looking forward to keeping your Mac, better to quit the process. As a result, hold the command and Q keys, choose shut down to turn your Mac off and leave to the new user respectively. That’s all. You are done!!!!!

Hope you are well cleared of all the details provided for how to factory reset mac in clear and understandable format.

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