How to Block Emails on iPhone [Step By Step Process]

How to Block Emails on iPhone [Step By Step Process]

How to block emails on iphone? Emails are pretty enough to communicate. It might be either sending or receiving documents/files. The way you communicate through at times be very much confidential. Sometimes, you may also receive unsafe messages like scams.  So that now if you notice, to avoid all such vulnerable things, email providers started introducing blocking solutions.

Another alternative is to use commands on your respective system to avoid all the unused or unsafe mails respectively. Well, now let us learn step by step how to get rid of that kind of emails in detail. Just go through those instructions and follow accordingly.

how to block emails on iphone

How to Block Emails on iPhone

There are 4 different ways where a user can delete all such unused emails successfully. Focus on all those instructions showcased below to make your work very much more easier.

  • Block emails using Gmail
  • Through iCloud Mail
  • Using Yahoo Mail Account
  • Microsoft Outlook

How to Block Email using Gmail

  • The very first, go to your respective web browser and type in order to sign in.


  • Provide both username and password to sign in successfully-> Now simply direct the inbox displayed on the screen.
  • Page down and look forward which email you likely to block and then click on it. Keeping beside this, you have another alternative to block a respective mail.
  • Type the name of the respective email address in the search bar provided at the top of the rectangular box in order to search the particular mail in a short time.
  • Now in the next step open the drop-down menu available at the upper-right corner of the page.
  • If you notice, you will find the block option and the name of the sender. Like for example “block SchemeDetails” respectively.


  • Finally, perform a single click on the block option whenever it is prompted. And therefore add the email address the account’s block list.
  • Doing so it conforms as no longer the user will receive an email from that specific address in the respective inbox. But emails which are blocked will be still seen in the form of the Spam folder.

Block Email Through iCloud

How to block emails on iPhone? This might be another different method where deleting unused emails take place in iCloud. Follow the instructions carefully, so that it will be very much easier to delete in less time.

  • The very first step,  open the iCloud mail from your respective browser. It means go to the web browser-> and then Apple mail’s inbox once you are successfully signed in.
  • Go to settings where you see the pop-up appeared on the screen. Go to the option “rules” available in the form of the list.
  • Now add the rule and then enter the respective email address.


  • Thereafter you see the drop-down box-> select move to trash and mark as read option-> Click on done.


  • Doing so, the rule you generated will move all the unused emails to the trash successfully. This is extended to your iPhone also with no doubt.

Using Yahoo Mail Account

  • The very first step, open the yahoo account by typing the in the respective browser.
  • Enter your both email address and password before you initiate the process.
  • Go to settngs-> so that you see a prompt window-> Click the upgraded mailbox button available on the left side of the page.
  • Now go to more settings available at the drop down menu-> so that, you can open the respective settings page.
  • Perform a single click on security and privacy-> click on + add->  enter your email address-> click on save. This adds the selected unused emails to the block list without any fail.


How to Block Email using Microsoft Outlook

Well, last but not the least method, how to block email using Microsoft outlook? Right? Follow the below instructions step by step carefully.

  • Open the outlook-> Open the web browser and type and mention both username and password respectively.
  • Go to settings -> so that you can see a drop-down menu-> tap on mail tab-> Click on junk mail available in the middle of the settings window.
  • Enter your email address-> tap on add. Doing so will send all the unused emails to the block list successfully. Finally, click on save.


  • That’s all!!!!!!

These are the four different methods that help to block or delete all unused mails in less time. Go through all the instructions thoroughly and implement accordingly. For any queries, you can simply contact us irrespective of time.

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Final Words

Hope you are cleared enough of all the steps provided for how to block emails on iphone in detail. As a result, you can save all your confidential data in your mail with no second thought. For any doubts, can drop a comment in the below box. Therefore, if you like the article, can share with your friends and also on social networking sites. Stay connected with PhoneGnome to learn for more fixes.

How to Clean Startup Disk on Macbook [Simple Methods To Clean]

How to Clean Startup Disk on Macbook [Simple Methods To Clean]

Are you looking for the different methods that can be applied for how to clean startup disk on macbook right now? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Usually, we get this particular issue when your disk is filled with multiple files or the files stored for a long time which are unused right now. So how can you clean up mac hard drive? No problem. Follow the simple instructions provided for the methods how to clean startup disk on macbook given here to clean up mac hard drive successfully.

But before that let me tell you, what exactly startup disk? And how to eliminate mac startup disk full issue? This is the partition on which the Mac Operating system works great. Usually, it has some amount of space that you likely use to store certain files and applications very well. Well, without saving or storing, you might not come out as simple as we notice. It is all using Mac to function. Moreover, you can begin to accumulate and limit the whole space remaining on the particular disk.

How to Clean Startup Disk on Macbook

How to Clean Startup Disk on Macbook Using Different Methods

Well, as simple as that!!!!! Unable to believe??? Well, here we go with various methods that help us to clean up mac hard drive in a very less time. So are you ready to learn these instructions and like to free up your startup disk, why to delay? Here we go.

  • Wash out all the cache files on the mac.
  • Get rid of all the localization files.
  • Delete old iTunes Library backup.
  • Remove all the old iTunes backup.
  • Delete iOS Software updates.
  • Delete Unnecessary Applications.
  • Clean up the Downloads, Movies, and Music Folders.

How to Clean Startup Disk on Macbook By Clearing Out Stored Cache Files

Before going to learn, let me tell you what exactly the cache files? These usually help the Mac to run various programs in a very smooth way. Mac usually maintains few blueprints how the program must be load or run or look-alike bit faster. But all the caches occupy some space and ultimately make you get startup disk full. So how to free up disk space on mac? Is there are any steps to be followed for disk cleanup mac? Here we go.


  • In the first step, you have to open the Finder window-> and there select Go available in the menu options list.
  • Now click on Go to Folder-> type in ~/Library/Caches-> and now delete all the folders that usually occupy a lot of space.
  • Deleting cache files is not like wasting your time. This is the good thing as doing so save your mac and run your system more faster.
  • Once after the perfect deletion, all the applications and processes you run on the mac will make them possibly refresh and remove in a perfect way.
  • Also, you need to cross check the /System/Library/Caches folder and if you like to know the utility cleans up your mac is none other than Clean My Mac Software. This is done with some clicks. And then have to restart the mac with no second thought. That’s all!!!!!!

How to Get Rid of Localization Files

This is another interesting method that helps you to get rid of localization files. Well, but how to do mac disk cleanup with simple steps? Here we go. The localization files are also known as language packs that help to delete the unused files in a very short and simple way.

  • Firstly, open the finder window-> And then go to Applications-> Press Ctrl+ click on the application.
  • Now you have to select the show package contents-> Resources-> and look for the files ending with .lproj.
  • Simply select->drag all to files to the bin for deleting multiple unused files at a stretch.
  • That’s all!!!!! If required, you can use Clean My Mac software to get rid of localization files successfully.

How to Delete Old iTunes Library Backups

As per the advancements and improvised technology, we see a lot of changes happening on updating iTunes. Moreover, you can delete all the old iTunes Library backups by following certain instructions provided below.


  • Open the respective Finder window-> Now click on Go available in the menu bar available at the left side of the screen.
  • Do select Go to the folder-> by typing ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries-> finally delete all the previous or old files which are unused and stored for a long time. That’s all!!!!!

What is the Process to Remove Old iOS Backups

All the backups might tend to take a lot of space. There you can find and remove by following below instructions in clear and understandable format.

  • In the first step, launch the Finder window-> then click on Go available at the menu-list-> Select Go to Folder-> there you need to type  ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.
  • Therefore, get rid of all the old and outdated backups available at the Mac that has been storing or consuming a lot of space.

In What Way, You Can Remove iOS Software Updates 

Well, how to clean startup disk on macbook? This is another possible way to eliminate all the unnecessary data for your devices in a most possible way. Here we go with all the step-by-step instructions in clear and understandable format.


  • In the first step, open the Finder-> Click on Go available in the menu-list.
  • Now click on Go to folder-> type ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates or ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates to eliminate successfully.

Therefore, delete all the unused downloaded files for any of the devices and update it. Make a note as no deleted files will be needed at the time after the successful update.

Remove Unnecessary Applications

Usually, leaving all the unnecessary applications idle on your mobile lead to this particular issue with no doubt. So it is essential to eliminate all such applications as soon as possible. So go through all the applications and get rid of the apps that you no more use. Make sure you remove in a right way and drag to uninstall right now.


Even though you remove, there is still some space to be cleared whenever you notice startup disk full even after deletion of unused apps. Restart your mobile to clear all the unused space and make your phone refresh successfully. All this can be done even through Clean My Mac software.

In order to remove, simply install on your mobile, click on uninstaller-> choose the application and doing so saves a lot of time. That’s all!!!!

How to Clean Up All the Downloads, Movies, Music Folders 

This is as simple as that. Clean out completely by removing unused downloads, movies and rest of the music folders which you no more show interest in it. Also, archive what exactly you need and remove all the other files. In order to archive or compress to the specific folder, select the number of files and compress it to the one zip file. So that doing so will save a lot of space. In order to do so, follow the below steps provided for how to clear disk space on mac one by one.


  • Tap on Ctrl+ select the files you like to compress and then tap on compress available in the options lists.
  • Identify and remove all the duplicate music files if any and clean up all the songs you download successfully.

This might be simple but helps to clear a lot of space on your Mac successfully. Hope you are clear with all the methods shown here. All the thing you have to do is follow all the instructions carefully for how to clean startup disk on macbook and perform to clear out the issue “Your startup disk is full!!!! Clean it right now”.


Therefore, take out a chance to make your startup disk free from all the unused files successfully. If you have any doubts, simply drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article how to clean startup disk on macbook, share with friends and also on the social networking sites to help them in eliminating all the unused files. Thank you. Stay back with PhoneGnome for more interesting updates and useful tutorials.

How to Delete All Photos From iPhone By Applying Different Methods

How to Delete All Photos From iPhone By Applying Different Methods

how to delete all photos from iphone: Using iPhone today has become very much passionate to every human. But while coming to the usage, you see people start feeling bit difficulty when they are new. It might be a perfect tool to get a lot of photos with 100% clarity. And this is best suitable especially for the people who feel very much passion for taking, a lot of selfies and capturing various photos. But when you see the option called memory full, start thinking to erase all photos from iPhone.
But how can we go with the process of remove photos from iPhone? Is there any different method to be followed? Yes of course!!!!!!! Here we go with the different instructions to be followed provided in clear and understandable format. Doing so, it might be very much easy to remove all the photos and videos by simply clicking on the trash icon. Also, you can learn how can you create the space on the respective device and how to get back all the photos if you delete accidentally.
How to Delete All Photos From iPhone

How to Delete All Photos From iPhone

Here we go with three different methods to delete all photos from iPhone in step by step. So are you ready to have a look? and delete all iPhone photos, here we go.
  • How to remove all photos from iPhone?
  • How to delete all photos from iphone Using the photos App on Mac
  • Delete all iPhone photos using File Explorer on PC.

How to Remove All Photos from iPhone?

This might be the first method that helps to delete all photos from iPhone. And it is one of the easiest methods that can be applied to remove all the unused photos at a time.
  • First and foremost, open your iPhone and there you notice all the installed apps available on the home screen.
  • Go to the multicolored icon which is none other than our album storing a lot of photos.
  • And there click on camera roll album, which is available at the top-left corner of the page. This is where you can store various photos.
  • If else your mobile has iCloud photo library enabled, you can notice a folder namely All Photos.
  • There you need to click on select available in the form of the menu list.
  • As a result, click on each photo to select and which you likely to wash out photos from your iPhone. This is to make a quick delete of all photos on iPhone respectively.
  • And then click on the bin icon which is available at the right corner of the screen.
  • Once after performing a single click, you notice a pop-up showing the notification as “Are you sure to delete Photos permanently”, if yes, they were successfully washed out. If not click on no as this again store all your photos back in the same place.
  • Doing so will remove the photos from camera roll and place in the recently deleted album without any fail.
  • But in case, if you like to delete only one photo, by selecting the photo and tapping on delete button notify as “Delete Photo”, if yes click on it to remove that respective photo from our album.
  • Now again click on back button-> scroll down and click on recently deleted which stores all your photos deleted and stored-> and therefore click on select-> Delete all.
  • So that deletes all the photos permanently from the iPhone and then finally click on delete photo. That’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delete all Photos Using the photos App on Mac

While you are looking forward to deleting all the photos through photos app available on mac, here we go with simple instructions to be followed carefully.

How to delete all photos from iPhone

  • Firstly, connect the iPhone to the mac without any fail.
  • And also connect the USB cable to your mac in a perfect way.
  • When you have iCloud Photo Library enabled on the respective iPhone and mac, you can observe all the photos in photos app on the Mac.
  • In the next step, open the photos by clicking on its icon available to the left corner of the screen.
  • And now it’s the time to hold down Command at the time of deleting each and every pic which you likely to delete.
  • And Press Command+A in order to delete all the photos successfully.
  • Finally, you are requested to click on delete-> Confirm for deleting all photos from iPhone successfully.
  • Therefore, select any number of photos and then tap on delete that helps to remove the multiple photos from the mac’s photo app and also from the iPhone very well.

How to Remove All Photos From iPhone using File Explorer On PC

Usually, you can tr any of the methods with no second thought. Just try and have a look at below points to be considered provided in clear and understandable format.


Steps to Remove Photos from iPhone

  • The very first, connect the iPhone to the PC successfully. This is possible by plugging the USB into the PC and another side to your iPhone.
  • Make sure you are using the original cable. Open My computer icon available on your PC-> Open from the start menu by clicking on the start icon available at the bottom-left corner of the screen and then finally click on My computer.
  • Now do double click on the respective icon. Instead, if you fail to see such icon, crosscheck whether the USB is perfectly connected to both devices. If not, connect right now and go back to the respective icon to open very well.
  • Once you see the menu, have to opt for the option of choosing an Open folder to view files with no doubt.
  • Double click on internal storage-> DCIM-> where you see multiple folders naming as 100APPLE, 101APPLE and much more. The higher they are, delete the photos you likely to do.
  • Choose each and every photo you likely to delete. Hold down the Ctrl and then click on the respective pic. Also, has an option to select Ctrl+A to select all the photos in the respective folder.
  • Finally, click on delete available on the right corner of the screen.
  • Repeat the process and delete. After doing so, disconnect the USB cable and when you notice, no photos can be seen from the photos app.

How to Get Photos Back When You Delete Accidentally

While all the above methods work for deleting all photos from iPhone. But when you go delete accidentally, how can you restore them? Is there any possibility? Yes. Follow the below instructions provided in simple and understandable format.

  • Click on Photos-> Albums-> and then click on recently deleted. Click on the photo you like to get back and then press on recover with no second thought.
  • In order to recover multiple photos, click on recently deleted and then recover all. That’s all. Doing so helps to get restore which you erase all photos from iPhone successfully.

Hope you are clear about how easily can restore all the deleted photos through your iPhone. Instance, like to have any guidelines or help, contact us by providing a comment in the below box. We reach you in short and clear all the doubts about how to delete all photos from iphone in a perfect way.

Final Words

As a result, I hope you are clear with all the different methods provided for how to delete all photos from iphone in step by step. For instance, if you have any doubt, can drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article iphone delete all photos, share with your friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for learning more interesting tutorials.

iPhone Error 1671{Fix it} By Applying Different Methods

iPhone Error 1671{Fix it} By Applying Different Methods

Error code 1671

As per today, all the third-party security software is ready and often took a chance to prevent iTunes from connecting to the respective server or iDevice. But at times, one might notice some of the other numeric error messages like iPhone error 1671 encounters especially when you sync, update, backup or else restore the respective iDevice. Most of the times, users notice this kind of an error code 1671 at the moment of restoring iDevice through iTunes. This is because of all they were associated with the host’s file on the PC or Mac respectively.

All these hosts files are used by the various operating systems including OS, iOS, and windows in order to map all the hostnames to the respective IP addresses. The itunes error 1671 exactly encounters during iTunes not able to go along with Apple servers. While on another side, the error might cause due to the reason of having outdated version of iTunes, due to invalid anti-virus, anti-virus infected by some viruses, or else having a lot of USB controllers to the system.

iphone error 1671

How to Fix iphone error 1671 Using Simple Methods

Well, there are different ways to fix iphone error 1671 in a very less time period. Here I am going to present all those methods in a step by step to make you understand very clearly. So that you can handle yourself when you get such type of errors in future.

  • Fix iphone update error 1671 especially when updating the software.
  • How to fix with the help of using high-speed USB port.
  • iphone error 1671 fix with editing hosts file on PC
  • How to fix error code 1671 with PhoneRescue

Fix iPhone Update Error 1671 Especially When Updating the Software

Here we go with first and most interesting, easiest method that helps to fix error code 1671 right now. Follow all the steps given below and fix it now itself.


  • In the first step, disable all your antivirus program on the Mac or PC with no second thought.
  • Reboot your iOS successfully.
  • Hold on sleep/wake button for a while and release when you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen.
  • Connect the device to the system, launch the itunes and try to update again and again.
  • That’s all!!!!!!

Alternative Method

  • This is also s simple as you can fix right now itself. Follow the below instructions one by one with no doubt.
  • Firstly, disable the antivirus as we discussed above either in Mac or PC.
  • Allow the respective update to download to iTunes.
  • Restore the device in recovery mode by connecting your iPhone to DFU mode. First, connect your mobile to the system-> Force restart by holding sleep/wake button at once for a while-> so that you can see the recovery mode screen appearing on the device.
  • Once you notice such option-> restore to select and update.

How to Fix With the Help of Using High-Speed USB port

This is another way that helps you to fix iPhone error 1671 in a very less time. Well, how? Am I right? Just simple as you can. Connect the iPhone/iPad/iPod directly with the high-speed USB port.

iPhone Error 1671 Fix With Editing Hosts File on PC

While here we go in a different way to fix error code 1671 by editing through the respective host’s file. Well, this is one of the best solutions that help you very well. Simply follow all the steps carefully one by one to fix in a very short period of time. So Are you ready to fix? Here we go.


  • In the first step, disable the anti-virus program on the PC well.
  • Have a look at the respective host’s file on your PC.
  • If in case you use windows, simply go to My Computer-> C:/ Drive-> Go to Window-> System 32-> drivers and so on. Once you get, simply drag to the desktop.
  • While when you are Mac user, follow the path as by using finder-> Select Go-> Go to Folder-> and in the box type/ private/ etc/hosts and then click on go. Doing so, all the finder locates and select the respective host’s file. And finally drag this back to your desktop.
  • As a result, launch the iTunes on the system and try to restore iDevice successfully. Once the whole process is done, put the host’s file back into the respective folder with no second thought.

In this way, you can fix iphone error 1671 type of errors very fast and in a more accurate way.

How to Fix Error Code 1671 with PhoneRescue

Fixing itunes error code 1671 using phone rescue is a different way that helps you very well. It might look like a bit complicated but most perfect and easier method. The PhoneRescue actually helps to recover any type of iOS data from the iTunes backup successfully. While on doing iTunes backup restoring, will erase all the data completely on your device.  But wait!!! Wait a minute!!! PhoneRescue will not. So are you ready to use Phonerescue right now to fix iPhone error 1671? Here you go with all the steps one by one.

  • Firstly, download the PhoneRescue on the respective PC/ Mac-> install and open it by connecting with your device successfully.
  • Now simply choose to recover from iTunes backup-> click the arrow.
  • Select the backup that contains a message you like to get back-> and then right click to scan the whole backup.
  • Choose messages-> preview and then select the messages which actually you need to retrieve->  and then click to download them to the system or iDevice to recover from the iPhone respectively.
  • That’s all!!!!!!

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Final Words

I hope you are clear on all the different ways discussed here. For any doubts or more guidelines, simply drop a comment on the below comment section. So that we reach you in very short and clear all your doubts in a less time. Like the article? Share with friends and also on social networking sites to make unknown persons know about the error 1671 iTunes solving in short period. Thank you. Stay in touch with PhoneGnome for more updates and interesting fixes.

iPhone 7 Freezing and Lagging! How to Fix Right Now

iPhone 7 Freezing and Lagging! How to Fix Right Now

iPhone 7 Keeps on freezing

While coming to all types of troubleshooting issues, today I am going to explain how to fix iPhone 7 freezing using simple methods. Before going to learn such methods, let me tell you as this respective model has been released in the year 2016. It is purely waterproof and dust proof too. Moreover supports 12MP rear cameras to gain a lot of photography experience. So now let we go and learn all such issues by applying some standard methods one by one in clear and better understandable format.

As per recent scenario, most of the users had experienced their best but hope you know even the product might be the best adorable one too will somehow get issues one or other day. One of them raised by various users is why does my phone keep freezing every time. At times, this might cause for some unknown users leaving them in the most annoying situation. As a result, for the both unknown and known users, we have come with few interesting and perfect methods that help to get rid of this my phone is a frozen and wont turn off issue well.

iphone 7 freezing

iPhone 7 Freezing !!! How to Fix Right Now with Simple Methods

According to the reviews and feedback are given by multiple users, they claimed iphone 7 freezes continuously. What can I do to fix it? Are you in that situation? Well, no problem, you can go here and learn all those simple methods that help you to fix iPhone 7 freezing and lagging in a very short period of time. So let’s start fixing the issue and get success to enjoy all our experience with the respective iPhone.

  • Restart the iPhone.
  • Update the software
  • Close all Running Applications.
  • Simply come out from all the apps that cause harm to your iPhone.
  • Download the respective system monitor.
  • Perform Factory Reset

In this way, you can simply get rid of the iPhone 7 Keeps on freezing issue in a very short period of time. Here we go.

Restart the iPhone

Usually, people get worry one they face any issue on their iPhone. This is because iPhone costs enough. Am I right? Not only the iPhone, coming to its spare parts either the hardware or software costs enough where a common man cannot pay. This might be the reason why people lose themselves when they see even the tiny issue. But let me tell you, there are methods that you can solve on your own and save your time as well the wallet successfully.


The first and foremost, I think about restarting the phone. Because the simple restart can fix many fixes like iphone 7 freezing/ got struck and so on. If you are not the one restarted the mobile once you notice such issues, simply go restart right now with no second thought. Due to the phone lagging restart for several days, all the apps start freezing or crashing that cause this particular my iphone is frozen and wont turn off issue.  So as a result, simply go for the restart and do right now to get fixed very well.

The process might be different compared to other phones. All the thing you have to do is press and hold down the sleep/ wake and volume down button altogether around seconds till you see the Apple logo on the screen. Thats all!!!! Doing so it resolves your issue completely. If not try for another method as discussed below.

Update the Software

This is another way of getting rid of iphone 7 freezing issue very fastly. Just ensure that the mobile is already updated with latest software or no. If not, update right now as this fixes all the bugs arisen and improves the performance too very well. Simply go and check for the software update at Settings-> General-> software update which takes a while and fixes all the bugs in a perfect way.


Close all Running Applications

Well, this at times usually happens due to all the third-party apps. The app becomes unresponsive for some or other reason that gives rise to iphone keeps freezing and crashing at regular intervals. All the thing you have to do is close the app if in case of getting the issue. But if in case you notice while running multiple apps, simply go close the app that you are not using for a longer time.


Press the home button twice and it opens all the running apps. Long press on any app till you see the “-” symbol circled with red color on the icon. What all you like to close the apps, tap on “-” symbol and close right now. Click on the home button again to close the whole row.

Simply Come Out from All the Apps that Cause Harm to your iPhone

Does any app you see like this? Apple takes the whole responsibility of its own app but it cannot handle all the third-party apps. Just make a note as if you installed any of the third-party apps that not having many reviews, delete it from the device and restore it very well.

Download the Respective System Monitor

The system monitor offers all the information related to mobile’s performance like all the cache details, memory usage, system logs and so on. Keeping an eye on that information will let you identify the whole problematic apps causing this particular iPhone 7 freezing issue.

Perform Factory Reset

While all the above methods get fail, and unable to get rid of the iphone 7 freezes issue? Simply go for the factory reset. all the process resolves your issue very well but remembers doing so will completely erase your data from the respective device. So are you ready to learn the whole process? Here we go.


Go to Settings-> General-> Reset and then click on erase all content and settings. All this might take several minutes to reset depending on the basis of data stored in your mobile. Once the process is done, you can notice a welcome screen that asks to swipe to continue. That’ll!!!! Doing so, you can no longer need to go and visit the nearby Apple support and pay. Just resolve yourself and save all your time with no second thought.

If in case, you still face from iPhone 7 freezing issue, simply drop down in the below rectangular box. So that we help you to the extent. Still, if it gets fails, simply contact nearby Apple support but let me tell you, the issue can be solved with no longer Apple Support Visit.

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Hope you are clear of all the methods showcased here. For suppose, if you have any doubts, simply drop down in the below rectangular box as I discussed above. Also, if you like the article, can share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials and several perfect fixes.