Macbook Pro White Screen – Fix it Right Now With Simple Steps [Official]

Macbook Pro White Screen – Fix it Right Now With Simple Steps [Official]

Macbook Pro White Screen of Death

Does your Mac getting stuck? Or else getting macbook pro white screen? At times this particular error or issue cause your system stops functioning and displays a white screen ultimately. In other words, a white screen at times acts as an indicator of an issue with the OS X operating system. As I said, when it encounters stops the functionality and goes back to the suspended mode that in turn makes the screen white.

Did you ever grab this to the nearby Google solutions? Never get worried about these type of issues. I am going to provide multiple methods that washout the issue in a better way. This is how we solve our macbook pro white screen issue. Well, let’s go now. There are a number of solutions but I am going to give you best and that works fast without causing any kind of errors. Similarly, you can check if you get White screen on Mac and your mac is not turning on.

Macbook Pro White Screen

How to Fix macbook pro white screen Using Simple Methods

Now here, we are going to learn certain methods that help us to come out from the issue. Make a note, as while going to those methods, you need to check its peripherals completely.


If the issue is solved, you can get back to your work with no second thought. If not, you need to try out these methods for sure. Let us go, learn and fix the macbook pro white screen issue in a simple, fast and easy way.

  • Restart your Mac.
  • Try Safe Mode
  • Try repairing your startup disk by opening disk utility.
  • Reset NVRAM
  • Reset SMC
  • Reinstall OS X

Restart your Mac

This is the simple thing where every user does. Simply hold the power button and disconnect all the peripherals into the Mac. After doing so, restart your Mac. For suppose, if it starts normally, it means this is all due to some hardware issue.


Try to figure out which is causing hardware issue. How can you do this? Simply by connecting all the peripherals one by one.

Perform it in Safe Mode

Even after connecting all peripherals does not work, perform safe mode. As this is considered as a diagnostic mode which is designed to fix all type of OS issues. Thus, after all, this is one of the most useful troubleshooting methods. Follow the below instructions carefully to get rid of the macbook pro white screen issue successfully.


  • In the first step, shut down the Mac and wait for at least 10 seconds.
  • And now restart your Mac.
  • Simply press and hold the shift key once your system restarts. Make a note as you have to tap shift key immediately before you get the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Release the key when you notice gray Apple logo.
  • Wait for some time as this is a slow process, never get panic!!!!
  • If in case, your Mac starts up, restart without pressing any keys.

Doing so, it solves all your issue. If not, in that case, try the other methods showcased here with no second thought.

Repair your startup disk by opening disk utility

In order to try this method, simply follow the below instructions carefully. If in case, unable to get? Contact us by drop down in the comment box. Here we go to fix macbook pro boots to white screen very well.


  • Turn the Mac to Off state.
  • Restart your mac and hold the options +R keys immediately.
  • So that once the system starts, you can see the OS X utility menu available on the screen.
  • Choose Disk Utility and then click on continue.
  • After all these instructions, select your startup disk.
  • Then, finally reboot your Mac.

This method might help you wash out the issue in an easy, simple and accurate way.

Reset NVRAM [Non-Volatile Random Access Memory]

Well, till now tried alot!!!But failed to fix macbook white screen? Do you like to reset NVRAM and make a trial to fix this particular issue? you can go here.


  • The first step, turn off your Mac with no second doubt.
  • Wait for several seconds and then turn your Mac on.
  • Simply press and hold the Command+Option+P+R keys immediately after the startup sound.
  • Finally, your system is going to restart.
  • Release the keys when you hear the startup sound.
  • Doing in this way will reset NVRAM very well.

Reset SMC[System Management Controller]

Firstly, try the below steps without eliminating removable batteries. Follow all the instructions showcased here in step by step.


  • Turn the system off.
  • Now connect it to the power adapter.
  • Simply press the shift control option keys and power button similarly.
  • Finally, release the keys at a time.
  • Reboot the system without any doubt.

Follow the below instructions if you are using older Macbook with the removable battery.

  • Turn off the system.
  • Disconnect power cord.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Hold the power key for seconds and release the power button.
  • Reconnect the battery and power cord with no doubt.
  • And finally turn your Mac on.

Follow these simple instructions if you have an Intel-based Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini.

  • In the first step, turn off the system.
  • Disconnect the power cord and wait for several seconds. After some time connect the power cord.
  • Wait a while and turn on the system.

Reinstall OS X

Well, this might be the final method but simplest one. Reinstall the OS X because this might fix your issue in a more simple way. Here is the step by step instructions, follow to fix macbook pro white screen of death and perform right now.


  • Shut down the Mac operating system.
  • Turn the mac and hold Command, R Key immediately once you listen to the startup sound and before you see the apple logo.
  • Choose Reinstall OS X and follow all the on-screen instructions to fix macbook air white screen in a perfect way.

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Wrapping Content

I hope you are clear of all these methods. If you are not able to understand, contact us. so that we reach you and give the best guidance and instruct to solve macbook pro won’t boot issue very well. Also, if you have any doubts of macbook pro won’t start up, simply drop a comment in the below comment box.

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How to Force Quit Mac in Simple Way Updated Now [Perfect Solutions]

How to Force Quit Mac in Simple Way Updated Now [Perfect Solutions]

How to force quit on a mac

How to force quit mac in a simple way? Are there any shortcuts to do so? Is the app failing to respond to any of the input?  If in that case, you need to forcibly quit the application. Today I am going to explain how to force quit mac in simple and most possible ways.

Whatever might be, with the help of Mac OS X, you are going to find a way thatforce quit mac out the app very well. There are shortcuts which help especially in the emergency situations. So shall we go right now to learn and perform force close mac? If yes here we go.

how to force quit mac

How to Force Quit Mac With Simple Methods

Follow the below process which helps you mac force quit very fast and also in an accurate way. To learn them for how to force quit mac, here we go.


  • Use Keyboard Shortcut Force Quit applications.
  • Force Quit Currently Active Mac App through Keyboard.
  • Force Quit apps from the dock.
  • Do force quit from Apple Menu.
  • Use Activity Monitor
  • Use the Terminal and Kill Command

Usually, to quit the mac app normally, You need to choose Quit from the app’s menu bar or else you have to tap on Command (⌘)-Q. Still, if it doesn’t quit, follow the instructions given for above simple methods.

Use Keyboard Shortcut Force Quit Applications

how to force quit mac? While starting with the best and easiest will be system-wide force quit function. All the thing you have to do is tap on Command+Option+Escape from anywhere. This is all to bring up the simple Force Quit Applications window and click on the respective app name to select. However, it is all followed by clicking Force Quit button and then ending it up- immediately.


As such the force quit keyboard shortcut will act like the best combination while quitting apps in Mac OS X. Make a note as all this can access through the keystroke itself. Just select and mac force quit the multiple apps when it is necessary.

Force Quit Currently Active Mac App through Keyboard

how to force quit on a mac? In order to do so, hold the Command+Option+Shift+Escape for a second or till the app get discloses. Be sure as you really looking forward to forcing quit. Because whatever the app, if you perform that command, it quit in several seconds.Usually, this might know by several users but is the quickest method compare to others. All the users reviewed it as very good command and much helpful for force close mac.

Force Quit apps from the dock

So now we learn how to force Quit apps from the dock in a better/ simple way. To do so, Choose Option+Right Click on the app icon in the respective dock.


All this to bring the option and selecting this will kill the app without any confirmation. Doing this help you to quit the respective app from the dock in a more easy and possible way.

Do force quit from Apple Menu

how to force close on mac? This is one more possible shortcut key used to force quit successfully. Just simply hold the shift key and then click on Apple menu in order to find Force quit Application name.


This process is bit easier but not most powerful method. At times, the application is completely unresponsive and menus will be inaccessible. Never mind and hesitate to use this easy and simple process.

Use Activity Monitor

Before using Activity Monitor, what exactly it means? How does it help us? The Acti8vity Monitor is the most powerful way that employes to force quit any of the application/task/daemon/process running on the Mac OS X. Unable to get?/ have a doubt on its whereabouts? All this can find it in/ Applications/ Utilities/ or open through Spotlight with the help of mac force quit shortcut Command+ Space.


Now type Activity Monitor and its return key. As such, using this is very much easy. Select the process name or ID which you prefer to kill and then tap on quit process. finally, you are done!!!!

Use the Terminal and Kill Command

how to force quit an app on mac? This might be the last method which helps to quit by issuing all the low level kill command. And now launch the terminal where you are required to type the following force quit mac shortcut.



killall [processname]


For instance, let us consider a small example, “killall Safari”, that works to kill all the instances of the respective Safari process. Well, if you know the exact process id, and you likely to find with the ps or ‘ps aux’ command. Only the thing to perform that process, and finally apply the below command.



kill -9 [pid]


All these commands will take out all the files like infected one, honoring versions, window Restore, Autosave and are cautious relate to potential data loss. So finally, simply have a look and pick your own method to make it force quit successfully.

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Final Words

I hope you are cleared of all the details how to force quit mac shown here. For instance, if you have any doubts how to force quit in mac, simply drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends/ word of mouth/ also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. As a result, Stay connected with PhoneGnome for more updates.

Mac White Screen? How to Fix Your Mac Won’t Turn On Right Now

Mac White Screen? How to Fix Your Mac Won’t Turn On Right Now

MacBook pro white screen of death

Are you getting mac white screen? Unable to solve? Looking forward to getting a perfect fix? Do you grab your mobile to Google Solutions? Well, this issue might occur at regular intervals. The simple thing is to find the best and simple way of bringing your Mac back to the working stage. Here we go with certain fixes as they might help to get rid of mac white screen issue. But why we get this particular issue?

Usually, Macs are reliable computers and at times, we face trouble as it won’t load. At this situation, you will notice white screen on mac. In turn, it becomes unusable and keeps asking to get the mac turn on. All this you can notice after updating the whole operating system to the new version. This is all when you deal with all the incompatible drivers or some applications fail to upgrade. This results in mac white screen of death issue.

mac white screen

How to Fix Mac White Screen Using Simple and Perfect Solutions

Before going forward, you need to check all the peripherals whether they were working best or no. If they were not connected properly, try disconnecting all of them like printers, cameras, USB Drivers and so on. And now reboot your Mac with no second thought.


If it boots up now, then the problem might be related to mac white screen issue. For suppose, if it fails and your mac book is not loading, it is the time to check other possible ways to get rid of mac stuck on loading screen troubleshooting issue. Here I have come with certain methods that help you to solve in a short time.

  • Boot into Safe Mode
  • Reset PRAM/NVRAM
  • Use the Disk Utility for verifying or repair disks
  • Reinstall Mac OS

So let us go right now to solve mac white screen issue in an easy and simple way.

Boot into Safe Mode

Usually, it is designed and applied to all the troubleshooting issues. Doing so help us to check the disk to find out all the possible file system errors and if needed, the repair must be done without any fail. So when you Mac won’t turn on,  do this process immediately with no second thought. Follow the below instructions to perform booting in safe mode.


  • First, press the power button, instantly press and hold the shift key altogether.
  • Once you get the apple logo, release the shift key.
  • After the process, delete all the cache files with no more waiting.

A cache is a place where it stores all the temporary files and by clearing this, you can load all the files with more speed and accuracy. But unfortunately, files in cache go outdated and start to pile on your respective Mac, resulting in the white screen of death mac issue. But tension not. Because I am going to help to get rid of such problems.

Once the whole cache files get deleted, remove all the installed applications without any fail. But make a note as dragging all of them simply to trash is not the right one. This is why it leaves numerous associated files on Mac. But all this can be wash out through the CleanMyMAc, uninstaller module designed specially to uninstall with no leftover files on your system.

Once you are done, restart by not pressing any keys and see whether mac white screen is fixed or getting the same again and again. If it is solved, then no problem. But if not, go and try for by applying methods.


Well, the PRAM/ NVRAM is considered as a tiny amount of memory that allows all your Mac users to store all the certain settings and access them as soon as possible. Usually, these include sound volume, time zone, startup disk selection, and much more. If you are the one experiencing this kind of issues related to settings, resetting PRAM will be the perfect fix. Follow the simple instructions provided here.


  • First shut down the MAc.
  • And now immediately press all the four keys together[Command+ Option+ P+ R].
  • Hold down all the keys till you get the startup sound.
  • And now, release all the respective keys without any fail.

Once the Mac finishes starting up, will move to the system preferences and now need to adjust some settings that were already reset like time zone, display resolution and much more.

Use Disk Utility to Crosscheck or Repair all the disks

Well, before going to the instructions, let me tell you a few words relate to Disk utility. As such it is responsible to fix several issues including macbook pro white screen of death. This is why we go for this method. Here are some steps. Let’s go right now to get rid of mac white screen.


  • Restart the Mac by holding the command and R keys without any fail.
  • Now release both the keys once you get the apple logo.
  • Click Disk utility and now click on continue.
  • Now, choose the disk you like to repair.
  • And then click the first Aid button shown on the screen.

For suppose, if it says the disk is about to fail and there is no other way to do. You can simply replace it without any fail. Perform a click on show details to get more information related to all the repairs especially when you get reports as the disk is repaired.

Reinstall MacOS

|If all the above fails and still facing the same macbook pro white screen fix it by trying one last method. Here you need to reinstall the whole operating system. Doing this will never affect your files/apps/user settings/any.


By applying this, you simply get the fresh version of Mac OS installed on your mac. Make a note as at times, the standard reinstall methods will not work due to issues encountered with respect to drive. In that case, need to use internet recovery to reinstall the entire operating system.

Follow the below instructions carefully to get the success in reinstallation.

  • First, turn on/ else restart your Mac right now.
  • Hold down the command+ option+ R keys till you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • Once the startup is complete, will get the utility window.
  • All the thing is you have to choose reinstall and then click on continue.
  • Follow all the on-screen instructions to complete the whole process.

Also, fix some maintenance issues that might encounter in future. The CleanMyMac help you a lot to fix such type of issues in a very short notice period.

In this way, you are going to solve mac white screen issue in simple and fastly.

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Final Verdict

I hope you are clear about all the methods provided here. For instance, if you have any doubts, simply drop a comment on the below section. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more fixes/ for perfect solutions.

Your Startup Disk is Almost Full – How to Fix it Using Simple Methods

Your Startup Disk is Almost Full – How to Fix it Using Simple Methods

How to Fix if Your Startup Disk is Almost Full

Today We are going to learn how to clean startup disk on Macbook/ your startup disk is almost full message? Why we get the disk full all the time? All the files and programs when you use will be saved to the respective Startup disk. Am I right? Continuously storing all the files to one place at times lead to disk full issue. While if you have an iCloud account, the user will have an option to save all the files but basically any of the application, picture, song or video will be stored on your startup disk.

This is all doing through the normal usage. Make a note as the smaller the drive and if more files, get the message as Your startup disk is almost full message prompt on the page. Is this not a bad news!!!! The hard disk should never get 85% capacity as you experience all its slowness and errors which you get above the mark. If it is full, you will get the message of warning through Mac and this might be the serious indication which needs to free up space instantly. So now we go learn to clean up your startup disk is almost full in different ways.

your startup disk is almost full

Your Startup Disk Is Almost Full-Fix it.

Let us go and learn by applying different methods for your startup disk is almost full and in different ways. All this give you an idea to fix in a more simple and easy way.

  • Clean up cache files on Mac.
  • Get rid of all the localization files.
  • Delete old iTunes Library backups
  • Remove old iOS backups
  • Remove iOS Software Updates
  • How to archive/compress a file

Clean up Cache Files on Mac

Well, how to see what’s taking up space on mac? The Cache files are the one that helps the mac to run all the programs in a more smoother way. You can assume them like a blueprint for the house. All these caches can start to take a space. And in turn, help in providing freeing up space. Doing this, it completely refreshes. And to clear out all the cache,


  • Open the Finder window and select Go available in the menu bar.
  • Now click on “Go to folder” with no second thought.
  • You are requested to type as ~/Library/Caches.
  • Delete all the files which have taken more space. And then click on Go to Folder.
  • Type again /Library/Caches respectively.
  • And again finally delete all the folders that take up a lot of space.

Deleting all the files that take more space will be very much safe for the Mac. Once you delete, all the applications you run on Mac will generate fresh always. Once you are done, restart the Mac so that can create all the cache files.

Get rid of localization files For Startup Disk Full Issue

These localization files are also known as language packs. When you have a lot of apps come with other languages which actually you won’t need. So to delete, follow the below path.


  • Open the Finder window.
  • Go to the applications.
  • Ctrl+Click on Application.
  • And now select show package contents.
  • After that go to Contents-> from there resources and then look for the files which are ending at .lproj.

Delete old iTunes Library backups

How to free up space on mac? In general, all the recent versions of iTunes create the backups of all your iTunes library. Then is when you really update the application. However, can trash all the old iTunes Library backup by the following path.


  • The very first Open the Finder window.
  • Therefore, by clicking Go to the menu bar available at the top left of the screen.
  • Choose Go to a folder and by entering into it, and type ~/Music/iTunes/Previous iTunes Libraries without any fail.

Remove old iOS Backups

All the backups will tend to take a lot of space. Any of you can find and remove them by applying all the below instructions.


  • Firstly, launch the finder window.
  • Now click on Go in the menu bar.
  • As such selecting Go to the folder, simply type ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/.
  • As a result, this is all to get rid of all the old, outdated backups your Mac and has been stored for the extra space. So that all your startup disk is an almost full issue will be cleared in a short notice period.

Remove iOS software updates

Does Your mac system taking up too much space? Follow the below instructions to remove the iOS Software updates. Or these are even applicable to how to see what’s taking up space on mac in a perfect way.


  • The first step, open the Finder.
  • Select Go to the menu bar.
  • Just click on Go to the folder.

And now enter for iPad as  ~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates. If in the case to enter on iPhone, type ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates without any fail.

Delete all the downloaded files for any of the devices that you have never used anymore. Or else delete the Software which is already updated.

How to Archive/Compress a file

In order to turn the large files into smaller one, you will usually compress it. So by doing all the files to archive,  you will be clearing all the space. This process is very much essential when you like to free up space on our hard drive. Also, simply do the following.


  • Ctrl+click  the file you need to compress which is usually recommended for all the movie files.
  • And now select compress.

Finally, I Hope all these methods help you to clear a confusion related to what’s taking up space on my mac and free up all the space provided on Mac. So you can try it up and eliminate all the unnecessary things to get a free space on your respective hard drive.


As a result, I hope you are cleared of all the details provided for your startup disk is almost full message from here. Follow all the instructions carefully to free up space on hard drive. For more doubts, dro a comment on the below section. Also, if you like the article, share with friends and also on the social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Therefore, Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting tutorials.

[Fixed] iPhone 6 Says No Service?

[Fixed] iPhone 6 Says No Service?

How to Fix if iPhone 6 Says No Service

If your iphone 6 says no service, make a note as you can never make or receive the calls/send text messages/ else to connect to the internet unless you use the WiFi. However, it is very much easy to digest how integral our iphone has become on daily bases. This is all till it does not get work for a while.  So I am going to explain few of the fixes showcased in clear and understandable format.

So let us go to learn and implement right now with no second thought. Also, there is no one-size that exactly fits all the solution to the particular problem. So go through all these steps that are very much effective to work upon no service on my iphone 6 issue. Try yourselves to solve the issue in a very less time period.

iphone 6 says no service

Fix iphone 6 says no service troubleshooting Issue

Here I am going to present various methods in clear and understandable format. Just have a glance and implement those steps on your iphone undoubtedly to fix the issue successfully.

  • Update your software
  • Reset network settings
  • Take out the sim card
  • Check if any liquid damage
  • Backup and restore the iphone.
  • Contact Apple representative
So just have a look and try one by one to get rid of the new iphone 6 no service issue permanently.

Update the Software

Follow the steps to fix iphone 6 searching for service in a very short notice period. This is because every problem has a perfect solution. Let us go right now to fix successfully.


  • When your iphone is connected to WiFi, can crosscheck the device either it is connected or no. If yes, now go to the settings and check whether the update is available or no.
  • All this can be done by going through the path, go to Settings-> General-> Software Update.
  • If not available, go to Settings-> General-> About for checking all the carrier settings update. Do wait on About page for 10 seconds and if nothing pops, can assure as it is up-to-date.
  • For instance, if you are not accessing Wifi, connect the iphone to the system and use iTunes to check the availability of software update.
  • If an update is available, iTunes automatically check the carrier settings and asks you to update without any fail.

If still your iPhone says iphone 6 no service after the successful updation or is it already up-to-date, then follow other methods provided here with no second thought.

Reset Network Settings

my iphone 6 says no service? Resetting the iphone network setting to the factory defaults might fix all the sorts of cellular and other WiFi related issues on your iphone very well. This might forget all the WiFi networks so you need to reconnect and reenter the password respectively. And finally can notice no service problem may disappear once the iPhone reboots.


In order to reset Network Settings, Go to Settings-> General-> Reset-> And Reset Network Settings. Now you are asked to enter the iPhone passcode and then click on Reset Network Settings and wait till you get the confirmation pop-up at the bottom of the display.

Take Your SIM Card Out

Usually, your iphone sim card links the phone carrier’s cellular network. This is how all the carrier differentiates the iphone from other gadgets. At times, it stops saying iphone 6 no service fix when you simply remove your sim card from it and keeping it back to its place.


In order to remove, can go with the help of SIM card ejector tool/ a clip. When you insert the sim back again, see the same like no service iphone 6, try for another method showcased here.,

Check If Water/ any Liquid Damage

Well, this is one more cause behind my iphone 6 says no service and at times, will be invisible. Instead of repairing them, better to replace with the newer one.


Back Up And Restore Your iPhone

The software corruption might cause the excessive battery drain to all the iPhones getting overheated. So make sure as you have done all the back up to the iPhone/ iTunes/iCloud when you choose to continue. Doing backup might dsave you in losing the useful/ confidential information. And also restoring iphone erase the whole thing.


Contact Apple representative

At times, carriers consist of various activation codes, and also can resolve once you notice iphone 6 says no service. This is why all the codes will change too frequently and also has a number of carriers to lists all the specific codes. But yes there is a chance, all the carrier may be able to help throughout the phone. If else this won’t work, then go visit the nearby technician right now to fix the issue in less time period.


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Final Words

As a result, I hope you are cleared about the whole methods iphone 6 says no service in clear and better understandable format. And hence if you like the article iphone 6 no service, share with friends and also on social networking sites with no second thought. Also, feel free to share your opinion. For more doubts, drop a comment on the below section undoubtedly. Be in touch with PhoneGnome for more interesting stuff.