The devices we use have come to an evolved phase where we can use a particular device in various useful ways. There were days when people used those dimwitted television sets that used neon tubes. Now, there are television sets that work on an android operating system and on voice commands.

Although these television sets are heavily loaded with features that make them quite useful, they have a considerably high cost. This is why these aren’t feasible for all members of society. But Amazon has brought up a device that can convert even a simple television set into an advanced television, given that it already has an HDMI port.

This can be done using a Fire Stick, which is plugged into the HDMI port. This is a highly powerful streaming device that can help you watch shows on Netflix, Amazon, etc. , Play games, listen to music, and much more.

All this is controlled using a remote controller. It has quick access, best workable control keys, and much more. While if we come for compatibility, it was designed especially for the simple and quick navigation of both Fire TV and Fire TV stick.

Sometimes, Amazon fire sticks remote is not working. In such a case, the user might fret over the ways to get it to work again. Here’s a simple guide to help you fix this issue without much trouble.

Changing the batteries of Fire TV Voice Remote Control

amazon fire stick remote not working

In most cases, the batteries of the remote die out. This is a very common concern when the remote stops functioning. So, if your Amazon fire stick remote is not functioning, then try checking for its batteries as the first step. Some of the users might think that they’ve recently changed the batteries of the controller, but the main issue is this fire stick needs brand new batteries. You need to replace the batteries twice and then confirm whether your fire tv remote not responding or is fine with new batteries.

Sometimes, when you use a pair of used batteries from some other appliances that still work fine, and their batteries are almost new, yet they don’t work on these controllers. But when you plant unused batteries in them, they seem to work correctly. Therefore, checking the batteries and changing them at least twice before trying to reset or use any other method to fix its functionality.

Only if the batteries don’t work even after double-checking them, you must try any other way to regain its functionality. These issues can be resolved quite easily with little assistance.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick Remote Not Working Issues

It’s quite easy to get your fire stick remote working again. Some methods that we may use are:

  • Compatibility Check.
  • Remote Setup Issues.
  • Turn off unused remotes/devices successfully.
  • Check your device setup and remote range.
  • Try pairing the controller/remote again and again.
  • Reset Amazon fire stick remote.

Compatibility Check

amazon fire stick remote

Running a compatibility test basically means checking all the components with the base component. In this case, Amazon Fire TV or TV stick is the base component to which the compatibility of the gaming controller and remote is to be validated. If it is compliant, it should work without a doubt and there might be some other issues that are disrupting its functionality but if it’s not compatible then definitely it needs to be changed, otherwise trying to get it to work is just a waste of time.

For checking the devices that can be used, you can browse through these basic devices; Alexa Voice Remote, Amazon Fire TV Remote, Fire TV Remote App (for more information, including installation instructions, or to go to Download & Pair the Fire TV Remote App), Amazon Fire TV Game Controller (sold separately), USB and Bluetooth keyboards, Some third-party Bluetooth game controllers, Some third-party Bluetooth remotes, Some third-party wireless USB receivers, and remotes.

As a conclusion, any device that isn’t compatible, won’t work and needs to be changed.

Remote setup issues

fire stick remote controls

This basically includes checking for the batteries. If the batteries aren’t fully functional then they definitely need to be replaced. Because the fire TV or TV stick comes with its own fully compatible remote controller, so there needn’t be any issue regarding anything else. Faulty batteries might be one of the major reasons for the disrupted functionality of your remote controller. After changing the battery, if the issue still persists you can check for additional help here.

Turn Off Unused Remotes or Devices Successfully

fire stick remote

This is quite a simple method to resolve your issue with a plausible explanation. More than a limited number of devices cannot connect to a single base device. When more than 7 devices are connected to your Amazon fire TV or TV stick at an instance, the user needs to turn off/disconnect at least one of the devices that aren’t used quite often. No new devices can be added to the list until at least one of the paired device is disconnected.

Check Your Device Setup And Remote Range

  • Verify the distance of your remote and fire TV which should ideally be under 10 feet.
  • Moreover, avoid placing the fire tv in the cabinet as this generally affects the complete strength of both, the remote and game controllers.
  • To limit the interference of devices, move the fire TV away from any other TV or from any other electronics.
  • If you have the fire TV stick, connect it to the TV using the HDMI extender or the original adapter. This optimizes the complete location of the fire TV stick by placing it further away from the TV and that improves remote connectivity to a greater extent.

Try Pairing the Controller/Remote Again And Again

  • Remove and reinsert the batteries for your remote or the gaming controller.
  • Once you reinsert the batteries, the remote automatically tries to pair up with any possible device. If your remote does not pair up on its own, go to the home page for 10 seconds.
  • And now you will have 5 minutes to pair the remote with your fire TV before it goes into sleep mode.
  • In order to check fire TV remote connecting to fire TV box, move to the settings menu and follow the below path.
  • Go to Settings-> controllers and Bluetooth devices-> Amazon fire TV remotes.

This is how you can check the devices that are currently connected and you can also check if the given remote is pairing or paired up or not. If it doesn’t pair with your fire TV or TV stick, you may need to get it replaced immediately.

Reset Amazon fire stick remote

The only issue that is left from troubleshooting is resetting the fire stick remote. This is the last arrow in our quiver. Although it is quite simple many of the users don’t have a clue of how to reset amazon fire stick. It can be done using the following steps:

  • Go to System Menu and Search for Settings.
  • Select Settings and slide it till you see some options.
  • There, select Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • You will see a dialogue box to enter the pin.
  • Now you will get the options of Reset and Cancel.
  • Click on the Reset button.
  • Your five TV remote will be restarted and be back again as the new one.

I hope I could address all your queries and you can easily fix the Amazon fire stick functionality issues. If you have any further doubts, you can visit or contact Amazon customer support or you may leave a comment below. Also, please leave a like on the content if it was helpful.